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Tim And Abbie 63: The Next Friday At The Sports Bar  

Clairew1959 63F  
96 posts
6/13/2021 7:35 pm
Tim And Abbie 63: The Next Friday At The Sports Bar

So much has happened since last Friday night and Mark’s outburst. For all who had been there on different levels.
Monday afternoon, about the same time Tim, Matt and Peter finish their meeting at Microga; Mark arrives for his appointment with James at Pathways. He does not see Abbie today. Mark feels bad as he wants to apologize to her in person for his bad behavior on Friday.
Mark’s time with James, relating how he and Brian are reconciled, is for Mark filled with soul-searching. Relating the weekend’s results to James, Mark is a bit apprehensive. Mark is happy with the outcome but also worried about what Brian expects of him to go forward. He tells James about the rest of the weekend from when Brian opened not only the door but both of their hearts.
On Sunday, after a good night’s sleep from Saturday’s emotions, Mark and Brian talk seriously. For the first time, Mark faces the fact that he has to more or less shit or get off the pot. A crude way to describe his choices, but a very succinct description of what he needs to do.
If what Mark feels for Brian is true, he must willingly acknowledge it to his family and friends. If it is not acceptable to them, Mark needs to decide who he needs more in his life. But truth be told, during that discussion, Mark thinks about how his friends openly accepted what is now between Tim and Abbie. Who she is does not seem to matter. Mark realizes they would probably be the same way with him and Brian.
And Mark’s mother and sisters will be complaisant also. They never see anything Mark does as wrong.
Talking about all this with James, they decide that Brian should be part of their next session on Wednesday. Mark agrees but is apprehensive about Brian hearing some of the issues he is still grappling with.
Meanwhile, at Matt and Martha’s, they are adjusting to the addition of Timara in their lives. It is working out rather well. Martha can breastfeed from the start without problems. Both their mothers are in and out of their house, checking if anything is needed. A bit of an annoyance at times but appreciated.
Martha came through the delivery nicely. After all their close but no cigars, this time it seemed like everything was in their favor. They have a lovely, healthy cherish.
After a night of Peter, Tracy, and her merriment over his job change, Tuesday morning, Sarah wants do something with Peter’s friends celebrate his and Matt’s promotion. Not mention the birth of Matt and Martha’s , which she learned of this morning. Sarah does have some guilt-ridden feelings about not including Tracy. Sarah wants her be in all parts of her and Peter’s life, but they are not quite ready for that step. Tracy makes things easy for Sarah, saying she has be out of town Friday and Saturday with her job, campaigning with the House member.
When she is alone on Tuesday afternoon, Sarah calls Debbie, Mary, and now Abbie to plan a celebration for Friday night. Oh, there is also Mark, but they will figure that out down the road.
Sarah finds her best ally in this endeavor in Abbie, who is overjoyed to help make such a party happen. They plan to have it at the sports bar when they all gather for the game. Though unsure about Martha and Matt’s availability so soon after the birth, the women plan accordingly to be flexible. Nothing elaborate, but to show how happy everyone is about how their lives are so evolving suddenly.
On Wednesday afternoon, Abbie sees Mark at Pathways, and Brian is with him. Abbie smiles to herself, glad to see it seems to have worked out between them since the previous weekend. Both are excited to learn about Timara’s birth and all the other news from Monday.
Mark and Brian are elated over the birth. Deep inside, Mark is hurt that he seems to have been taken out of the loop. From his total foolishness last Friday, his best friends seem not to feel the need to include him in their good news anymore. Realizing this, during Brian and his session with James, Mark realizes how important it will be for him to come clean about his life choices. Not to mention all the nasty outbursts he has made in the past to try to hide his true self.
With James’s help and Brian’s support, Mark works through some of these issues during their session and feels more confident about moving forward introducing Brian into his world.
Mark jumps all in to help make the party memorable for everyone. Talking with Abbie about details, he asks her if he should introduce Brian that night and be clear about who and how important Brian is to him. Or would doing so take away from the thunder of the other’s promotions and birth?
Without hesitation, Abbie tells him that yes, letting his best friends know that he loves Brian and his true inclinations would be an addition to be celebrated as well. Abbie knows Mark is scared to reveal this true side of him, so she him that if Mark doesn’t introduce Brian himself, she will, as revenge, for his outing her last Friday. Feeling comfortable with each other now, they both laugh at Abbie’s idle threat.
