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My stories
It is nice to see that people are interested in Tim and Abbie's story, and all the off-shoots of their friend's inclinations. I love to hear comments about what you like and don't like about the story.
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Tim and Abbie 73: Brian’s matchmaking: Jennifer
Posted:Sep 18, 2021 2:12 pm
Last Updated:Oct 29, 2021 4:34 pm

Patti and George's announcement comes at the start of November. Two of the three women are in happy and stable relationships now. But there remains Jennifer.
Jennifer is a quandary for Brian. At forty-two, she is close to his own age and has lived a rather sexual life. Since her teens, Jennifer mastered the ability to unostentatious at home. When needed, she could change that appearance with a bit of makeup, flipping up her skirt and opening her blouse to capture males' attention.
And even a couple of females along the way. All in rebellion of her neanderthal father. He was so brainless he never caught on even when she was all night and snuck in dawn through the garden door. Things that Patti and Jessica didn’t know but did perhaps wondered about. But never ask.
Jessica knew somewhat and covered for her at times, though Jennifer never asked her. It was like Jennifer wanted to get caught when she was in her late teens and early twenties to see what would happen but never did get that satisfaction.
Their father never acknowledged her wildness, though at the time did begin harshly disciplining Mark, who was much , for things. Jennifer took it as a challenge to go further and further to see if he would catch her to punish. Perhaps, hoping to pull the punishment away from Mark. But the old man was blind to anything she did. None of it made much sense. But then again, their father never really much attention to Jessica or her. Mark was the golden their father expected so much from.
So over the years, Jennifer went her own way having her own fun. Her paycheck was enough to put in her portion to the house upkeep while putting more than half into an for herself. Her parents, well father, did not need to know how well she was . And she did make sure there was enough to for things, and mom and Jessica were well provided for.
After her father died, Jennifer was able to have more fun away. She would be home most Wednesday nights for dinner and on weekends, though after with friends in the evenings. But now, the two nights a week of town on business was three, and late home from work more and more.
Patti and Jessica accepted as Jennifer always called to let them know. And both were happy that she was and about more than they were. And all in all, Jennifer was home enough, just the three of them, Jennifer sharing many funny stories to keep them laughing well after they finished tea sitting around the table.
Now Jennifer is in her forties, still with her looks and desires. She knows how she went about things never led to anything serious. She lacks that bond with someone who really cares about her as a person and not just someone to bang on occasion.
She is jealous when Brian introduced Jessica to Roger, and they it off so well. Then George and mom. 'Wow, their time in life to be so in love and even to the point of marrying. What changes will that bring?'
Jennifer tries to keep a positive attitude, but she finds herself sad and filled with self-pity more and more. Is there anyone there to love her? Or is she destined to be alone?
Brian has not forgotten Jennifer. All that has been happening in the last couple of months considering, it isn't that long. It is now the end of November. With Christmas on the horizon, Brian tries to think of someone who could be the perfect Christmas gift for Jennifer.
Even with her family not knowing about Jennifer's wild ways, Brian caught on rather quickly. Over the weeks, when he and she have chatted, she reveals more about that side of her life to him. Brian gleams that it is not so much her being used by men, but her walking away thinking nothing will happen, so why stick around to be hurt?
That part of her needs to change, or Jennifer will never get close to anyone.
On the last Saturday in November, Brian asks Jennifer to go shopping with him for a gift for Mark. It is a ruse. Brian has bought perfect Christmas gifts for Mark and all his family already. However, he wants to talk with Jennifer alone. So after a few small purchases, he edges them towards a pub for a drink.
Brian expresses his concerns to Jennifer and asks her what she is searching for that she feels unattainable. This outright question brings Jennifer to tears. Feeling a bit guilty for the asking, Brian is glad they are in a somewhat secluded booth.
Jennifer acknowledges that she has these traits and is unsure what she wants or why she acts this way with men. She admits that there was this one guy, years ago, who she was so attracted to. And to be honest, still is. Sexually it is nothing special, but intellectually they just click. Well, no, he, The Big Guy, as she calls him, always bests her but lets her know she holds her own in intelligence.
But he just comes and goes. For probably almost twenty years now. Not that he was with any other woman. Jennifer pretty much knows he hasn’t been, which is weird. But he can’t or won’t commit.
With tears flowing some, finally admitting to this now, Jennifer guesses that she keeps searching for someone like The Big Guy with whom she could engage intellectually and sexually. Someone interested in her enough to be around and not disappear. Someone who did want to make a commitment.
But, instead, she just hooks up with guys when she is feeling horny and wants them gone with the crack of dawn. Or she creeps away at that point. Never really giving them a chance even to display anything more than their dick action.
“Yes, Brian, I know, that is crude and horrible to admit. But what, minutes, if lucky, up in . Hey, okay, thanks. Felt good, and goodbye,” Jennifer said with a mix of humor and sadness. “And none are enough to make forget about The Big Guy.”
And then Jennifer confesses something even more, "Because Brian, The Big Guy has this radar about me. When I meet anyone close to that, at all, and I actually consider more than a couple of dates, The Big Guy shows up again. And of course, I will drop everything and run after The Big Guy again."
Brian realized he has a lot on his hands now with Jennifer. Does he take down his matchmaking shingle?
To back up just a bit.
Jennifer is a bit plump but in a very sexy way. She is just enough big-busted that they seem to be burst out always at you. She dresses business-like, with this sense of 'let's have fun.' More so than what Abbie does, but then in Jennifer's job, it is an asset.
Jennifer, out of secondary , with grades making her eligible for A-levels, rather than pursuing that (thanks to her father), found herself a job with a pharmaceutical company. She was hired as a salesperson, pushing their latest drugs to individual doctors at their offices and conventions.
She had just the right image the company was looking for. And the personality and social interest, shall we say, to make her a sterling employing.
Jennifer learned the information about each drug quickly and became a great asset to the company. Twenty years later, she is still a top employee each year.
Jennifer is on the road enough, with hotel rooms and expenses, to be able to play and leave. But, mom, and Dad, when he was alive, never caught on, just enjoyed the income she brought in, not realizing what all she did on her overnight trips or sales calls.
Jennifer sells well over her goals for the year to please the company. It works so well. But lately, she feels empty more and more as the years go by. Now here, in a pub, with her brother's lover, in her early forties, she is depending on him to be her fairy godmother like he has for her mother and sister.
Show his magic, wave his matchmaking wand and find her someone to really love and care for her too.
All she can think of is, ‘Jennifer, where has your life gone?’
Brian can see the pain in Jennifer's eyes and takes her hand, "I know how you feel. It was not quite the same, but I wasted years on someone who was not worth it in the end. And now, what seems like half a lifetime later, I have found your brother, silly as he is. But, all things considered, if I hadn't looked a bit deeper with him, I would not have realized how wonderful he is.
"Jennifer, maybe it is time you start doing that. First, cast off that old thing. Was it, is it, really love? What do you get in return? Then, please open your eyes to others offering themselves around you. Look deeper, and maybe you will be surprised.
"You are so smart, and yes, someone that can equal you that way. But there are many there like that. And if, as you say, The Big Guy is mediocre in that department, I am sure we can find someone much better in that field and still be intelligent," Brian finishes with a wicked grin.
Suddenly, Brian hears a shout out to him, and it is like a combination of wonderment colliding. His matchmaker sign has fallen to hang on one shingle is back stable again; Santa has just delivered the best Christmas gift possible; the angels on have sent down manta from heaven.
It is like a miracle is appearing before them. Someone that Brian would never have thought of, but oh, yes, so perfect. The exact answer for Jennifer.
Henry walks up to Brian, seeing him sitting in the booth and waving at Brian as he comes.
Henry, a bit of a doofus. But also, someone who has so much going for him when you deeply him. A physician's assistant, standing over feet tall with ruffled brown hair and eyes and firmly built. Henry is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge. But not in a show-offy way. Just able to quietly answer any trivia or passing question with ease.
Brian just shakes his head to himself. But, when needed, prayers are answered, even before requested times. Brian has known Henry since his college days. They see each other from time to time, but their paths do not cross that often with their different careers.
Henry is still single, Brian knows. Mainly from working so much; and from his rather shy manner. While good-looking, it is hidden a bit. Brian laughs to himself. Henry is much like how Tim was before Abbie. Another diamond in the rough. Needing the right woman to see his worth to help him shine.
As he approaches, Brian says quickly to Jennifer, "This is hard to believe, but I think this is your chance just walking up. Be open, take a chance, look deep, see what is really there. And in the same way, let your own inner light shine fully. All it takes is spending the time to rub the vase to see how it can shine for you."
Jennifer looks at him a bit funny hearing this, but as this man approaches, she looks at him, not just at his outer appearance but what might be underneath. And she finds herself sliding back on her side of the booth as she is introduced to encourage him to sit down.
That is all it takes. Well that, and as the afternoon moves into evening, the three, well mostly the two, chatting on and on. Jennifer and Henry seem to find more and more they like about each other. Seeing the time, Brian calls Mark to join them for dinner. Then around , when Brian and Mark thought they would head , it is announced that the weekly trivia game is starting.
Jennifer and Henry beg them to stay to play, so Mark and Brian agree. While helping with a couple of answers, the new couple is crushing it. And their team, well Henry and Jennifer, are the winners for the evening. The adrenaline of winning and the drinks help the winners ride of the pub in a happy daze.
Loving goodbyes are given to Mark and Brian as they fall into separate cabs for their journeys home or somewhere. Mark and Brian’s ride ends with a sedate evening at home. But for the other couple, it is not until Monday evening that they hear a report from Jennifer.
Jennifer is bubbling over with excitement when she stops by Brian and Mark's house after work that evening. She has not been home since Saturday. Jennifer is heading there now.
Henry is wonderful!
She and Henry talked about all sorts of things starting from the trivia contest. The ride in the cab had been a mix of chatting and more. Talking, they turned to each other. Henry a bit shy, but when Jennifer leaned towards him, they kissed with great passion. It felt like sparks were going off between them.
They had a hard time keep their hands to themselves until they got to Henry's apartment.
Especially since they had to redirect the cab driver from the first destination given to Jennifer's place. Outside her flat, they realized that things were moving to the point that perhaps that was not where they should be.
A new destination was given to Henry’s place, which surprises him and laughing Jennifer some.
But, at that moment, Henry suddenly is very determined.
Arriving at his flat, besides the increased , the driver was surprised with the relatively generous tip he received. of the cab, fumbling with paying the driver and the apartment keys, they managed to get in Henry's place before they started groping for each other's clothes. The kissing did not stop, except for pulling apart to make different observations. Everything was filled with lust, laughing, and spurts of conversation.
"Oh my God," Jennifer goes on with her rambling, "When he was undressed, I could not believe how well-endowed he was. It was massive. I could keep my hands or mouth off it." Then suddenly blushing deep red, Jennifer realizing who she is saying this to. Her brother and his lover!
They all laugh, and she goes on, just not quite so graphically.
"It was wonderful. We had such fun. Playing with each other. Henry brought me so many different ways to climax. Fingerplay, orally, and yes, with his instrument," Jennifer goes on, again blushing some.
Jennifer's floodgates about her hidden sexuality opened now can't be stopped, it seems. Especially since now, it is with someone she feels secure with, not just one-night stands or the hidden lover. Brian squeezes Mark's hand to help him cope with what he is hearing. They will talk about this more later to calm Mark.
"We never got out of bed until this morning when we realized we needed to get to work, which was a quick dash to get there on time. Now, I need to get home, so mom and Jessica don't think the black market has captured me. And I need to pick up a few things and then head back to Henry's for the evening," Jennifer gushes.
As she leaves, Jennifer kisses Brian on the cheek and says, "Well, bro-in-law or whatever, you did your magic again. not sure how you conjured Henry up, but not complaining. Oh, and The Big Guy did message me this afternoon – I told you about his radar – I have not replied."
Brian kisses Jennifer in return and whispers to her, "Don’t. Let this have a chance to work.”
Smiling them both, Jennifer leaves.
And as Brian shuts the door, he feels that the promise he made to himself has been completed. Now to comfort and explain to Mark about all the changes happening to the females in his life.
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Tim and Abbie 72: Brian’s matchmaking: Patti
Posted:Aug 18, 2021 1:41 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2022 6:4 pm

Meanwhile, next in line is Patti and this interesting George at the church. Patti has poo-pooed all of George’s attempts over the past few years. It appears that he thinks Patti is a desirable woman and that her husband was not worthy of her. Since he finally died, George has patiently waited his time, but Pattie has not shown any interest.
George has known the family for years since the were little. George and his wife would sit a few rows behind them most Sundays, and George envied first their having the two girls, and then later in life, Mark. George and his wife never had .
George knew the husband and father was a hard man and heard the rumors about him. Many from his wife’s catty tongue. Seeing Patti always standing tall like nothing is being spread about her increased his admiration for her.
Now, both without their luggage, George had hoped that they could perhaps open to each other, but still, Patti seems to keep her armor around her.
But George is determined and not ready to give up.
Now, seeing Mark back in church with this mother, Patti, along with this other man, George thinks he might have a chance. It is clear that the other man is with Mark, which is interesting.
Each week, George makes sure he is the one to hand Patti her bulletin and lead her to her favorite pew, which he always saves for her. Walking her to her seat, George tries to start small talk with her but still never seems to get anywhere.
That is until Brian introduces himself to George during the coffee hour following the service. Chatting away with George, getting to know about the man, Brian is cheerful and mentions Patti often, bringing a grin to George’s face.
The following Sunday, Brian greets George like his long-lost friend and even invites George to join them for brunch after the service. George accepts without hesitation. The table is getting fuller now, Jessica and Roger, George next to Patti, and Jennifer between Brian and Mark.
Brian keeps the focus of the conversation on George, bringing out all his good points and stunning qualities. At the end of the meal, Brian states, “Jessica, I know you and Roger have plans now, and Mark and I want to take Jennifer to this exhibit I think she will like. Would it be an imposition, George to ask you to take Patti home?”
