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For Anyone Who Has Said That They Heard It All Before especially ChristineClarkeTV  

SturlaJohansson 37M
0 posts
5/2/2021 5:52 am
For Anyone Who Has Said That They Heard It All Before especially ChristineClarkeTV

Hello again mates. I am back to spice up your love lives! I know that I usually prefer writing about encounters with washed up celebrities, but today I will do something different. I feel that before I get into this quasi story, I need to give some background as it will just read like a long reply otherwise.

Well this is more of a reply than a story, but I am sure many of you can still whack off, finger bang/ dildo, or use it as a Kama Sutra like manual.

I initially wrote this for a British lady mildly who goes by the username ChristineClarkeTV, as a retort to her reply that she had heard the comment I made beforehand(some short and to-the-point comment about wanting to butt slam her) a million or so times, and that it was boring. I felt that she was dismissing me too hastily, and that I had to find it in me, to demonstrate to her that I would give her the time of her life through my story reply, and leave an impression deep inside her both figuratively and hopefully literally.

Well that’s enough yapping prologue from me, enjoy the story folks, and if it got you off, be sure to leave me a like!

Okay, let’s see where this lands. I come and knock at your door pretending to be the mail man, and tell you that I have a heavy package 1st class priority that you need to accept. I unzip and pull my trousers down so you can better inspect my erect and throbbing meat package that eagerly and hungrily awaits your approval. Before you can process this blunt act, I grab you by the head and aggressively start to shove my penis in your mouth and<b> throat </font></b>fuck you. I should have asked out of health concern if you were worried about COVID and if we should both wear masks, but I don’t care because you are choking on my pipe as it missiles deeper and deeper down your<b> throat </font></b>while I call you a faggoty sissy that I want to make my woman. Once your face starts looking like that flushed blue berry girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I pull out my saliva and vomit covered cock, I carry you in my arms to your bedroom, body slam you on the mattress, and start to pull away your panties with my teeth. I clench your panties in my right hand and proceed to furiously tongue your lovely and tender lily anus because I’m famished from spending the entire day meticulously planning out this home invasio.. I mean romance. I swerve my tongue like a plumbing snake inside your delicious ass hoping to unclog and consume every morsel of you while you moan like the submissive sissy faggot you are. Once I sense your orgasm heightening, I savour your taste, I rise, place you in a missionary position with legs wrapped tightly around my back while you wear stilettos, and proceed to thrust my thick still spit and vomit layered cock deep in your ass pussy. While I my cock is burrowing inside you, I take your slightly soiled panties and smother my face with the perfume of your clit, balls, taint and pussy, which delivers me to heaven and further hardens and fuels my cock as It jackhammers away inside you while you tighten your wrap hoping to enclose your walls and crush my penis, which you now claim and own with full license and hopelessly want to keep inside you forever to the point that my cock and your ass start to produce a simmering frothy mixture of precum, your natural pussy juice and whatever you ate last night. As we both start to resemble exorcism patients in the face the crescendo arrives and at this point of reaching critical mass, I ferociously and violently explode inside you while you simultaneously squirt milk from your clit, which lands on my chest and my face. I scoop up your clear white nectar with your panties and greedily lick and consume the evidence of your orgasm hoping to not leave a single trace or residue as your flavour and smell drives me wild and delirious with ecstasy and bliss. At the moment my cock is still planted deep in your hole, but starts to deplete and drain the last remnants of cum that will soon breed the product of our love. With my cock in gradual retreat I lie on the bed like a convalescent. At that instant you turn over, propel yourself on top of me while in a squatting position and proceed to blast a steamy birth of brown stoolish cum, and/or cumish stool all over my chest. As I can only hoarsely whimper like a catatonic, you then run your ass back and forth across my chest and the my face making me look like a 1920s minstrel show character. Once I regain my composure, I give you a kiss on the lips, we both shower, and get clothed. I tell you that this is not the last of our love affair, and walk off while still holding on to your panties, so I can have a reminder of our romance. The End

Btw, if you’ve heard that before, then some George Jetson looking mother fucker is coming back to your time and plagiarising me

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