Mark tells her he will bring some trays of hors d'oeuvres and cheese from his store. Abbie is getting balloons and congratulation signs to put up. Sarah is letting the bar know and to hold ‘their table’ for them. Debbie, with John, promises to be there early to help set up. Mary is making a congratulations cake, and she and Luke will be there early also.
Plans are all in place, except knowing if Martha will be up to coming out relatively soon after Timara’s birth. Matt, along the same lines. Mary calls Martha in the middle of the wee She asks if they feel up being at the bar and tells Martha about what is planned for Matt and Peter.
Martha is ecstatic about the plan and is feeling fine join with Matt. And maybe even have a drink or . Martha tells Mary that she will pump herself a few times have plenty of milk for Timara so she can indulge some. Martha knows the new grandmas will be happy watch Timara for the evening. They have been checking in each day, wanting fuss over the baby.
Everything is set by Thursday morning for the party on Friday.
Meanwhile, things have happened at Microga following Monday’s meeting between Tim, Matt, and Peter. As planned, Phillip, Tim, and Meghan, with some of Tim’s productivity staff, tour and observe the plant operations.
‘The Problem’ foreman drips honey over them. Patting himself on the back for all the supposed improvements he has instituted. Checking his lines, they can see visible discontent in the staff working under The Problem. And the lack of quality of some of the materials produced. Not from the employees' fault, but the pace the foreman is demanding.
Phillip and Tim meet with all the foremen after the tour. They begin a dialog about the foremen's take on ways quality can be improved. Phillip emphasizes that volume is not as important as offering a dependable, top-grade product. The meeting is being taped for Meghan to transcribe later and on speaker phone for Tim’s team to be in on.
During the discussion, The Problem, with a grim look on his face the whole time, keeps interrupting others as they try to spea He is called on it several times. By noon, some excellent recommendations can be deciphered among the interruptions. Phillip and Tim stand leave for lunch, thanking them for the input.
After they leave, the foremen stay, collecting their thoughts together before separating. That is when The Problem digs his own grave, saving Phillip and Tim the trouble of finding proof to dismiss him. Either not knowing the speaker phone is still on and taping, or so arrogant that he thinks nothing of it, The Problem steps over the line for the last time.
The Problem, grumbling about wasting half a day bowing to management when they should be keeping track of their workers, finishes with, “And you can bet I am not going to kowtow to that pansy with his gurl friend, no matter what fancy title they gave him.”
The other foremen gasp at the statement and tell The Problem that type of talk is not allowed at Microga. He just replies, “Microga putting on a front of tolerance is just a bunch of hot air to be politically correct at the moment. All just window dressing. They probably don’t believe it either.”
By the time Phillip and Tim reach their offices, Meghan is running to meet them. The go into Phillip’s office, and Meghan apologizes to Tim for having to hear this as she relates what The Problem had said. Tim blushes profoundly, hearing the remar Phillip, on the other hand, has steam blowing out his ears and is furious.
Trying keep calm while so angry at the idiot, Phillip says, “Meghan, thank you for telling me. I take it the comment is on the tape, and some of the staff on the call heard it too?” Meghan tells him that is correct.
“Send of the security guards the plant, have The Problem clean out his desk and locker. Have them make sure he is not taking anything that is not his. Then have the guards bring him my office directly. Well, this is going make moving forward a breeze now.”
Phillip tells Tim that he will meet with The Problem alone with the company lawyer, who he also summons. Tim did not have be there hear any other possible slurs or defamations coming from that man’s mouth.
The next hour passed swiftly. The Problem is called on the carpet, and after angry muffled voices being heard through the door, within fifteen minutes, a sullen man is escorted his car and off the company’s property.
At that afternoon, Phillip, with Tim, returns the plant. All employees there are told to turn off their machines and gather. In the office building, all employees are tuned in to see the broadcast of Phillip’s statement live. It is clear that Phillip has had enough. He wants it embedded in all his employees' minds his mandate of a couple of months ago.
Tim is not on the stage when Phillip starts talking. “I call all of you, our Microga family, together at this time to make sure this is clear to everyone.”