George eagerly agrees, and Patti blushes at the suggestion but goes along with it.
Jennifer is a bit surprised at this ‘exhibit’ they are taking her to. And that it appears that Brian is matchmaking again, but for her mother? ‘What am I? Chopped liver? When is going to be my turn?’ Jennifer thinks.
Brian sees the look on her face in the restaurant. Later, as they walk around the art exhibit, which Jennifer does enjoy, he has a private chat with her. Mark is off looking at other displays, and Brian consoles Jennifer and promises her something is ahead for her. He asks her to please be patient. Good things come to those who wait.
Jennifer, Brian realized early on, is the most sexual of the three women. He knows she is like a bud waiting to burst open and feels she is being held back. Brian tries to get her to understand that the wait will be well work it in the end.
But in the same way, she is a bud that has been pollinated many times by many bees already.
Meanwhile, there is Patti. Patti who has endured such a crappy life with her husband. Not knowing the joys of sex at all and finding it easier just to toss such things aside rather than experience any actual pleasure.
George fell into their laps for Patti. But for Jennifer, it will take some time to find the right match. There are many aspects needed to find a lasting mate for her. Luckily, Jennifer calms some, knowing she is not forgotten. This Fairy Godmother in Brian is ensuring that all three of the damsels who have been more or less locked in the tower will be saved.
Back to Patti and George. When they are in the car at the church parking lot, George suggests that they stop for a visit at the nearby botanical gardens to see the fall foliage on the way home. Patti surprises herself when she agrees with enthusiasm.
At the park, they stroll through, enjoying the colors and chatting amicably. When they come to a tree branch in the path, George takes Patti’s arm to help her step over it. After, George keeps her arm as they continue. Before long, they are holding hands instead.
For George, it brings back old memories of when he and his wife walked together in the same way long ago. When they had first fallen in love and had a sense of companionship with each other. For Patti, it is a far-off memory, so long ago, of the tingle running through her with a young man she fancied holding her hand as they walked.
‘Why did I end it with that young man? And all for Mark’s father? Boy, did I make a big mistake? But that is in the past now. And while yes, older and probably past most things, George does seem like a genuinely nice man. If he is interested, I should give him a chance,’ Patti ponders.
And so it begins, some movies, then plays, walks in parks, dinners out, Patti and George spending more and more time together. And not just together, but with the family. George joins them for dinner during the week, Sunday brunch, and soon the ultimate - George is included in Wednesday full family dinners. But that isn’t really the ultimate. That happens a couple of days later.
Patti and George are becoming closer and closer, now seeing each other almost every day. To the point that yes, they kiss when meeting and saying goodbye and hold hands most of the time. This leads to a couple of afternoons of pretty heavy petting sessions in the parlor as they watch television while the girls are at work. Patti and George know it is time to move further.
Patti knowing this day is coming, buys new sheets and a comforter for her bed. If she had more time, she would have bought a new bedroom set to completely remove reminders of her dead husband. But the sheets change things a lot. As does the negligee, she gets in sheer pink and is cut low.
She has never worn anything so daring, but she wants to look alluring for George. Both Jessica and Jennifer will be at work all day, and Jessica will probably be with Roger in the evening. Jennifer hopefully will be out with friends after work for drinks, so George and her will have plenty of time.
But she is torn. Should she greet George in such an outfit or have him wait while she changes? After going back and forth several times, she welcomes him in her usual attire when the day arrives. He has a bottle of wine with him and some top-end tequila with a couple of silver shot glasses. George suggests putting the tequila and glasses in the freezer for later.
Patti kisses him warmly, and they sit in the parlor having a glass of wine first. It is not quite noon, and Pattie is a bit nervous. Then Patti excuses herself and tells George to give her about fifteen minutes and then come up to the bedroom.
He smiles at her as she leaves. He is getting excited about what is ahead but is a bit worried. Truth be told, he has never been with a woman besides his wife all these years. George is very attracted to Patti and has been aroused several times with her, but will he be up to par for the actual opening night? He has thought of Viagra as an enhancement but does not want to go there.
As he climbs the stairs, he is eager though somewhat hesitant that Patti might be displeased with what she sees. He can’t believe that they have come this far, this soon, actually. Thanks all to Brian. So what will be, will be.
He enters the bedroom with the glasses and wine in his hands and sees a vision before him. Patti in her negligee is beautiful. There is a glow about her. George sets down the wine and glasses on the side table and steps to kiss her deeply.
Running his hands up and down her back and squeezing her ass cheeks, realizing she has no underwear on at all. Coming apart some, George starts to fumble with his buttons to take his shirt off. Pattie joins him, and soon his shirt is discarded, and his undershirt quickly following.
Patti runs her hands over his chest. Yes, the hair is grey now, and he is a bit flabby, but that adds to the softness she feels. Patti squeezes George’s nipples, and they do respond and get hard quickly.
George has opened the top buttons of her nightgown so he, too, can play with her breasts and nipples. Caressing them and then squeezing them sends ripples through Patti’s body as they become firm and hard.
Next, George’s pants are undone and off. He is completely nude in front of Patti. She pushes him back from her just a foot or so and looks him up and down. Yes, he is an older model, but a vintage one, she thinks. Well preserved and from the look of things right now, in full operating order.
George, not knowing what is going through Patti’s mind, but from her smile, he takes she is approving. He says to her, “Well now, you have had your look-see, now I think it is my turn, my girl.” With that, he unbuttons the rest of Patti’s gown, which drops to the floor.
“Baby, you are beautiful,” George exclaims. He reaches out to caress her breasts, then down over her hips and thighs, moving to cup her ass cheeks as he pulls Patti to him, his hard cock pressing against her wet mons.
They fall back on the bed, bodies pressing against each other, feeling the burning intensity building between them. This in itself is wonderful. They do not need to do anything more. But, hell, they will.
George surprises Patti. After a prolonged kiss, he moves down, sucking again on her breast. Next, he goes further down, kissing her stomach and then licking through Patti’s mons. Finally, Patti feels him spread her lower lips, and for the first time in her life, Patti experiences a man going down on her.
Like her husband ever would have considered it?
Instinctively, Patti spreads her legs wide for George as he holds her labia wide with his fingers as his tongue licks up and down her wet and wanting cunt. Finding her so welcoming, George moves his fingers to press two up into her vagina, which begins to throb against him immediately.
As his tongue finds her clit to lick, suck, and tease, George feels the heat building in Patti.
Patti has read about oral sex and wondered what it would be like, but her imagination never compared to the reality and fantastic technique George is showing right now.
Patti has never shown any emotion during sex in the past. But that is based on what she had experienced. Now, feeling what she has only read and imagined about, she begins to moan and cry out as George repeatedly takes her to the peak.
‘Is this what they meant by multiple orgasms?’ At sixty-five, Patti is experiencing her sexual revolution for the first time.
And it doesn’t stop there. George, getting her wetter than she ever has been, moves up to kiss her, allowing her to taste herself for the first time. Then raising himself some, staring in her eyes, he rubs his now huge cock up and down her wet, sticky slit and then slides it in her vag.
He waits before fully pressing in. Patti, wanting so to feel a real cock up in her, now can’t wait. George feels Patti, eager for his prick to enter her, pushing up to welcome him. Together, looking intensely at each other, George fulling fills Patti for the first of many times to follow. Patti is amazed to feel a cock of substantial size in her, unlike the tiny thing her husband had offered.
At this time of life, when she thought she was passed every knowing what it would be like, Patti is experiencing for the first time what she has missed out for over forty-five years. She will do anything to keep feeling this for as long as she can.
The actual intercourse between the two does not last too long. George is overstimulated to be with Patti this way the first time. And he does erupt relatively soon. But Patti, feeling something so spectacular than ever before, does not find fault.
After George cums, and slides out of her, Patti does something she had never done before. Moving down on George, she licks and nibbles at his cock. Cleaning all of her juices and the mixture of his cum and her remains from him. It seems natural to her to do so, and the taste and smell so intoxicating to her.
George is amazed that she is doing this and just lays back and enjoys her attention for a few minutes before he pulls her up to him and kisses her to experience their mingled juices.
Hugging each other and laughing, George brushes hair from Patti’s face, and they tenderly cuddle, not needing words to express how great it was for each of them. While only a bit after one, the two fall asleep for a while holding each other tightly.
Waking about an hour later, George, naked, runs downstairs and gets the cold vodka and some ham, cheese, and bread he finds in the refrigerator. Spreading their feast before them on the bed, Patti giggles like a young girl seeing George’s cock and balls swing as he scurries about.
No, he does not have the body of a young man, nor does she of a young woman. But both have a glow about them and suddenly feel comfortable with each other seeing their wrinkles and extra layers. The lines are like stories to be shared. The lives they have lived to get them to this point of them to be together.
It is good. Today is good. And now, tomorrow will be good also.
Leaning back against the headboard, the two take the first sip for the Adictivo Anejo tequila. It is addictive. The first sip burns some, but then the smoothness follows.
Nibbling at the food and each other, they talk about things they have longed to share with someone. George explains he was content with his wife, but it was just that. They grew used to each other, nothing to get excited about. (Down the road, George would tell Patti more about it that, in reality, it had been an unhappy marriage for him trying to meet her desires for unattainable levels of contentment).
As they talk, Patti shyly tells George that she had never ‘gone down’ on a man before or had a man do so to her. Her husband just wasn’t interested in anything like that.
George hugs Patti and tells her that he is not much more experienced than she is. His wife shied away from giving him blow jobs. And only very rarely early on in their marriage ever did so. And when he tried to pleasure her orally, she would always stop him.
Both laugh and admit they liked it. George and Patti agree, somewhat meekly, they would like to practice on each other whenever possible. To show that Patti means it, and perhaps with the courage from a couple more sips of the tequila, she lowers herself and takes Georges glans in her mouth to start to get a rise out of him again,
George offers few suggestions, but overall, Patti is doing a fantastic job for a beginner. George feels his cock growing like never before. Heaven helps what would have happened if he had taken Viagra.
George strokes Patti’s hair as she takes more of his cock in her mouth as she cups and squeezes his balls. All the romance reading, okay, erotica, Patti indulged in over the years is paying off, giving her ideas of what to do and expect. Though this, finally happening, is much more than she could ever have anticipated.
When George is hard and banging against the back of her throat, he takes Patti by her underarms and pulls her up to him. But then Patti surprises him again. She comes up but straddles his legs and lowers herself over his cock to ride him as she leans down to kiss him.
Pressing down on him to fill her cunt, squashing up deep in her. It feels so good. Patti’s vag is compressing against George’s cock. Patti doesn’t want to move. Just hold him there forever. George seems to understand her feelings and is of the same frame of mind. He holds Patti to his chest, stroking her back as she hugs him. His cock trembles in her at each contraction.
Quietly George says to her, “Patti, I know this is way too soon probably, and somewhat due to the emotions of this moment, but I love you. I think I have for years. Seeing you at church and around. Watching your kindness to others, your cheerful manner, and your positive outlook.
“Knowing how hard it has been on you. Shh, shh, it was hard, knowing what an ass your husband was. But never did you complain or give off any clue to the darkness you were under. I admired you so much. And so wanted to reach out to help you.
‘Now, these last weeks, finally, being with you and doing things, leading to today and this moment. I am getting old; I don’t want to waste time. Patti, I know, I’m sure. I love you and will care for your always. Please, marry me.”
Patti is speechless. This man is a rare gem that is offering himself to her. Who foolishly she would have cast aside except for Brian’s encouragement. So different from her husband. Who she knows cares deeply for her. And yes, who she loves more than anything.
She laughs gleefully. What a way to be proposed to! With his cock deep up in her! George, this wonderful man, asking her to marry him? Patti leans, and between laughs and kisses, tells him, “Yes, yes, yes,” and that she loves him too.
With that, they speed up the sex dance now. Bouncing up and down faster and faster, Patti squeezing tighter and tighter with each thrust. Both getting red in the face and breathing hard, Patti laughs, and between breaths, tells George, “Don't you dare get a stroke now. You have to hang around to make an honest woman of me."
George laughs with her, and as they cum together for the second time, it is in a joyous manner commemorating their engagement commitment.
For the rest of the afternoon, evening, and night, George and Patti talk, plan, play, practice, and explore each other, along with eating more and drinking wine and shots of the tequila. They are in an incredibly happy state. After small naps now and then, they fall to sleep around three in the morning in a position they find most comfortable for each. Patti is snuggled up to George with his arms around her.
A position that seems like they are molded perfectly to be in together.
The following week at the family's Wednesday night dinner, they make their announcement. After grace is said, George stands, turns first to look at Mark, Jessica, and Jennifer as he begins. Then looking only at Patti, George, in a clear voice, says, "This has already been discussed and agreed to between Patti and me, but I want to make it public to her family."
Taking a box from his pocket and opening it in front of Patti, displaying a beautiful diamond ring, George continues, "Patti, will you make me a very happy man and marry me? You are the love of my life, and I want to spend the rest of it in union with you."
He takes the ring from the box and slides it on her finger. Patti stands and kisses him, "You silly fool. Of course, I will marry you. You are the love of my life. How could I not want to spend the rest of it with someone who does finally bring joy and happiness to me."
The whole table is speechless for a minute as Patti's three look on, seeing their mother finally genuinely happy and filled with love, something that has been missing for so long in her life. The spell broken, they all jump up, hugging and kissing their mother. Then George, followed by each other, and all gathered at the table.
Dinner is forgotten for a bit, and when finally served, a bit cold. But no one notices. All are just overjoyed with the news. Though Jennifer does look to Brian with a look of 'when is it going to be my turn?'
Tim and Abbie 71: Brian’s matchmaking: Jessica
Posted:Aug 9, 2021 5:17 pm
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2021 9:22 am

Brian does not forget his promise to himself after the first dinner with Mark’s mother and sisters. Well, the girls, no, now definitely women at forty, deserve to meet men who will cherish and care for them. Their youth and young adulthood were totally ruined by the tyrant father they had.
It is bad enough what Mark has endured from him, but to see his sisters and Mark’s mother so repressed just chills Brian’s soul. Well, perhaps repressed is not the correct term for all of them, but held back from genuine relationships, for sure.
Brian sets himself on his campaign to change things. He keeps it to himself but is very inquisitive at the Wednesday dinners about the sisters’ interests and such. Brian is a very astute observer of others and incredibly good at gaining insight about them. It has helped him in his job and is helping him now.
So over the next few months, beginning at the start of October, Brian spends time on this special project while other things are going on.
Brian also learns that Mark’s mother is especially upset that Mark no longer accompanies her to church on Sunday, which he soon changes. Their pew is now filled not only with Jessica, Jennifer, and Patti but also Mark and Brian beside a beaming Patti each Sunday.
Mark isn’t thrilled with this getting up on Sunday but gives in to Brian’s pressure. Again, Mark is not sure why Brian is doing this. He squirms a bit, and his mother applies the same finger snap to Mark’s head as when he was young. Brian smirks, seeing this. A bit later, Brian does it to Mark when he again starts to be distracted during the service.
Mark glares at Brian, who only smiles at him and whispers, “Now I know how to keep you in line, young man.” Mark tries to look mad, but the thought that Brian is looking over him is so nice. He leans back and begins to enjoy the service and the message being given.
Surprisingly, it is a message of inclusiveness and acceptance. Mark reaches his hand to hold Brian’s, low in the seat, realizing the world is not all against them. There are those who understand and are expressing words that all are enfolding them in God’s arms.
From that moment, it is easy for Mark, and Brian, to join Patti, Jennifer, and Jessica on Sunday mornings, followed by brunch at a nearby restaurant, a tradition Brian has started.
Brian notices early on that one of the ushers, around Patti’s age, always makes a point of saying hello to her each Sunday and asking how her week has been.
About the third Sunday, Brian asks Patti about who the usher is. She replies, “That is George. His wife died about ten years ago. He is very active here since he retired. And is always so kind. When their father died,” Patti never used her late husband’s name, “George sent a beautiful plant which is still growing.”
Brian stores this information away for future use.
There is a man, just as shy as Jessica, who works in Brian’s bank’s mortgage department. He would be perfect for Jessica, who works for a realtor. Brian starts to talk more and more with the man, Roger, in passing. Not too much for Roger to think Brian is coming on to him. Though few at the bank think or know, that Brian is gay.
After a couple of chats, Brian takes the plunge. He asks Roger, “I was wondering, would you be interested in meeting a friend of mine? I just think that she and you have so much in common, you might hit it off. No pressure, but I just think the two of you might enjoy each other.”
Roger blushes deeply, “Oh, I...”
Before Roger gets too scared off, Brian breaks in, “We could go out all together for dinner. Me paying. Her brother, who is my partner, me, you, and Jessica. If you would like to?”
Now Roger blushes again, realizing Brian is gay, but not coming on to him, but offering him his partner’s sister. A bit strange, but then again, nice. He replies, “I think I would like that. But could you, beforehand, perhaps tell me more about her? So I am prepared a bit to meet her? To be truthful, I haven’t had that much experience.”
Brian smiles at him in such a caring way, Roger feels safe and secure. This might be a really good thing. Over the next week, the two have lunch together most days, and Brian tells Roger as much as he knows about Jessica and pumps up Roger’s self-confidence.
It is set for Friday night. Yes, Mark will have to miss a game night, but when he knows why he will comply. And he does. Wednesday at dinner, Brian presents the invitation to Jessica, who is surprised and overjoyed.
Friday night arrives, and after picking up Jessica, Brian and Mark drive to a very nice Italian restaurant about ten kilometers away. As they walk to the entrance, Roger joins them, and introductions are made in the parking lot.
Roger is a bit short at five feet seven inches, compared to Jessica’s five-ten. But he is very attractive with shining eyes and a twinkling smile when amused or enlightened, as he is with meeting Jessica.
At their table, Roger stammers some in conversation, as does Jessica. They are both a bit tongue-tied. But as the meal continues, and a couple of glasses of wine, a glow builds between the two. The conversation is now just between the two of them.
Mark tries to butt in a couple of times, but Brian puts his hand on Mark’s arm or leg to tell him to back off. Jessica and Roger are meshing. They are finding the perfect zones they have in common. First, working in the same area, moving to books and movies they like, and even philosophical beliefs and more.
Brian encourages Mark to lean back and watch a budding romance from the start. Mark catches on to what Brian has done tonight, At first, he is a bit peeved for not being told, but then realizes how sweet it is. And Jessica does seem so happy. Roger is interested, and more so, a nice man for his sister.
Mark hopes this works out to something. He looks at the couple, and then at Brian, and smiles. Yes, Brian does deserve a special reward tonight for sure.
When they leave the restaurant, Roger offers to drive Jessica home. He seems sober enough, and Brian urges him to do so. On their drive home, Brian assures Mark that Jessica is in good hands, and perhaps tonight will be fantastic for both her and Roger.
Mark is a little taken back at that statement, thinking about his sister in that way. But with Brian’s hand on his thigh moving up and down, and more up than down, yes, he hopes Jessica can finally enjoy such sensations also.
On Sunday, their pew expands by one more. Roger is sitting next to Jessica. Patti whispers to Brian that Jessica did not get home until Saturday morning. Then she was out Saturday afternoon until dinner when Roger joined them. “He is such a nice boy and so attentive to Jessica.” When Mark hears this, first he is annoyed, but calms and is happy for his sister by the time they all have brunch together.
One down, two to go, Brian thinks.
With the glow about Jessica now and Roger at dinner on Wednesday nights, not to mention more during the week, it is apparent that things are moving along quickly between the two.
Yes, the two started relatively chastely on Friday night, chatting on the drive home to Jessica’s house. They did have so much in common, starting with their shared field of work in real estate. Laughing over silly things they deal with on their jobs and with . From there the conversation moved to how they felt about political and social issues which they seemed to agree on also. Wondering why others can’t see the big picture at times
Books they had both read, and liked, or disliked, the same with movies, and ones that never did live up to the books they were based on. Time seems to fly by,
Realizing they have been sitting in front of Jessica’s house for hours, Roger takes the boldest move in his life. He leans over to Jessica and kisses her. Just sweetly on her lips, but both their responses make it something much more.
Looking deep into each other eyes, Roger drives away to somewhere more private, and for hours they kiss and caress each other. Both in their forties and still virgins, they do not take that step yet. But their endorphins are at high speed. It is sunrise by the time Roger does drive Jessica home.
Plans are made for the afternoon, which after more passion flying, ends with Roger at the house for dinner with Patti and Jennifer too. After Sunday at church and brunch, Roger is totally besotted by Jessica.
Monday afternoon, both skip away from work and are at Roger’s house. Agreeing to this plan, Roger has spent all afternoon Sunday cleaning it. They agreed to not wait any longer, they want to consummate their alliance.
Both are so nervous. Roger tells Jessica they don’t have to if she is not ready, with her assuring him she is. They sit first on his couch with glasses of wine. Roger kisses Jessica and tells her how he cannot believe how lucky he is to have her come into his life.
Roger confesses that he has never been with a woman before, just never met anyone like Jessica that he feels safe and drawn to. Jessica is touched by this and tells him she is the same.
They fumble a bit, removing each other’s clothes. Roger is in awe of Jessica’s larger, thirty-eight C breasts. He lowers his head and licks and sucks at them. Jessica holds his head as he does. It feels so wonderful to have someone adore her breasts like this. She has been embarrassed undressing, but she feels this different, vibrant feeling with Roger's reaction.
Not embarrassed about her body but realizing someone does admire it as it is. Suddenly, Jessica feels juices start to flow from her. Juices held back for years and years.
After time enjoying Jessica’s tits, which Roger will, again and again, the two undress entirely and make their way to the bed. They take their time exploring each other’s bodies for the first time. They have never had a chance to touch, feel, taste, smell, the other sex up close before, and this is their shared opportunity to do so.
It is a long, played-out afternoon. There is no rush. While both do want to experience the feeling of intercourse, both know if it does not happen today, it will happen soon between them. Instead, this is the time to discover each other. Finding what each other likes is such a fun way to spend a truant afternoon.
And Jessica and Roger do giggle over that a lot, both slipping away from work for this fun and games. Something they both, so straight-laced as they are, would never do, but ‘hee, hee,’ they have. Yes, it is late in life, but they are going to make the most of it now.
Monday afternoon goes on into the evening. They reach the point that both are so aroused and have explored so much. Jessica, on her back, her legs raised, her cunt dripping, ready to welcome Roger in for the first time.
Roger is between her legs, hard as a rock. His glans is running up and down her slit getting wet to press into her. And the moment arrives, Jessica moans as Roger breaks into her. It feels like her secret waterfall has been released at last.
Roger's cock head enters this inner sanctum for the first time moans with delight. Together they begin the ritual intercourse dance of couples throughout centuries. The patterned in and out thrusts making each feel themselves reaching higher and higher until they cannot go any higher.
Then at the pinnacle, both give in. Jessica grips her legs around Roger’s waist, holding him tight to her as she does with her arms. Roger pressing deep into her as he explodes, grabbing her around the neck and kissing her deeply.
This first time is fantastic. It is showing the love that neither is ready to express yet. But with this interaction, without words, they both know there is a deep love between them. No matter how long it takes, they will express this love to each other.
There are a few drops of blood mingled with their cum but neither care. Yes, there is that first-time pain for Jessica some, but the ecstasy outweighs it all. After all these years, Jessica can feel she is finally a woman entirely. And Roger is feeling much the same. To feel himself deep within a woman finally. And a woman that over so short a time he feels safe and secure with.
After, they fall asleep, holding each other tight. It is not until late evening Monday that Roger takes Jessica home. He is worried that Jessica’s mother will be upset, but Jessica calms him. By the family dinner on Wednesday with Brian and Mark, they are a confirmed couple.
Over the years, both Jessica and Roger yearning for someone, have read things so they know about different acts they can engage in. Some they think would be interesting, some they are not sure about.
The next several weeks, they use Brian as a sounding board to understand how to proceed. Several things are way outside of Brian’s wheelhouse, so he finally has to tell them to try to work them out on their own. Brian does wonder some about how far they are going at times.
In the end, by the close of the year, Jessica and Roger are a stable and secure couple.
Tim and Abbie 70: At the strip club
Posted:Aug 5, 2021 12:40 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2022 6:4 pm

After all the excitement of Timara’s birth, Mark coming out, and Les and Phoebe moving in next door, things begin calm down by mid-October. The weekly Thursday dinners continue, as do the football night at the sports bar.
Timara’s baptism occurs during all, which is lovely, especially as Tim and Abbie are named godparents. An honor they somewhat tremble over, but more so gush over. Timara finds gifts streaming down on her and a lovely start a university savings account from her godparents by that Saturday.
With all the changes going on, the one thing that has languished is Tim and Leslie’s chats with each other. Both with partners now and their busy lives, it just isn’t possible for the two get together. Much less alone to talk about things. For the most part, does not matter, but after Abbie revealing her feelings about aging, Tim would like someone talk about .
Though by chance, does happens. One Tuesday night, Abbie is over at Martha’s cooing over Timara, and Phoebe is working at the Peacock. Pulling in the drive at the time, Tim and Leslie wave each other, and after a bit of small talk, realizing both are alone for the evening, Tim invites Leslie over.
At this time, it is like she is Leslie again. The kind, second mother he had, has helped him sort out feelings and problems he faced growing up. Over a bottle of wine and dinner, Tim brings up his concern about Abbie’s worries about growing older. He asks Leslie if she knows any older transgender women could talk with Abbie and help her feel easier about the aging process.
Leslie laughs, replying, “Tim, you knew a whole group who could help you. And even now would love see you again, meet Abbie and talk with her for you. Don’t you remember the club Cyn did the books for all those years? Where she took you when you were very young?
“All the women always ask about you and follow your career all these years. Both the strippers and transgender women, as does the owner. They all are so indebted for what your mother did for them over the years. They will never forget her or you.”
Tim has visions of being in the dark lite bar with the different strippers practicing their numbers. Then the transgender women, he would be in awe of, coming out run through their acts. They all would have been in their twenties or thirties then. So now, mid-fifties at the most.
Leslie tells him that many of the originals are now supervisors or trainers. The owner is soft-hearted and never kicks anyone out without cause. So as they age, he moves them new positions as bartenders, trainers, or such as, younger women take their place on stage. Or gets them training begin new careers. Something that Cyn helped start. So the legend of Cynthia lives on all these years.
Tim is surprised that Leslie knows so much about the club still. He never knew she ever had any knowledge of at the time. She explains that she and Cyn would go now and then when Tim got older and could be left alone at night.
They enjoyed the strippers and even the trans acts. Leslie laughs, remembering some of the lap dances she and Cyn had as comps from the owner or thanks from the girls for Cyn doing their taxes. Yes, April and May were fun months at the club each year.
After Cyn died, Leslie occasionally would visit. Often when feeling melancholy over Cyn. The owner would always join her on those evenings, and the two would end up rather drunk remembering and lifting drinks her.
Since Phoebe entered her life, Les has taken her a few times, and she also enjoys the club and the fact that the girls are all friendly with Les. It is a much different evening than a night at the Peacock, but very stimulating for both of them.
Leslie suggests that perhaps Tim and Abbie should visit the club. She and Phoebe would be happy join them. Reintroduce Tim the owner and the women would be thrilled see him. Leslie tells Tim they do know about his promotion and life now with Abbie. Of course, Leslie would have bragged about him.
A bit embarrassed that they have been so interested in his life, while he had forgotten more or less all about them, Tim agrees. Plans are made for a visit on Saturday night.