The Chairman clears his throat and continues, “We, here at Microga, are supposed to be an open and accepting company, regardless of an individual’s diversity in any way, which does include sexual identities and relationships.
“All diversity, whether due to things that are just a fact we cannot change, such as race or ethnicity. Something that we chose to follow, such as religious beliefs, political affiliations, social or moral leanings. Or those personal diversities which are of no business of anyone other than themselves.
“We do not have to agree with others and can even think they are wacko for such beliefs, but to act disrespectfully or aggressively against someone else for being different is not tolerated.
“If anyone, regardless of their level, ever acts in a harassing way to fellow employees or their partners, it is grounds for dismissal. Any harassment, negative comments, or actions, no matter how minuscule, made at any time or to anyone will result in immediate termination.
“This I am making clear today with the termination of employment of one of our foremen. Who, for some reason, did not think this mandate included him or felt it was just all smoke and mirrors. He found out that I am serious and will not tolerate any such behavior by anyone.
“It is time that at least this company, but I would hope the world as a whole, would become more open and accepting of others' personal choices. It is not something to gossip or speak belligerently about.
“The necessary action taken today leaves a blemish on our company. As we advance, all employees will be expected to sign a statement of understanding and agreement to adhere to this policy. But it is not just the signing of a piece of paper. It is to change your mindset to accepting each person has their own choice, and even if you personally are opposed to such choice, you still act with politeness and respect of each other.”
Phillip let out a deep sigh. It hurt him personally; this is his company. He founded it, and he does feel it is a blemish on Microga to have anyone who would harass their coworkers or anyone for that matter. But things will hopefully now begin to get better.
Suddenly Phillip hears rousing applause from the whole plant. Cheering and clapping are coming from everyone in the company, both at the plant and in the office building. The feeling of unity and the freedom of working in an environment that no matter how small or large a difference you might have, you could feel safe and valued for who you were.
The positive response to his statement fills Phillip’s heart. His company feels like a family to him at that moment. Sure, a family, like all, with its quirks and differences, but one that accepts each other’s uniqueness.
Phillip goes on in a brighter tone, “From our tour and talks this morning, I am pleased to see the dedication you all show to helping Microga offer the best quality product. The suggestions heard from your foremen today, and input we have gotten from a couple of your fellow workers, allows us to form a plan to move even closer to that goal.
“Tim Hudson, our newest executive to help this process along, is here to tell you about some things already being put in place. Tim,” The Chairman says, handing over the stage to him.
“Well, thank you, sir,” Tim begins. He then outlines the key changes that will be started in the coming wee And announces Matt and Peter’s promotion and how they will be helping in this conversion and ones come.
No one in the plant knows the tie Tim has with Matt and Peter. It is known that Matt and Peter are friends. When Tim visits the plant, he stops and says hello to them, but he does that with many on the lines, so no one ever thinks anything about it. Nor do they now. Which probably is for the best.
All is in place for moving forward at the company. Phillip tells everyone to head home early today rather than turning the machines back on. Leaving the plant, Tim and Phillip can feel a much more relaxed and happier atmosphere in the plant now that the weed has been pulled.
Thursday evening, Grace, Sam, Les, and Phoebe come to dinner as usual, and the six have an enjoyable evening. It was an early evening, but Grace and Sam are delighted when Abbie invites them to the Friday party also. While the crowd is a bit older than them, the did enjoy last Friday, for the most part.
Guests gone, the kitchen cleaned, Abbie and Tim settle in the sitting room with brandies in front of the television. Tim has hooked a laptop to the TV so they can go to some special sites they found to watch clips or full videos of porn on the large screen TV.
They had found a site offering /transgender female porn. Tim and Abbie watch the better-made ones just see other couples like themselves enjoying each other. And seeing the different positions possible gives them ideas try.
As is the norm when watching these, both their hands find their way up the other’s thigh. Soon Tim is caressing Abbie’s clit in the way she loves, and her hand is around Tim’s shaft, helping make it grow.
The fun of mutual masturbation while watching the videos is always fun. Especially when Abbie and Tim turn each other and kiss deeply. If the kisses go on for long, Tim will hit the pause button so they can show each other the lust which is building in them.