The next day, Les wastes no time calling the owner tell him about the prodigal ’s return. He is overjoyed and immediately lets the main girls remember Cynthia know so that they will be . Even the acts are changed highlight the transgender women and strippers still working were closest Cynthia.
is like homecoming night. Everyone primping and putting on their best front for the long-awaited return.
Tim did not realize how important this place had been his mother. How much they cared for her. They knew about her bouts of depression and supported her through them. The help Cynthia offered them more than paid for the little they felt they could do in return.
Tim, from a they all cooed and cuddled over, watching grow up, later taking pride in all his triumphs. When Tim got a bit older, and Cynthia felt it not proper bring him into the club, they hung on her stories and pictures of his achievements and accomplishments. They felt they were part of his life. Even after Cynthia was gone, Leslie’s occasional visits fed their need to hear how he was doing.
Tim, to all of them, was the they never had. And when they learned about him and Abbie, they could not be happier for him. Though as mother hens, especially the transgender women, they worried about if he would get hurt.
Before Saturday, Les talks a bit more with two of the transgender women care about Tim - Shelia and Shirley. She explains Abbie’s concerns and Tim’s trying find help for her. They understand Abbie’s worries as, at fifty, they have gone through the thing. They thank Les for the heads up and chat about how they can try ease Abbie’s concerns.
As planned, the four, Les, Phoebe, Tim, and Abbie, head the strip club, The Blue Angel Cabaret. are three other such locations around south England, each is numbered two through four, but this is where all started. Where Cynthia mainly worked. Abbie looks a bit curious as they walk into the door of the club.
“This is the place my mother did the books for all those years,” Tim explains. “Les told me how they still ask about me, and I thought it would be fun and nice to visit.” They are hardly in the door when the owner, a shorter plump man, Frank, comes up to them.
Frank hugs Les first, next Phoebe, then holding Tim at arm’s length with tears in his eyes, says, “Tim, I would know you anywhere, but so much more handsome even. How are you, ? It has been a long time.” He hugs Tim tightly. Then turning to take Abbie into his arms, “And this must be Abbie. She is even prettier than I pictured. Welcome, welcome.”
He leads them up a ramp which ends with a row of doors to private suites looking down on the stage. The club is set up in an interesting manner. The main floor with the bar to the back has a downward ramp to the seats around the stage, looking up about four or five feet. Other tables moving back towards the bar are on rising levels.
Up the ramp leads to the private suites. These look down around the stage about four or five feet. So both levels have a very close view of the acts. But neither can really touch the dancers. Instead, are shelves and tubes that shuttle the money into a bin for the girls. To get to stroke or more, visitors must for lap dances and such.
is a high level of respect in The Blue Angel, and customers do not follow the rules find they are not welcomed and are barred in the future. Frank is very protective of his girls and makes sure they are safe and do not feel forced do anything they would not want .
The suite Frank leads them is the primo room, facing center of the stage. Drinks are orders all around. Frank shows them how press get more. And not worry, everything is on him tonight. He stays and chats some. He is overwhelming with his delight in Tim’s position in life now and tells Tim how proud Cynthia would have been of him.
Then the conversation dies down as the first act begins.
The lights lower, a spotlight beams on a lovely, older woman dressed in a bustier, panties, garter, and stockings. She is sitting backward on a chair. In a deep and scratchy voice, which is so sexy, she begins to sing, “They me naughty Lola.”
Yes, the singer is older, but she is in great shape, and on looking closer, becomes apparent that she is a transgender woman. Making the whole allusion being presented even more arousing. Yes, she is Greta [Garbo], and this is The Blue Angel Cabaret.
Tim hugs Abbie him and whispers, “I can see you looking like that in twenty-five years, still so tempting and desirable.” Abbie squeezes his thigh in response. She is rather turned on by this woman, so graceful and sexy. She is not showing any signs of age.
The singer goes on sing, “Those charming, alarming blond women,” putting everyone into a feeling of being in the cozy, warm, world of a bistro in Paris or Munich. A wonderful opening for the delights ahead.
Tim leans back, enjoying the show. Though something else too. His mind wanders back in time, and he remembers ‘Greta’ twenty-five years ago, practicing these numbers. Tim was watching her so intensely as his mother and Frank went over the books.
She has not changed much in looks. Perhaps they are using more fog now hide some of her wrinkles, but she looks and sounds as wonderful as she did back then, when she would have been about Abbie’s age.
Greta’s finished, the evening continues with a mixture of strippers and trans acts. Many of the performers stop by their suite to say hello. Others working the front of the house join for a while too.
Shirley and Shelia, the two older transgender women used perform along with Greta, come join them for a bit. Now in their fifties, they work the front side of the business. Tim learns, it is all thanks his mother. Shirley got her accounting degree and took over for Cynthia when she died, Cynthia helping her through the program all the way and encouraging Shirley she could do .
Sheila manages the performers and acts, getting a business and entertainment degree also due Cynthia’s encouragement. Both women are dress stylishly, and one could say sexily. They do have a few wrinkles but very good for their age for the most part. No, not some caricatures like Abbie dreads.
They go on and on about how Cynthia influenced so many of the women at The Blue Angel. Frank laughs that yes, Cynthia did have a way of turning over his staff regularly, but see his girls accomplish so much and go on make something of themselves was well worth .
For a while, the evening turns into the wake that never was held for Tim’s mother. Recognizing all she had accomplished in her life and how much Cynthia had meant to so many. For Tim, is a welcome closure that never had been . He feels his mother is finally at peace.
Tim feels guilty that has taken almost nine years for him get this place for his mother. When she died, he was at such a loss. is just one more thing that he thanks Abbie for helping him open up and understand more. All that she has given him these last months. He so wants find ways repay her.
Abbie, seeing many older transgender women, all still very stylish and appearing happy with their lives, is a bit of a boost her. She wonders how they do day--day and if they need assistance with health issues. Perhaps now, with Tim reconnecting with them and Les’s link, she could chat more with them one day.
But that is part of the evening. After all the nostalgia and some tears, more drinks are delivered, and attention turns back the stage for new acts being performed.
A younger woman, nicely formed and very pretty, does a revealing strip which catches Phoebe’s attention especially. While Abbie knows Phoebe in her wicked past would primarily bed older women, she did at times like the younger flesh. A nice firm mid-twenties lass. And the lady on the stage fits that criteria.
Abbie is surprised watch as Les presses a button for service and whispers into the waitress’ ear. Moments after finishing her act, the young star, now in tassels and G-string, comes into the suite and with a nod from Les, heads over to stand in front of Phoebe.
She shifts Phoebe’s dress up her thighs to almost the top and straddles her legs sitting down. Their cunts, the dancer’s just string-covered, and Phoebe’s wet satin bikini covering not much more, begin with almost rubbing together.
The dancer smiles at Phoebe and begins to gyrate her hips provocatively. Phoebe smiles back at her and feels Les’s fingers running through her hair as she leans back and enjoys this encounter.
Phoebe is feeling on fire, especially in her loins. This young, girl, almost crushing her cunt against her, feeling her heat and juices seeping through her g-string. Grinding and grinding.
After a bit, she lifts herself, so she is riding just one of Phoebe’s legs, pressing her knee against Phoebe’s spread pussy, kneading her clit up and down as she rides her leg. Phoebe is gasping with each gallop they make.
Les is enjoying the show. Between her fingers in Phoebe’s hair, she is kissing and licking Phoebe’s ear and neck, whispering encouragement Phoebe cum. Phoebe does not need much prodding; the younger girl knows her stuff. She is giving Phoebe a magnificent lap dance.
Taking Phoebe so close the final edge, then pulling back and shifting the other leg ride on, taking her back galloping up that path again. As the dancer does, Phoebe and Les kiss deeply. Les is going back and forth between the dancer and Phoebe’s breasts, squeezing their tits, being a part of this strange dance of lust.
Abbie and Tim watch the first part of this encounter, but their attention is diverted when Greta is back on the stage, this time singing, “I get no from champagne.” As she does, she looks up at Abbie in the suite over and over. Abbie feels like their eyes are locked on each other. is no glass at the front of the boxed suite, but Abbie does not realize how much can be seen from the stage. Or is it just her imagination?
Or is it Tim Greta is looking at? Does she recognize him from long past?
Shortly after the finishes, is a knock at the door, and Greta comes in. She smiles at the three in action on the one side of the box and walks over Tim and Abbie.
First, Greta hugs Tim, welcomes him home and offers him belated condolences about Cynthia. They talk a few minutes about that and how well he is now doing. Tim introduces Abbie Greta, looks intensely at her up and down. In her husky, scratchy voice, she asks permission of Tim, “May I be so bold as ask permission for a dance with this lovely lady, Tim?”
Tim looks first at Abbie see if she is willing, and with her tiny nod, agrees the request. In that split second, so much runs through Tim’s head. Abbie told him about her and Grace’s afternoon and her fears. This could help with part of that too. And damn, it could be really watch.
Abbie’s mind is whirling in that millisecond also. The woman up close is beautiful. Yes, the lights are soft and low, but she actually has a glow about her. And be picked out this way. And Tim agreeing and watching. Shit. This evening is turning into something amazing.
Greta nods her head to Tim in gratitude and bends and kisses him gently on the lips. Then she pushes Abbie’s dress up her thighs as the dancer had done to Phoebe. Sitting down straddling Abbie’s legs, their stocking thighs rubbing against each other, their lap dance begins.
It is similar to what is happening to Phoebe, but much different. Greta leans in her breasts in the bustier brushing against Abbie’s as she kisses Abbie. Gently first, but soon both their mouths open, and deep kissing continues.
The kiss initiated by Greta is a bit strange in a lap dance, but it seems so right between the two. It is like Greta is a spirit from the future coming to tell Abbie everything will be fine, and she can have an enjoyable life, just how she is for years to come.
Both Abbie and Greta feel the heat in their loins as they move closer together. Both of their clits have grown and are touching each other. Greta is about the size, a bit smaller, than Abbie. Abbie puts her arms around Greta and, holding her ass cheeks, pulls her closer, squishing their bodies together. She turns her head and kisses Tim deeply, then back to Greta to do the .
Tim puts his hand on the back of Abbie’s neck squeeze and stroke as she goes back and forth between the two, kissing them both. Abbie’s one hand and one of Greta’s reach over and caresses Tim’s cock through his pants. Taking turns massaging his shaft and balls.
Greta and Abbie’s other hands now move rub each other’s clits on the outside of their panties. Tim moves his hand over go back and forth between the two’s labia marbles help and share the wonderful feeling he is enjoying.
They, too, like Les, Phoebe, and the stripper, are enjoying these erotic and intense lap dances. Tim is the first to back away. He is so close to cumming, and does not want to in his pants. He moves his hand over Abbie and Greta’s to stop them and move them away.
They understand and allow him to add to their climatic symphony, which crashes upon them both in a matter of moments. They all hug each other, and friendly kisses are exchanged.
Before rising, Greta reaches into a side table and brings out two small towels to wipe her and Abbie free of any lingering evidence. A final kiss and a wave goodbye, and Greta is gone.
A similar but different finale between Les, Phoebe, and their dancer concludes, and she too departs. All four, sighing and getting their breaths back, lean back in their chairs from such an enjoyable evening.
After those in the suite readjust themselves from their private entertainment, glasses of champaign are delivered. As they sip on them, they watch Greta’s last . Again in the floodlight , straddling the chair and reminding Abbie how she was just straddled, Greta finishes with “Falling in love again,” the theme song of the cabaret. Looking up at Abbie and Tim throughout the song, and at the last chord winking at them.
Tim and Abbie 69: Grace and Sam
Posted:Aug 3, 2021 8:27 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2022 6:4 pm

Driving to pick up her car left at Abbie and Tim’s the night before, Sam tells Grace about the game the day before and how awesome everything had been. But more than the food, drinks, and great football game; the talk between Luke, Tim, Brian, and him about his construction business. His concerns about meeting all the requests at the level he wants.
Brian offered terrific suggestions on the financial side and Luke on managing higher volumes of supplies and staff. Tim was just supportive and provided insight about the organization to make things flow properly. All the comments have given Sam a lot to think about.
He laughed to Grace, “The best part was when Brian said our conversation now made the day a total business write-off for him—discussing possibilities with a potential . Hearing that, Grace, made me think perhaps this could happen. I told Brian that I would turn to him and his bank, for sure, for financing if I take this plunge.”
Grace encourages and congratulates him, “Sam, I think the next few years are going to be so exciting for both of us. Diving into new waters and making our dreams realities. I can’t wait to see where this all leads us.”
After getting the car and back home, her new wardrobe hung in the closet, with a few delays modeling some of the outfits and many lingerie pairs for Sam. The last pale green set encourages Sam to grab Grace toward him and kiss her neck and down to her chest and breasts.
“You look lovely in these. I could eat you up,” Sam tells Grace as he continues to lick and nibble all over her body. On her back on the bed, Sam moves down from her breast to her stomach and belly button, which he rims and sticks his tongue in.
Then down further. Sam does not want to take Grace's panties off yet, even though he can feel her wetness through them. Instead, with his fingers, first, rubbing against her slit through the fabric, then his kisses, licks, and bites at the crotch of her panties. His hands now rub and pinch her inner thighs.
Grace is going crazy with this attention. Sighing profoundly and crying out ‘oohs and ahhs.’ Her body is trembling from Sam’s touch, causing it to wiggle under him as he teases her to cum.
She tried to reach down to grab his cock, but he presses her hand away. Stopping for a minute, he stands over her as she watches him pull his shirt off and then his pants. Grace sighs hard seeing Sam naked. She can’t believe how lucky she is to have found this gorgeous man. Who is so kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and fun to be with. Not to mention magnificent in all sexual endeavors.
Sam leans down and pulls Grace’s panties off finally. His large cock swinging between her spread legs, waiting for him. He rubs his cock up and down her dripping cunt and around her clit, making Grace cry out again with pleasure. Finally, he presses his cock head in her to start. Just that much, holding it there as Sam bends and kisses Grace over and over.
His cock, even that little in, can feel her throbbing for him already, but she can wait. It will make her more eager. Kissing her more, with such passion on both sides. Sam moves lower and pushes her bra down, so Grace's lovely nipples are free and on display.
Sam takes his time over each of them. Backing off when Grace tries to raise herself to take more of his cock in. Keeping her on tenterhooks for more of him in her. Only after enjoying both of her nipples does Sam raise himself, so he is on his knees between Grace’s spread legs.
Sam thrusts himself fully up in her as she gives out a cry of surprise at such sudden action. Grace throbs against Sam, welcoming his prick finally into her warm and wanting cave of desire. Over and over, he backs out only to come in harder again and again. Sam is pounding her at a fast pace now.
Both want it this way. Both want to cum soon.
Over and over, they feel the vibrations coming from each of them. The wanting desire each needs to have fulfilled. Grace pulsating against Sam at each thrust. Sam is beating against Grace, feeling him up in her and his balls pounding against her ass cheeks.
Crying out to Grace as he pumps in a hard last time, holding himself in her as she vibrates against him and all his cum burst from him. Grace’s moans join in as she throbs against him over and over, squeezing everything from Sam.
They lay together for a good while, just content in each other’s arms. Then, stroking Grace’s hair, Sam says. “Grace, that was so good. I would do anything for you. It is still amazing that I found you that day as I did. You complete my life, and I want you always in it.
“I know we both have different goals in life, but I am sure, together, we can make it work. And anything, anything, I can do to help you, I will try my best to do,” Sam concluded.
Grace is quiet for a few minutes, just laying as they are, thinking if Sam really means what he is saying. She rolls to look him in the eyes, and seeing the caring and devotion there, she feels confident.
“Sam, I feel the same for you. When I think of all the events of the last few months, how one thing led to another, and the best one was it lead to you, I am overwhelmed. I thank God every day that he brought you into my life. And I want to be everything you need me to be.”
Grace kisses Sam over and over, deeper and deeper. Then, pulling back some, looking into Sam’s eyes, Grace goes on, “Sam, you know how over-hyper I get about my schoolwork and such. I know I get more agitated than I need to, but I do have this need for perfection in those things.
“That said, when I get off course, and while others might feel that I am still doing fine, I think I am not focused. I need something to help me get back centered.
“You know about Abigail’s room and her list of rules. You do understand what that more or less involves? I think that is what I need when I get into such states. I think it would help me to have set rules, and the discipline that goes with it, to help me through, at least these next few years,” Grace concludes, looking at Sam to see his reaction.
Sam’s face is blank, but his mind is on turbo, trying to take in what Grace is asking him and what it might all involve. Yes, he has imagined what goes on in the room that he more or less made for Tim and Abbie. What started the need for the room? Or the list he has seen on the refrigerator. It does outline issues Abbie seems to need to work through. And Grace seems to feel she also has issues requiring attention.
“Baby, I think I can do what you are asking, but can I think about it for just a bit? I think I would like to talk to Tim about it some if that would be okay? Then, I guess we would have to make rules for you to follow,” Sam starts to answer.
“But while I know you want them to center on you excelling in your academics, I think some should also be about you getting too absorbed in that pursuit that you lose focus on day-to-day things, and us,” Sam suggests.
Grace, hearing this, realizes that Sam is more or less saying he would be willing, just needing a bit of time. And offering some rules in other ways is showing he has bought into the idea. She hugs Sam and thanks him, “Take your time to understand and get to a point you feel okay with this. I am happy that you will even consider it.”
After a few more hugs and kisses, the two redress and get on with the rest of their Sunday. Both put aside their work for the day and just have a quiet, loving day together.
The following week Sam calls Tim and asks if they could get together to talk about something personal. Tim thinks at first it might be about Abbie and Grace’s dalliance on Saturday, but Sam’s tone seems to suggest something else. They decide to meet after work on Wednesday.
Tim can see Sam is nervous to start, and when he mentions Abigail’s room, giving Tim the direction of the conversation, Tim is a bit surprised. He eases Sam’s tension and tells him he guesses that Grace would like to include that as part of their lives as Abbie did him.
That relaxes Sam a great deal, and he admits yes. Sam says that if it is something Grace feels she needs, he will do it for her but has no idea how to go about it. The rules, how are they enforced? Is there protocol, what is used, and how is Grace to be spanked?
Tim laughs and assures him that it is a different world really to enter, but he will help as much as he can. And then, for the next couple of hours, they talk. Each texting their mates that they will be late getting home. Abbie and Grace, not knowing the two are meeting, wonder about the delay.
Tim begins, “Sam, it was a bit different start with Abbie and me, I think. It was early on when one night, in tears, Abbie confessed she had ‘misbehaved’ in her view and should be spanked.
“She was so adamant about it and begged to be. I did comply. Abbie was so calmed and feeling better for her earlier silly actions. When the next day, she asked me to set rules for her to follow and discipline her if stepping out of line, it just seemed like the right thing to do if she needed that.
“From our initial conversation, I made a list of rules, which I am sure you have seen at our house. She read and agreed to them and even added a couple more. Since then, due to new issues arising, we have added to the list.
“It is not that often now that we need to go that route, but sometimes, I almost think Abbie misbehaves to be spanked, which is another side of it. Being spanked while helping her correct her behavior is also sexually stimulating for her.
“She will become very aroused from being spanked. Unless it is a major issue we are dealing with, some extremely hot and heavy sex will follow. Not to mention, for some reason, spanking her does excite me also. Seeing her cheeks turn this rosy red as she wiggles under my hand is rather exotic.
“I spank her for the most part bare bottom over my knee. I use my hand to start but will use a hairbrush or leather paddle if a longer spanking is required. And taking Abbie to pick out the brush and paddle was rather a fun adventure in itself.” Tim advises Sam.
For another hour, Sam asks questions and Tim answers. Some are about Abigail’s room and its significance, which Sam takes into consideration. All in all, both feel better for having someone to talk to about this alternative lifestyle. They agree that whenever needed, the two will talk more about what is going on with each couple in this arena.
While not going into details about some of the recent issues Tim and Abbie have dealt with, Tim does counsel Sam that Grace’s rules should probably not be focused on her being perfect in her field. Instead, on maintaining balance in her life and not letting any one area overtake others.
Sam understands and agrees completely, which helps him think more about how he wants to proceed with things with Grace. Sam now feels better prepared to help Grace in this area, especially knowing she will soon face midterms and be in hyper mode. But their discussion would have to wait a bit.
The next day is Thursday’s gang’s dinner; Friday, sports night at the bar; Saturday, the christening of Timara plus Grace and Sam’s first meeting the lovely baby. It is not until Sunday, a week after their initial conversation, that Sam can talk about the new regime Grace would like.
After breakfast is cleared away, Sam tells Grace to remain at the table. He brings paper and pens and sits opposite her. “Grace, I want you to write down the rule you would like to establish for your behavior to be monitored. I will do the same. After, we will compare the lists, modify them if needed, including manners of discipline administered, and combine them to be your rules of conduct,” Sam says in a profoundly serious voice. “After, you will copy the rules out several times to learn them.”
Grace, looking first intensely into Sam’s eyes, then down at the blank paper in front of her, feels herself start to throb. This is real. Sam is willing. And Sam is taking the dominant position to make her feel how she realizes she needs to feel. She starts to tear up some as she looks back up at Sam.
He reaches over the table and wipes them away with his thumb. “Baby, we will make this work for you. However you need,” Sam says in the softest, kindest voice. Grace smiles back at him and picks up her pen.
An hour later, she has the rules she wants, related mostly to focusing on her studies. Sam also has a list, which emphasizes Grace balancing her life to keep the tension and stress from building too much. As they go over the lists together, Grace realizes that everything Sam has outlined is for her good. Perhaps succeeding so highly in school or even a career down the road is not the path to happiness.
Damn, Grace feels so petty and undeserving at the moment. How childish of her. Even the rules about her performance Sam had worded differently for a healthier balance and not some lofty height.
Changes like ‘she will always excel’ to ‘she will offer her best’ while seeming the same makes her realize what Sam is trying to tell her. He is happy to help discipline her to ‘keep in line,’ but that line focuses on and values the relationship they have first and foremost.
Together they compose a final list, which, surprising to Grace, centers more on what Sam wrote than what she did. This list to follow will help her the most in the long run. Many of the things she wrote are discarded as really self-focused and rather selfish. The rules Sam wrote were showing concern for her well-being and his love for her.
And Grace, in these minutes, acknowledges that is what she wants. Sure, before she met Sam, her concentration and goals were all scholastically and self-centered, front and centered where she must excel and be the best. The time now spent with Sam, and now Abbie and Tim, and all the others, gives her more pleasure than conquering new languages.
And she does grasp that what she really needs to be disciplined, spanked for is not getting less than one hundred percent, but shunning others, putting overstudying over the people she loves.
As Grace’s eyes open wide, she suggests shyly, “Perhaps Sam, different than I thought, you could sometimes give me a spanking the evening before a test to help me relax and acknowledge I am more than prepared. Rather than after the fact if I get less than one hundred percent.”
Sam smiles widely at Grace, happy that she is beginning to understand the big picture now. “That could be arranged, but also Grace, from the rules we have written, they go both ways. I know with all that is happening with my work, I will find myself not living up to these rules either at times. If that happens, would you be willing to discipline me in the same manner?”
Grace is shocked hearing this. It is not something she expected at all. But looking over the rules they have outlined, Grace does see how they apply to Sam also. Could she take the role of disciplinarian also when needed?
It is new ground for both of them. Grace knows that Sam is so devoted to her, it would take a lot for him to step over the line, but his asking for equal accountability touches her deeply.
The same way that Sam has worded things that are focused on her as both school and work. Suggesting that they will be together long after she finishes her degrees. That is a long-term commitment also. Grace’s love for Sam increases tenfold as they sit at the table discussing these things. Somewhat out of the norm, but something that will help the vows they are now making to each other.
Sam also realizes the significance of what is happening between them right now. And his agreeing, no asking, to be spanked if he falls short too. That makes everything binding between them in a strange but wonderful way.
Sam and Grace agree on the final draft, and the next hour is spent with both of them, as the rules now are for them both, writing them out several times, then solemnly signing them. They will put one copy on the refrigerator, each takes one to place where they can regularly see it, and the others in a special drawer for later.
Finished, both filled with love for each other and lust which has been building up imagining being spanked or being the spanker. Standing at the table, they crush themselves together into each other’s arms, kissing and hugging.
Each is trying to show the deep love they have in their kisses and caresses. Their clothes are being discarded as they grope and nibble away at each other’s necks and over their shoulders.
Soon both nude, Sam lifts Grace on the table where she spreads her legs wide for Sam to stand between. His cock, on full alert, rubs up and down her sticky slit getting wetter and wetter. As his glans rubs against Grace’s clit, Sam sucks on her tits, turning them into hard marbles to press against his chest.
Sam lifts Grace’s legs, so they are up under his arms as she clings to his neck. Her breasts and his chest are rubbing as he guides his cock up in her waiting, thumping vag begging for him to bang her good.
At the moment, lust is winning out over love as it is hot animal passion running through them both as they bang over and over. Sam is pressing in deep each stroke making Grace cry out each time and clench his cock with her sides, begging him to stay. But again, he pulls almost out to strike into deeply.
On and on, they fuck, sweat is dripping off both, the release for each is close at hand, but they try to hold back as the ride is so good. Graces clinging to Sam’s neck tightly allows him to lift her from the table to slam into even deeper a few times before he brings her back down to the table.
Sam knows Grace has cum a couple of times already, the last when he just lifted her, but the big one is rumbling in both of them, about to explode. He pulls back, almost out of Grace, and then with one final plunge, he releases his wad of cum over and over in streams up in Grace.
She cries out in ecstasy as her juices join Sam’s to mingle in the cocktail of love they just share. And as they come down from the high they just had, both say to each other out loud for the first time, and in unison, "I love you."
That simple decoration echoes through the house. Each says it over and over, expanding on how deep their love is for each other. It is a good while until they calm and un-cling. This Sunday has turned into a milestone day for the two in so many ways. All good.
They have both felt this love for each other for a while now. An unspoken thing between them. Why had they not voiced it before? Who knows. But at this moment, all flood gates open. Agreeing to this different agreement and its terms cement how much they care for each other. And how committed they both are both ways.
So yes, repeating the chorus of ‘I love you’ over and over is fitting.
After pulling themselves together, Grace and Sam turn to the copy of the rules on the refrigerator and read it over one more time. The final version read:
Grace’s and Sam’s rules:
Rule 1: Grace/Sam will keep a balance in her/his life, never letting one part take precedence over others that are just as important.
Rule 2: Grace/Sam will offer her/his best in her/his school and work performance.
Rule 3: Grace/Sam must own up to action and not try to hide things from the other. S/he must tell the other if s/he feels s/he has done something wrong or is worried about something. If discipline is needed, s/he will accept what is given.
Rule 4: If Grace/Sam hides things s/he did or worried about, the other will, in time, find out, and the discipline will be much more.
Rule 5: Grace/Sam will trust, obey, and be loyal and honest to the other as s/he will be to them. Grace/Sam’s relationship should be the number one thing for both of them. Neither should become so self-involved with school or business they lose focus on each other.
Rule 6: Neither Grace nor Sam will do anything to make the other question the love they share. By actions, words, or deeds that hurt the other intentionally or unintentionally.
Rule 7: Grace and Sam will comply with these rules without argument. Rules can be changed or added to if deemed needed.
Then Grace takes the pen and adds one more rule:
Rule 8: Grace and Sam love each other deeply and will not let anything change that without a gallant fight.
Sam turns to Grace and kisses her again to place his seal upon the document.