Tonight is no different. Articles of clothing are discarded as the kiss and rub together. Feeling Abbie’s lovely breasts pressing against his<b> chest </font></b>always stirs Tim so. Especially when minus clothes. Tim’s shirt is soon on the floor with his pants, which he wiggles out of. Abbie’s dress is up, over, and off her. Then her bra unhooked to let those nipples shine out in the light.
Abbie’s panties hit the floor early on, so the , except for Abbie’s garter and stockings, are naked on the couch. In a so much better state to together.
Abbie continues to squeeze and wank Tim’s shaft. Now, after minutes of kissing, she moves down to take the glans, now swollen and purplish, into her mouth to suck and tease. The tip of her tough goes back and forth over Tim’s slit in its head. She is pressing her tongue in a bit to capture the first bit of precum beginning to escape.
Tim leans his head back to enjoy this attention. His fingers run up and down Abbie’s spine as she licks and plays. Each time a little lower on the spine until he also includes Abbie’s crack in his fingers’ wandering. Soon he is also running them around Abbie’s back vag.
He reaches over with his other hand to open the side table drawer. In the back, he grabs a bottle of lube. Tim and Abbie have found having available containers of lubes in most rooms of the house a positive.
Squirting some on his fingers, Tim preps Abbie while also arousing her. As Tim presses fingers up into Abbie’s vag, he feels her bite the rim below his glans in response. One cock being expertly sucked while the other’s ass hole is finger fucked feels so good to both of them.
Their breathing is heavy as they pleasure while being pleasured simultaneously. Both are so close to the summit. Tim lifts Abbie off him, and facing away from him, Tim puts her on his lap, letting his cock replace his fingers up in her. Abbie moans with delight.
It is her turn to now lean back against Tim’s<b> chest </font></b>as she rides him, lifting and dropping on his lap. They are now in the same position the video is frozen at on the screen. Tim starts the video again, and while watching the couple in the same state they are in, Abbie rides Tim hard, matching the video's pace.
Abbie’s stockinged legs rubbing against Tim’s thighs over and over adds to the delight his cock is enjoying. His balls are bouncing back and forth between hitting Abbie’s naked thigh and the top of her silk stocking.
Both are panting hard now, and Tim is mirroring the video, Abbie’s hard clit in his hand as he jerks it to help Abbie reach the pinnacle also. Seeing the couple go at it on the video, just like they are, is fun. Now a sort of race between the couples begins. Both are moaning out as they are getting closer and closer.
Tim knows he is close exploding, and Abbie is so flushed in the face and chest, gasping with each downward thrust. Her clit is quivering in Tim’s hand, ready eject. Faster and faster, they roc The picture on the screen before them is blurred both of them.
With a final mutual cry, both Tim and Abbie come together. The fluids are flowing fully from each. Abbie lies back against Tim again, and this time his arms hug her as he kisses her neck and ears.
“Abbie, you keep taking me higher and higher. I know one day it probably won’t have as big an impact, but I am enjoying this ride with you as we go farther and farther down the road,” Tim whispers in her ear.
It is finally Friday. Abbie, Tim, Luke, Mary, John, and Debbie are at the sports bar by six-thirty. Banners and balloons are hung. Mark has dropped off the food on his way from work, saying he will be back in time for the surprise. The food on a table to one side is enough for everyone in the bar to partake in. Mark has outdone himself.
And the cake Mary made is gorgeous and large also. Her decorating of it includes congratulations for the promotions and welcoming the arrival of Timara. Which is the subject of conversation as they wor
Only Tim and Abbie have seen Timara so far. The others have been settling for pictures Matt and Martha have been sending out in group texts. Mary is especially excited have another in their group. She does pause think about how her are now, she with tweens, and Martha just starting a family. Them, the same age.
At times Mary does feel so much older than the rest who have been living such carefree lives. Meanwhile, she and Luke have spent their time raising . Oh, Mary would never change her life. She loves her , William and Anne, too much for that. But at times, Mary feels she has missed out on things. That she is more mature than the others in the gang.
Everything is in place when the honorees arrive. First, Peter and Sarah enter the bar. Peter is overwhelmed with the celebration for him. Close on their heels is Matt and Martha, who are also feeling the same. Hugs and kisses are given all around, including Grace and Sam, who get there about the same time. The group settles at the table with pitchers of beer to share. However, the group is not complete yet. Chatting together, they wait for Mark, which Abbie assures everyone is on his way.