Tim and Abbie 68: Abbie and Grace playing dress up
Posted:Jul 27, 2021 2:49 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2022 6:4 pm

Earlier in the week, Brian called Tim, inviting him and the rest of the ‘gang,’ including Sam, to a football game on Saturday. Not just any football game but a match between ‘their team’ and the one that Brian roots for. They are terrific seats as they are comps from the bank. Brian also is hiring a van and driver to take them to the stadium about fifty kilometers away.
Matt, Luke, John, Peter, Mark, Tim, Sam, and Brian will make a day of it. The van is picking everyone up in the morning and getting them home safely in the evening. There will be much drinking and merriment. It will be good for the guys to all be together for a day.
After last night between Abbie and Tim, he drives her to work again today, and they talked a little more. Abbie tells him that since he and Sam will be gone all day on Saturday, she will invite Grace to go through the clothes she is discarding. Grace can choose anything she likes first before Abbie sent the items to the charity shops.
Tim thinks that would be an excellent idea, though he does Abbie, “So, you are going to make your mini-me look even more like you, eh? How are Sam and I going to tell you two apart?” It got the laugh he is trying for from Abbie.
But in response, she warns Tim he better not confuse the two of them, or he would find something missing, and Sam could have a real surprise on his hand.
They laugh and are in good spirits when Tim drops her off. As Abbie kisses him goodbye, Tim tells her, “Honey, I think we should go back to driving to work together most of the time again. I have missed this time together.” Kissing him again, Abbie agrees.
When Grace arrives on Thursday to do the cleaning, she sees that Abigail’s room is unlocked, a sign for her to clean in there. At least once a month, Grace does unlock the room to dust and such. But when it is left unlocked, she knows it has been used and needs the sheets changed and more. It is on these occasions especially that feeling churn in Grace so much.
Entering the room, Grace sees, though straightened some, that the bed is rumbled and should have its sheets changed. And the hairbrush and paddle are on the side table. Grace can’t help herself but starts to drip, imagining what went on in the room. And recently from the lustful scent still heavy in the room.
She gives into temptation, lowers her pants, bends over the desk this time, and notices the smell even more potent. Grace knows spanking herself with first the hairbrush for about twenty-five strokes and then the paddle the same is not anywhere as good as it could be if someone else did it to her.
Since this last year of uni began in September, Grace has been getting more and more stressed out. Her work and grades are exemplary, but that is never good enough for Grace. She feels guilty slacking off some this summer.
Spending time with Sam and playing, rather than mastering the three additional languages she had planned to. Oh, she knows them well enough to pass any interpreter’s exam but to just get by is not of the standards she sets for herself.
Grace has been accepted in the master’s program at University College London next year already, with more or less a guarantee to move on to their doctorate program. Everyone is impressed with Grace’s abilities except Grace, who expects so much more from herself.
She keeps this self-deprecation to herself for the most part. Abbie sees it some, as she does the same to herself too often. Sam knows there are things bothering Grace, but when he tries to ask and talk about it, Grace fluffs it off.
Grace still wants to approach Sam about helping her with this. And spanking her regularly when she falls short of her standards, Grace thinks, would really help her. But just how to bring it up? Sam and Grace had talked some about Abigail’s room and the rules she has, more as it being something different. Nothing more.
So, for now, until Grace builds up her courage to approach Sam about it, she settles for self-spanking every few weeks. The sting that lingers as she cleans helps Grace prioritize her work and outline assignments to complete.
While the sting, and any coloring, is gone by the time Abbie and Tim get home Thursday evenings, Abbie’s astuteness can usually tell when Grace has taken advantage of Abigail’s room. She never says anything, as she knows Grace will work out her need for herself when she is ready.
Thursday’s dinner was as lovely as always, even with an extended crowd now. From the start of Abbie, Tim, and Grace; to adding Sam; then Les and Phoebe; now Mark and Brian, the conversation, joking, festivities, and good food, just gets better and better.
Tim had always shopped at Mark’s grocery store for the best items, but now, Mark will set aside Tim for Thursday dinners or bring something extra for all to enjoy.
And Phoebe will bring new creations she wants to try on them before introducing the dishes at the Peacock to get their reaction.
Tonight, the men were all wrapped up in the game Saturday. They rarely got to see their team play live, and now with such front and center seats to enjoy. They with Brian that he will be drowned out cheering for that ‘other team,’ which Brian takes in good spirits.
At one point, Abbie gets Grace aside to invite her over on Saturday if she would like to look through some of Abbie’s cast-off clothes. Abbie realizes she does not want to make Grace think she sees her as a charity case, but it is an open offer.
Grace is surprised and grateful for such an offer. Abbie’s clothes are at a level she could never afford (at least not now in her life), and to have things to look more professional and stylish as her life is now progressing is a welcome offer.
Both are pleased with the possibility. It is planned for Grace to spend Saturday with Abbie.
The guys pumped for the game are off in the van. Equipped with ale for the journey to the match, but Brian is careful that too much isn’t offered, and plenty of snacks accompany the drinks.
All the women seeing them off are sure there will be very happy fellows returning to them tonight, regardless of how the match turns out. Shortly after Tim and Sam join the sojourn Grace arrives at Abbie’s house.
After a cup of tea chatting about the men’s adventure, Abbie opens a bottle of wine, grabs a couple of glasses, and leads Grace upstairs to her large walk-in closet.
It is like the backroom of a fashion show. Both Grace and Abbie are down to their bras and panties as Abbie hands outfit after outfit to Grace to try on. While she does, Abbie is putting her new dresses on to see if she really likes them or not.
Looking at themselves in the three-sided mirror at the back of the closet is fun. They find themselves adjusting the outfits of each other to lie perfectly. Grace loves every garment she tries on. Looking so much more sophisticated in these clothes than her usual slapped-together look.
The two are having fun, laughing, and enjoying the time together. Sipping on their glasses of wine, they are getting giddier as the afternoon goes on. Grace looks so good in the ensembles Abbie is casting off. Abbie tries on her new items to accept, cuts the tags, and hangs them in her wardrobe. After most of the outfits have been decided on, the lingerie is still to be considered.
In her current undies, Abbie runs to the kitchen for a new bottle of wine. Filling their glasses again, the two are giggling like teenagers picking out dresses for the prom.
Abbie and Grace have already had many twin moments in front of the mirror. Seeing each other looking so alike causes a strange stir in them both. Now, in just underwear, they stare at their images in the mirror. Abbie in an alluring bra and panties she just purchased, and Grace in lace panties and shelve bra of Abbie’s. Seeing two almost identical images three times in the mirror brings a strange yearning over each of them.
For months, they have cared about each other. They have been drawn to each other in a friendship. This strange connection of looking so alike but being so different has played a part since the start.
Catching each other’s eyes in the mirror, each sees something different, just for a moment.
For Abbie, to see the perfect, younger image of herself in Grace. An image that will always remain as such more or less; yes, will age, but as a female ages, and still, be beautiful. It is this fleeting sorrow that she tried to explain to Tim that worries her as she ages. A worry Grace will never have.
But it is more than that as they stand gazing at themselves in the mirror. Looking down, seeing the smoothness of the folds of Grace’s panties sends shivers through Abbie.
For Grace, this exact image of herself, just a bit older and so different in major ways. It makes her wonder what such an existence would be like. Looking down, seeing that bulge in Abbie’s panties, not that large, but much more than in hers sets Grace to trembling and wondering.
In just bras and panties, Grace and Abbie turn to each other as something overtakes them.
Grace is the first to speak, and in a way, covering what both are so wondering about fuller, “Abbie, could I feel your breasts? They are so perfect looking. I just wonder what they feel like.”
Abbie smiles at her and replies, “Only if I can touch what the perfect real-deal feels like too. Yours are perfect and natural.”
Smiling at each other, staring first into each other’s eyes, then looking down, they each squeeze the other’s breasts gently. Then in unison, reach around their backs and unhook and let their bras drop to the floor before returning to squeeze and play with each other’s nipples and caress their breasts.
Neither is the responsible party or rather both are equally.
The two lean in and let their lips touch softly against each other. The heat pouring out from the simple act confirms what each is feeling. Momentary passion takes over. Abbie and Grace’s arms wrap around each other as they kiss deeply.
There is more. Their bodies press and crush against each other, and Grace feels Abbie’s bit of extra, hard against her. Stimulating Grace to rub and please it as she can this way.
Abbie feels the rubbing and is so aroused as her appendage finds its way to rub against Grace’s slit as they continue to kiss.
They kiss, hold, and rub each other as they fall to their knees in front of the mirror. Both glance over at the mirror to see such a hot image before them in triplicate. From kneeling, they fall on the floor. First, Abbie on top of Grace, kissing and pressing against her. Their breasts are against each other, so their nibbles are also rubbing.
Rolling so Grace is now on top, the rubbing continues as they deeply take in each other’s perfume as they lick and nuzzle against each other’s necks. It seems like they are like this for hours, but in reality, no longer than about fifteen minutes. And nothing more than what sixteen-year-olds might do in an initial make-out session.
They pull apart laughing together, help each other straighten themselves and their hair. “Well, that was interesting. I think we have needed to get that out of our systems,” Abbie comments as she finger combs Grace’s hair.
“Yes, I think it was. And rather fascinating, almost narcissistic in the sense of making out with yourself,” Grace replies, pushing the hair from Abbie’s face. “I doubt we will need to do that again, but I am so glad we did.”
Each putting on one of their new outfits. They pack things up for Grace to take with her and bag the rest for charity. In the bathroom, Abbie offers Grace the make-up she is discarding that she barely used. Grace is excited about this also, and side by side, they fixed their make-up looking even more alike now.
Smiling at each other, in total friendship, they lean and kiss each other on the lips.
This will become how they meet and say goodbye from now on. Just an innocent brush of their lips against each other. Signifying nothing more than how glad they are to see each other. In time, as they get to know the other ladies in the gang better, they will come to greet them in a similar fashion, kisses on the lips, not on the cheeks—a sign of how close they feel to each other.
After loading Grace’s car with her things, they go back into the sitting room to watch a movie until the guys return. Abbie had texted Tim to have the van drop him off before Sam so Grace can have a ride home in the van as they have been drinking some this afternoon too.
Over movie watching and ordering a pizza, Grace and Abbie chat and giggle like the moments of the afternoon never happened. As it should be. Both will remember it from time to time over the years, but it is just something that needed to be gotten out of the way for them to be the close friends that they are.
Around nine that evening, the van arrives, and Tim comes into the house in high spirits. Grace heads out to the van after greetings and goodbyes. She and Sam will be over sometime tomorrow to pick up her car.
After seeing Grace out, Abbie returns to a jubilant Tim in the sitting room eating the last couple of pieces of pizza. Abbie can tell he is feeling no pain from his day of fun with the guys. She helps him upstairs, undresses him, and gets him into bed. He is out like a light before she has the covers over him.
Abbie goes downstairs to clean up and then joins her snoring fan, sure that he had a great day that she will hear about tomorrow.
The following day, Tim is up, feeling fine. He fixes a big Sunday breakfast for Abbie and him to enjoy. Abbie, not quiet as chipper first thing in the morning, is delighted to see the spread before her and digs in.
Over breakfast, Tim does tell her all about the guys' day and the game. Relaying the events, he is as excited as when they actually were happening. Winding down, Tim asks how Abbie and Grace’s day was.
“It was fine and fun. Grace really appreciates the clothes she has chosen. With her readying for graduate studies, the suits and such will come in handy,” Abbie starts. “There was one thing, which means nothing in the whole scheme of things, really. But from last week, I do feel I should tell you rather than trying to hide it.
“At one point, something strange came over both of us. Seeing identical images of ourselves in underwear in the mirror, a craving, I guess you could call it, happened. We kissed and caressed each other for a few minutes before we broke apart, laughing about what came over us.
“As I said, it is meaningless and probably just something that had to happen between us. I think, in part, it was somewhat from what I told you about my concern for getting older, seeing Grace so lovely, and not ever having such worries. It was nothing, and we are still great friends. Though, please, say nothing to Sam, as I do not know if Grace wants to tell him or not,” Abbie finishes.
Tim sits there, mouth a little ajar hearing this. What is Abbie telling him? She and Grace? But it is nothing she swears. And he understands in part what drew her to do so. But Grace? Why was she? Does it matter?
Tim pulls Abbie to him and hugs and caresses her. He had told her that nothing would ever make him turn away from her. And even hearing this, he realizes this is true. Even if Abbie said she and Grace wanted something ongoing, it would not change his feelings. So what a moment of lust or whatever flashed over them. It happened, and that was that.
What worries him more is Abbie’s concern about her aging. He needs to find a way to help her accept and realize options are available to her.
His caresses lead to Abbie on his lap, to their kissing deeper and deeper, to Tim lifting Abbie and carrying her upstairs to their bedroom. Undressing her slowly, running his fingers all over her body gently. Then undressing himself and laying down next to her. As mid-day approaches, the two begin an exotic sexual dance to intercourse.
Abbie on her stomach as Tim runs his hard cock up and down her spine. Then dripping lube along it for his glans to slide through again, getting nice and covered. Teasing her special vag with his fingers and prick head, Abbie moans and begs Tim to enter her.
Finally, turning Abbie on her side, Tim’s cock up against her entrance. He presses in as she swings her leg over his thigh and bends forward a little so that he can press in even deeper.
Feeling him so inside her, Abbie leans back against Tim’s chest as they start to hump over and over. Feeling Tom’s cock slide in and out of her as her side clench around him. Moaning as Abbie feels small drips coming from her.
Tim paces himself so they can enjoy this semi-high for a good while. So intense on what they are doing, they never hear the doorbell ring when Grace and Sam come for her car. Figuring they are out or busy, they get the car and leave. All the while, Tim and Abbie are doing this lingering dance together.
With each stroke, both want to move to the final note but then again want the song to repeat over and over. Tim’s hard cock up in Abbie and her clit quivers and quivers, feeling each intense thrust in her. Finally, both know that they can’t hold back any longer, and with a final dip in the dance, both shoot out all that has been building in them.
Abbie feels wave after wave of Tim’s cum filling her full. Abbie’s stomach is the recipient of all the juices coming out of her. Deeply satisfied, they sigh together, Tim hugging and holding Abbie close to him. He does not pull out from her. Rather, he lets his cock subsides until on its own slide out of her. Feeling Abbie continue to clench against him over and over as she begins to relax.
Though only one o’clock now, they fall back to sleep for about an hour. It is Sunday, and there is nothing pressing for them to do.
Tim and Abbie 67: Abbie breaks the rules
Posted:Jul 23, 2021 4:22 pm
Last Updated:Jul 27, 2021 2:50 pm

Things are not always rosy between Tim and Abbie. Well, actually, they are still rosy, but in a quite different way sometimes.
Things have gone well for a couple of months now, and Abbie has not been across Tim’s lap for discipline. Tim almost thinks that perhaps they are past that stage, until a Tuesday evening in early October.
After dinner, Tim goes to the garage to put washer fluid in Abbie’s car. He notices a dozen bags or more in the trunk and on the backseat. He fills the fluid and then looks in the bags, all from upscale women’s dress stores. He cannot believe what he sees. Almost a whole new wardrobe of dresses, suits, blouses, even lingerie. Abbie has more than enough similar clothes in perfect condition.
What has Abbie been up to? Gathering the bags together, he brings them into the house and to the sitting room where Abbie is watching television. Dropping the bags at her feet, Tim demands, “Abigail, what is the meaning of all these clothes? You have a closet full of perfectly good dresses and suits already. Why would you go and more?”
Abbie cringes. First, from knowing what is in store hearing Tim her Abigail. But more so, understanding for the last week she would eventually be found and what would happen.
She can’t help herself. As the seasons change, Abbie has this need also to change her wardrobe. She likes to be up to date in her fashions, and so a few times a year, her spending gets of hand as she buys new outfits. And she can’t stop just a couple. No, until her closet is overflowing, she buys and buys.
Abbie does give her discarded clothes to charity on a tiny positive side, helping other women have lovely outfits to wear also. But Abbie knows that is not going to hold any weight with Tim at the moment.
Not able to vocalize anything as Tim stands over her, he continues, “Abigail, go to your room and corner and think about the rules you have broken.” Tears now fill her eyes as Abbie climbs the stairs, takes the key to the room in the vase next to the door, and opens it. That is one of the hardest parts of her punishments. To open the door to her discipline room knowing she fully earns the spanking ahead.
Tears now running down her cheeks, Abbie faces the corner, nose against the wall, thinking about things. Yes, she knows she broke at least a couple of the rules she and Tim laid out for her. And this is one of the things Abbie is hoping Tim can help her stop. But she has the . And she has been so good with it for months now. Why can’t Tim understand her need for lovely new things?
Abbie knows that is no valid argument for what she did, but perhaps after her punishment, she and Tim could come to a compromise about this.
Downstairs, Tim is smiling at the of surprise which came to Abbie’s as he brought the bags in. Along with the guilt that immediately followed. Deep down, he doesn’t care. Abbie buying a dozen times as many outfits would not even scratch the surface of the she has.
But her hiding it from him is a problem, along with her stated wish that Tim tries to rein her in on such compulsive spending. He carries the bags upstairs and puts them in their closet for Abbie to hang up later. Then he goes into Abigail’s room.
Abbie had heard him coming up the stairs and has been anticipating his arrival in the room. Damn, her clit is already starting to be aroused. Thinking about her bare ass over Tim’s knee, waiting to be spanked. These times stir so many conflicting feelings in her, the most, how much being spanked stimulates her.
Tonight will be no different. And knowing she well deserves it will make each spank sting even more.
Tim knowing this tendency of Abbie’s, brings a cup in with him as he walks up behind her in the corner. He hands Abigail the cup to hold as he reaches her dress and pulls her panties down to her ankles. He unzips her dress and takes it off her too. Standing naked, except for her bra, Abigail waits to see what is next, though she knows.
“Abigail, hold the cup, like you are supposed to,” Tim commands her. Holding the cup over the end of her clit, she feels Tim’s strong hand tighten around the base of her shaft. He is going to wank her to cumming, so her spanking will sting even more when she receives it.
Tears flowing as Abbie holds the cup to catch her cum as Tim jerks her in a no-nonsense way. She feels herself filling as he plays with her marbles to loosen them and help them fill to be released.
Cumming this way can be powerful to Abbie, more of a forced action. But Abbie hates that she has to endure it these circumstances. It is so tied to her misbehaving and the consequences.
It does not take long until Abbie’s back arches, her head against Tim’s chest as she squirts her load into the cup. It amazes her how much there is. All the prelude to this moment does get her rather full. And the strange combination of feeling female, but male, also at these moments as she knows she is being wanked, not just her clit played with.
Leading Abigail to the bed as Tim sits down, he has her stand between his legs as he asks her what rules she has broken to bring her to this punishment. Tearfully now, Abbie stammers , “Rule : I will be economical with my , not wasting it needlessly.”
“Yes, you have done that, but what is even worse?” Tim presses her.
Now, having to admit to probably the worst crime she could commit, Abbie stutters, “Rule 3: If I do something I know I shouldn’t do, I am to tell you, Sir, immediately. Not hide what I do because, Sir, you always will find , and now my discipline will be much worse.”
By the time Abigail gets the statement , she is crying uncontrollably. these such moments, Abbie always finds herself afraid that Tim will send her away, disgusted with her, never wanting to see her again. She knows, well, hopes, it would never happen, but she sees him shunning her in her imagination.
For some reason, tonight, these feelings overwhelm her, and she can not stop crying or feeling like her life with Tim is ending. Other things are crashing through her too. But just the thought of Tim having enough of her and tossing her aside seems so real.
She is crying so hard, gulping for air between her tears. Tim takes her on his lap, holding and caressing her. Rubbing and patting her back as she tries to calm herself, he says, “Abigail, I still am going to have to spank you, but please, calm yourself. Nothing is so bad. You are breaking my heart seeing you like this. What is the matter?”
Gulping and catching her breath, Abbie is able, after a few tries, to tell Tim, “Please, please, Sir, don’t send me away. I can’t imagine life without you. I am sorry I misbehave and make you angry, but please don’t turn your back on me.”
Tim feels his heart tearing as he hears this. Holding Abbie tight as he kisses her over and over, he assures her he would never send her away or turn his back on her. She is the love of his life, and he couldn’t imagine his life without her either.
“Abbie, we do have to deal with this misbehavior, but not tonight. You need to calm yourself as you are over-excited. When we get home tomorrow, we will it then. For now, I am getting you to bed. You are feverish from your crying. I don’t want you to get sick.”
Tim consoles Abbie as he carries her to their bedroom and lays her down. Pulling all the covers up over her, he kisses her head and tells her he will get her some aspirin. He brings the pills back to her and a glass of water. Like a small , she lets Tim put them in her mouth and holds the glass for her to drink.
Lying back down, Tim turns out the lights and then, still dressed, lies outside the covers holding Abbie close to him as he caresses her hair, helping her to calm and go to sleep.
Never could Tim have envisioned Abbie getting into such a state and conjuring up the idea that he would cast her out of his life. Holding her, feeling so frail to him right now, Tim realizes that behind the confident front Abbie displays to everyone, there are some serious issues she hides from the world. He can hope that in time she will feel safe and sure enough of his love to share this side of her with him.
Abbie is much better in the morning. Her eyes behind her makeup are still a bit red, but she is in much better spirits. Abbie tells Tim that she understands she will be disciplined that evening, and she accepts that. She is sorry for her outburst last night; she is not sure what came over her.
Tim takes her hand and holding it tight, looking in Abbie’s eyes, he tells her, “Abbie, first and foremost, do not ever think again that there is any possibility that I would send you away. That will never happen, no matter what you do. The way you will ever leave is if it is your choice and you don’t love anymore.
“I am not sure how I would handle that, as I would be devastated, but it will be by your choice that we ever separate. You are my heart and soul. My life would be meaningless without you in it.”
Tears start to well in Abbie’s eyes again as she hugs Tim and assures him she never will leave him either. Tim wipes the tears from her eyes with his thumb, telling her she might need to refix her makeup. Smiling at each other, they quickly clean themselves up and head out the door to work. Today, Tim insists that he will drive her to work.
That is one thing he misses since getting the company car. They rarely ride together to work anymore. So today is special for them both.
Abbie spends the day with the spanking ahead in the back of her mind. She is looking forward to it, and while it arouses her, she knows she deserves it. Abbie should have talked to Tim about it before going on a spending spree. If she voiced her seasonal desire, he would have agreed she is positive. He would have made sure was in her to cover it. Instead, she did it behind his back and hid it from him.
That is her real crime. Thinking more about it, Abbie plans to tell Tim that she will invite Grace to over the clothes she is discarding to choose any or all of them if she likes. What is left will go to a charity store for other women who can’t the level of fashion lines as her clothes are.
It pleases Abbie to think of some women choosing her discarded dresses. Then finding the lingerie, barely used, or sometimes even never worn. (Yes, Abbie knows she overbuys and often discards things she never got around to wearing. What she has worn is always cleaned thoroughly, keeping it looking new). Then she imagines a woman wearing the outfit to surprise her mate and the fun that would follow.
But seeing herself as a benefactor passing alms to the poor will hold no weight with Tim. Abbie knows that. But she also knows, while accepting this punishment as deserved, they do have to talk about this, knowing it will happen again. Just in the future happening without it being done clandestinely.
When Tim picks Abbie up from work, it is like it used to be, kissing on meeting, and chatting on the drive home. When they pull into the garage, Abbie finally gathers her courage and says, “Tim, I am in full agreement that I deserve my spanking tonight, but first, I think we need to discuss the spending side of it. I should never have kept that secret from you, but I need you to understand why I do this.”
Tim smiles at Abbie as he can tell she is growing, understanding her motives for her actions, and agrees that yes, first dinner and talk, and then the other. He also wants Abbie to be very clear about him never casting her away for anything she does. Last night was eye-opening, and he wonders what really is behind that.
Tim doesn’t care if they get to that point yet. When Abbie is ready to share, she will, but she needs to know he will always be here for her, regardless of what she does.
So over dinner, they talk. Abbie explains her season shopping spree and needing new things always to look fresh and well-kempt, “Tim, it is this inner worry with myself about being a transgender woman. I feel I have to look perfect so people do not judge me too harshly for who I am. It is the same with my make-up, whether the old things are not used up or not, every three months I get new, so I look immaculate. I am aging, I know. Thirty is not too old, but for a transgender woman, it is the start of aging and being open to ridicule.
“As long as I can hold that off, I am going to. I do not want to appear like some caricature, but like the woman, I feel I am. Thank goodness I have thick hair and a lineage of men keeping their hair. I do not know what I would do if I started to go bald. These are all things we think about, worry about, being who we are or want to be, as we age.”
Tim takes this all in and realizes this is a side of Abbie and her concerns he had never thought about. She is his beautiful Abbie, and as she ages, she will still be in his eyes. But yes, all Abbie is saying does make sense from her standpoint.
Choosing his words carefully, Tim replies, “Abbie, I never knew you had these worries and concerns. Yes, I understand them, and if new wardrobes and buying things help you through them, that is no problem. We, or even you alone, have the to do so, and yes, donating the discarded items to charity for others to have is the right path to take.
“But please know, I love you, for you, not for how you . As you feel this is becoming more of a concern for you, please talk with about it, and we will figure it out together. On the plus side, we now have a wonderful, close network of friends who love you for you too. They would never care either, I am sure.”
Abbie is in Tim’s arms, on his lap, kissing and hugging him, saying, “Tim, I don’t know how I deserve someone as wonderful, thoughtful, kind, and loving as you. Thank you. I will try to be more open with you. I am getting there, but this still is rather new to me, us together, so I am working on it.”
“, it is all new to too. Being with someone and in love with them, it is something I never felt before either. Together we will get this to work. And yes, we both need to be more open about our past, our concerns, and anything. This year has been a whirlwind for both of us with all the changes,” Tim assures her.
The two kiss and hug for a while, then Abbie wiggles in Tim’s lap and says, “Sir, I will go up to my room now and await for your to come to spank me. I know I deserve it for not being open with you, hiding things from you.”
Tim sees the bit of a wicked grin on Abbie’s lips as she says this, and Tim knows she wants the spanking more for the sexual arousal it gives her than the reminder to be good. As she stands, Tim swats her bottom and says, “Yes, Abigail, get upstairs to your corner and wait. And I know what you are up to, lady.”
The swing of Abbie’s hips as she leaves the kitchen is her answer to that.
Abbie is so happy that she finally vocalized some of her worries about her future, and Tim comprehending immediately and being so understanding. And she does need a spanking, both for her strange enjoyment of them but also to get to the point of allowing herself to release tears to wash away her regrets for misbehaving.
Tim finishes the dinner dishes quickly and heads up the stairs to Abigail’s room. He knows tonight this spanking is going to be lust-filled for both Abbie and him while dealing with what now does not seem like any misbehavior at all. But they will play this out fully, and perhaps something more will follow.
Abbie’s whole body tingles as she hears Tim mount the stairs. She giggles a little that this will be a fun spanking, more or less. He doesn’t come into the room directly. Instead, Abbie hears him go to their room first.
Finally, Tim comes into the room, and she hears him taking something out of the drawer. The hairbrush or paddle or both? He moves to the bed and sits in the middle of it. “Abigail, come here,” he says with authority.
Abbie quickly complies and is soon standing between Tim’s spread legs. She can’t help smiling, seeing he has undressed down to his drawers . “Turn around,” he commands, and Abbie does. She feels her dress unzipped and falling to the floor. Her bra is unhooked next and joins the dress.