Moments later, the bar door opens, and Mark walks in with Brian behind him. They come straight to the table and sit down in the chairs next Abbie. Mark swallows hard and says, “Hi, all, I would like you meet Brian. He is my partner now. We have been seeing each other since the start of the year.
“I should have been open about this from the start. Now, realizing how much I love Brian, I understand how filled with conflict I have been until now. I am sorry for the things I have said and done hide this. I hope you will accept Brian our group as he is so important .
“But that said, congratulations Matt and Peter for your step-up at Microga. They are lucky have you as part of their team. And double congratulations Matt and Martha on the arrival of Timara. I can not wait meet her. She is an angel in the pictures you have sent,” Mark finishes with a flushed face.
There is further commotion now, starting with the women all jumping up hug Mark and welcome Brian in the same way. The men follow with pats on the backs for all. The equipment room guys are now complete—all with someone they love and complements them.
The evening is filled with much talk, eating of food, sharing more pictures of the newest member of their gang, Timara, and laugher and cheer all around. Luckily, it wasn’t that important of a game tonight as the bar as a whole was enjoying the festivities. Mark is regularly urging others in the bar to have some of the food and sending drinks for everyone around.
Yes, the equipment room gang from secondary school has expanded, with partners and Grace and Sam being accepted as part of the circle. When leaving, after all help with clearing up the remains of food and cake, Martha invites them all to come meet Timara soon. “And Mary, as soon as our mothers back off from their devotion to Timara a bit, Anne and William might have some babysitting opportunities.”
Mary laughs, remembering her and Luke’s parents' attention when her were born. But then again, that twinge that her are enough babysit Martha’s . She is glad that Luke has urged her start the online course in interior design. She is enjoying it and is making her life more rounded.
Tim talked with Matt and Peter about what happened at Microga. The had seen the video from home, cheering hardily about removing the wart from the company. Peter is eager be back at work on Monday. Matt tells Tim he has reviewed the courses and worked out a timeline. He will be starting the classes online on Monday and hopes be up speed return in a month begin his new job. All are happy about the new environment developing at their company.
Going home, Peter and Sarah talk about the evening and the surprising news about Mar All of the group was a bit agog when Mark introduced Brian but hid their shoc Brian is a gracious man, and soon this evening, he fell into conversation with many of them.
But Sarah and Peter’s conversation is more about Tracy and introducing her to the group also. Sarah tearfully tells Peter how deep down she hated having this celebration for him and the others without Tracy being a part of it. Peter understands Tracy’s feelings. He too feels like Tracy is part of who Sarah and he are and the need to make it known to others. It just isn’t time yet.
Peter is glad that the stigma of diversity in all areas, including relationships, has been addressed at Microga this wee Which is encouraging that when or if they share their secret lifestyle, it will be without repercussions, at least in his workplace. Nevertheless, it still is a big step that all have be prepared for.
He is aware that Sarah is not as focused on preparing for their upcoming marriage at the new year and wonders about that also. The celebration tonight was nice, even if Tracy wasn’t there. And going home, it will be just him and Sarah tonight. Feeling as he does, it will be exciting for them to make love as a couple, not a trio. While he is coming to love Tracy as a part of them, the love he has for Sarah is so deep, remembering all the times over the he has hurt her. Now with Sarah bringing Tracy them fill his urges wander, Peter knows he could never possibly show Sarah how much that has increased his love for her.
John and Debbie have a similar conversation about Mark’s announcement, laughing that now they have other characters add their virtual posse. A homophobe who finds out underneath he is really gay. They both would love hear about how that happened but are so glad that, for the first time, Mark seemed so genuinely happy tonight.
And Mark is happy. And yes, probably for the first time this happy and content. Walking to the car together, Brian’s arm around him, they turn to each other and kiss. Out in public for the first time. Yes, life is becoming wonderful for him, and Mark is overjoyed with how accepting his friends are to Brian.
Life is good all around.

RobK2006 55M
5998 posts
6/14/2021 7:55 am

Love how they are imitating the porn they are watching
. That is a sexy idea.

justme51 71M

6/14/2021 5:10 am

Good writing nice and hot.

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