Her garter is undone and her stockings are off. her panties remain. “Pick up your clothes, fold them, and put them on the desk, then come lay across my lap,” Tim instructs her.
Doing as told, Abbie, well, this moment Abigail, finds herself across Tim’s lap, her clit, getting more prominent now, is tucked between his legs held tightly together. She can feel it rubbing against Tim’s growing cock between the fabric.
“Lift up,” Tim tells her as he slides his hand her pantie waistband and pulls her panties down to her knees. He continues as Abigail settles herself, “Abigail, why are you being spanked?”
In a small voice, Abigail replies, “I’m sorry, Sir, but I broke one of my main rules of conduct. I tried to hide something from you rather than telling you right away. And as you said from the start, you will, and did, find . I am learning, trying to be open with you and not be sneaky.”
While Abigail is talking, Tim is rubbing her cheeks, thinking how lovely, smooth, and cream white they are. And soon to glow a rosy red. He smiles Abbie’s choice of ‘sneaky’ and hearing her say that he down come down on her right cheek with a stinging spank. It is followed by one to her left cheek. Then back and forth.
Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank.
Twenty fast and hard spanks to alternate cheeks quickly get Abbie’s ass stinging and tears filling her eyes. “I’m sorry, Sir, that I was bad,” Abbie cries. “Thank you for helping me a better person.”
Another twenty follow. After each set, Tim rubs Abbie’s ass a bit, feeling the heat rising. Hearing Abbie crying more and more, he knows she is getting to the release she needs.
While it has not been that many instances of Tim having to spank Abbie, he knows that she does get a rush of it, but also, the tears are real and a release for her. So he tries to bring her to that place she has deeply hidden when she can discharge all the bad toxins from her.
In all, Tim spanks Abbie about one hundred times by hand. Then after rubbing for a bit, he picks up the hairbrush and does another round of one hundred. Sometimes rotating between cheeks, others repeatedly on one then the other. Her ass is turning a deep color.
He hits her upper thighs some to add new stings for Abbie to consider now and then, never too much in any one place for too long. Abbie now has tears running down her and is feeling that moment of remorse for her actions. She wonders if she will ever try to hide things again from Tim again, as it seems that he will not shun her for anything.
Abbie begins to feel the trembling of her clit and whole body as the enjoyment factor of being spanked kicks in. But today, there is a third feeling encompassing her body—this calm, gentle feeling of being loved unconditionally.
This confidence that there is someone who will be there and cares about her no matter what silliness she gets up to. That makes this whole experience even more intense for her.
Oh, Abbie feels every spank and slap upon her now sore bottom. The message of not hiding things from Tim is coming through loud and clear. She wiggles his hand, but Tim holds her firmly as he lands the last spanks with the hairbrush.
He is now fully aroused from the wiggling against him, feeling Abbie’s clit against his cock, and watching her ass turn this lovely shade of red. “Stand up and go lean over the desk,” Tim tells Abbie in a husky voice.
She scurries to do as commanded. The pile of her clothes is like a pillow her stomach as she grips the far side, her legs apart, waiting.
Abbie hears Tim open one of the desk drawers, and then she feels this cool liquid running down her crack, pooling around her special vagina. Tim’s fingers are running it around and around her opening and up into it to make it slippery and ready to welcome visitors.
Abbie is moaning with want, knowing what is coming. Tim is looking down on Abbie’s rosy cheeks and wonders why they turn him on so. His cock is so hard as he adds a little lube to the tip and shaft.
Tim positions himself between Abbie’s legs and lifts his cock to her hole, and presses in. He receives a gracious welcome, and Abbie seems to be throbbing and push him in more and more. Soon he is wholly in. His balls are up so close, bouncing against Abbie’s marbles and thighs. Both just hold that position for a moment.
And then the festivities begin. Tim pulls and thrusts over and over, faster and faster. Feeling his balls bounce against Abbie there, she is moaning louder and louder. She does not want Tim to stop. It is a hard fuck, but so needed for both of them. Abbie’s ass and thighs still sting from the onslaught they just had, but that adds to the wonderful sensations crashing through them both.
Tim, feeling the heat from Abbie’s ass and thighs, increases his desire. Pounding against Abbie and feeling her small sacks hitting his larger, full balls is so amazing. Abbie’s back vagina is now throbbing so and clenching his cock so tightly with each thrust. It is making the semen in him churn and want to release. He feels his balls filling his shaft, pushing up farther and farther to his glans to explode .
Abbie, feeling Tim full in her, his balls hitting against her sore ass doesn’t matter. She clenches against him with each thrust, wanting to hold him deep in her forever. Well, for this magic moment. Tim is leaning forward now, feeling Abbie’s ass against his mons and lower stomach. He kisses and nibbles the back of Abbie’s neck, sending new waves of pleasure through her. Feeling his chest against her back and his lips on her neck, Abbie feels precum dripping from both of them. She knows she can’t hold back much more.
Tim works his way to be next to Abbie’s ear so he can lick and blow into it. And whisper, “Let it go, , let it all of you. I am about to…”
And with that, a loud deep moan comes out of Tim from deep in his gut. Abbie feels a river of semen erupt out of Tim deep up in her. String after string of flows .
She can’t contain any longer either, and covers her dress and the desk, squirt after squirt. They are both now so spent. Tim just lies against her. It is a bit uncomfortable in this position for Abbie, but she is not in a condition to move yet either.
Finally, both filling their lungs enough, Tim stands and helps Abbie up too. He turns her to him and kisses her deeply. It isn’t that late yet, but both are tired now. Tim tells Abbie to go climb into bed on her stomach, and he will be there soon to rub some lotion on her cheeks. She smiles at him and does as he asks, with a quick detour to the bathroom for a couple of needed bedtime tasks.
Tim picks up the clothes and wipes all remains of what just took place from the desk. The bed is ruffled, but Grace will change the sheets tomorrow and straighten things more. He stops in the laundry room to toss the clothes in the hamper and goes into the bedroom.
He, too, makes a stop at the bathroom to get ready for bed and get some lotion. Coming to their bed, Tim sits on the side as he takes his time to rub the cream all over Abbie’s cheeks and thighs. Their rosiness is diminishing, but still some signs of the start of their recent escapades.
Finished, Tim climbs into bed and pulls Abbie to him. Holding her in his arms, her head on his chest, he tells her, “Abbie, thank you for all you shared tonight. I never realized you had such worries. But I am glad now I know at least one of the things that worries you. Regardless of what happens down the road, you will always be my Abbie and beautiful in my eyes.”
Abbie lifts her head, her eyes shining with the tears starting to form in them, and just says, “Thank you, Tim. You are the world to me now.”
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Tim and Abbie 66: Les and Phoebe as neighbors
Posted:Jul 22, 2021 10:00 am
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2021 9:21 am

As September comes to a close, Les’s house is finished. All the special-order tiles and cabinets have arrived and are installed. Thursday night, after a day of moving in, Les and Phoebe just walk across the drive to join the group for dinner.
Afterward, they all troop back to Les’s to have a tour. Sam is embarrassed at all the praise Les is bestowing on him as they enter each room. She is pointing out all the details of the work Sam and his crew have done.
At the end of the tour, she promises Sam that things will be in place by Monday to take final pictures of the remodeling for his webpage as he has asked. Sam has photos of the rooms before the work was done and pictures of the finished empty rooms but wants to add the final, furnished rooms to show his team’s accomplishments fully.
He did the same thing with Tim’s house, and the notice the pictures have gotten has brought in more and more business. Sam has taken on a few more workers, but the requests for his services are coming in faster than he can schedule them. He has work for months out and hates to make people wait.
But many of them are more than happy to wait, even for months, to get the quality of service that Sam’s company offers rather than going with someone else. Tim and Les’s houses side by side at the King’s Lane Estate entrance, even from the outside, is a positive advertisement to all the homes there to beg for his services.
It is a problem he often talks about with Tim, and now that Brian has joined their Thursday dinners with Mark, he often joins in on the conversations and offers Sam advice from a financial side.
Sam’s biggest concern is that his team, feeling rushed with all the waiting jobs, will start to scrimp on the quality in trying to meet the demand. And it doesn’t help that Sam has bought a couple of houses in King’s Lane development which were selling dirt cheap, thinking he would have time to flip them for a hefty profit.
Right now, it is just in the discussion stage with friends, but Sam knows that at some point, he needs to expand his crews and grow his company. But then the money involved with that comes into play also.
After the tour, as the group is breaking up, all complement not just Sam on his work, but Les and Phoebe on how lovely their house is now. Brian and Mark, then Sam and Grace pull out of the drive. As Tim and Abbie, and Les and Phoebe, go into their homes next to each other, they wave goodnight pleasantly. All thinking it is nice to be neighbors now.
Getting undressed, Les sits on their bed, watching Phoebe as she gets naked. It still amazes her that she has found someone so wonderful who loves her at this point in her life. Seeing Les watching her, Phoebe comes over naked and bends down to undress Les to join her in the same state.
They come together for a deep, soft kiss, showing the love they feel for each other. Climbing into bed, holding each other, they talk about these last few months and how much has happened. Cupid seems to be doing double duty or more around them, ticking off the couple finding each other since the beginning of the year.
Mark and Brian, surprisingly since winter, coming together. Tim and Abbie making their way to each other. Themselves, with some help from Abbie, finding each other. And Grace and Sam, such a lovely couple, have actually stumbled upon each other here at their house when being renovated.
Added to it all, how close friends they have become with them all in this short time. But it is not just pillow talk between them. Both Les and Phoebe’s hands have been exploring under the covers, finding the wonder spot to rub for each other to make them glow. Talking peacefully while their fingers, wet with each’s juices, stroking the other’s clit brings a calm over both women.
Les and Phoebe are coming to understand that hot and wild sex is still fantastic, but it does not have to always be on that level. Like tonight, gently stroking each other brings a calm tingle over their bodies which is just as good.
Reading and researching the topic on the internet and elsewhere, Les and Phoebe are moving towards a relationship that can be pleasing on every level. Just the togetherness at times is enough. Knowing with certainty that the other cares and loves them is more than enough.
This calming life is helping Phoebe let go of the total control she feels she has to keep at the Wilde Peacoc Les is helping her to acknowledge she has excellent staff who can run things to her standards without her hovering over them constantly. Even this move now to the house away from being just upstairs all the time is a needed step.
This afternoon, after the moving truck brought back Les’s things from storage and items from Phoebe’s apartment she wanted, Les had surprised her. Sitting down at the dining room table, each with an afternoon sherry to sip on, Les brought out some legal papers.
“Phoebe, this is our house now, not mine. I have had the title to the house altered to be in both our names. I want you from the start to think of it as your home as much as mine. All that is needed is your signature on the title,” Les told her.
Tears came to Phoebe’s eyes as this is the first time she had ever been with someone who wanted to share her life so fully with her. Overjoyed with Les’s gesture, Phoebe took the pen from Les, and with eyes blurred with tears, she signed the title. Now not only does she have a business of her own, but a house with the woman she loves.
So tonight, as she holds Les in her arms as they caress each other in their special places, Phoebe feels at home for the first time in what seems like forever.
Across the drive, in Abbie and Tim’s bedroom, things are happening too. Laughing as they ready for bed, Tim comments, “Thank goodness Les’s bedroom is on the opposite side of her house than on this side looking out on our drives and backyards. If it was, we might all end up sounding like a sexual chorus when the windows are open. Not to mention that it might be embarrassing to face each other after eventful nights.”
Abbie throws a pillow at his head, telling Tim not to put ideas like that in her head. Grabbing Abbie and pulling her down on the bed with him, Tim says, “Is that how you want to play, eh?” He begins tickling her stomach and sides, where he has found she is most sensitive to such play.
Abbie wiggles as she giggles, trying to tickle under his arms in return. Soon they are rolling and laughing on the bed, making a mess of the sheets. When they come up for air Abbie tells Tim, “Now you are going to be the one to straighten these sheets tomorrow. Grace just made the bed so nicely with clean sheets this afternoon.”
This sets off another round of play until Tim has Abbie pinned under him. Looking into each other’s eyes, Abbie lifts her legs over Tim's shoulders. Moments like this, Abbie needs no lube. Just Tim’s prick up in her deep.
Tim complies and rubs his cock up and down her crack getting it harder and harder, then pressing the glans into her lovely, special vagina. Once all in, Tim uses his arm to keep him propped up. The fingers of his other hand play with Abbie’s clit as he thrusts in and out of her.
Both begin to moan louder and louder. Tonight, the windows are closed, so their cries just bounce off the walls of their bedroom. Tim plays with Abbie’s clit, and feeling him so deep in her takes Abbie quickly to the cliff edge. She clenches against Tim’s dick with each thrust, her body is shaking and her clit trembling.
Tim knows she will soon be at that point of no return, but he is reaching that same apex. Together they reach the peak, and shuddering together, juices flow from them both in wave following wave.
They collapse together on the bed catching their breaths. Finally, Abbie can stand and goes to the bathroom. While she is gone, Tim cleans himself and makes up the bed again, hiding all traces of their recent activities.
When Abbie comes back, she sees the covers turned down, welcoming her to join Tim under them to cuddle and fall to sleep. Sighing deeply as she drops off, Abbie does appreciate that they now have neighbors they care for and a growing circle of friends they feel the same way about.
Tim and Abbie 65: Mark and Brian dine with Mark’s family
Posted:Jul 7, 2021 10:59 pm
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2022 6:4 pm

Mark has jumped over some of the highest hurdles bringing Brian into his world and entering Brian’s a bit too. Letting people know his inclinations and choices eases Mark’s usual stress a lot. The sessions with James are bringing out things from his past and his father. In sessions that include Brian, they address issues they face together as they build a solid relationship.
The next biggest mountain to conquer is introducing Brian to his mother, Patti, and his two older sisters Jessica and Jennifer. He knows they will not say anything to his face, but what will they feel when he is not there? This is a considerable discussion in both sessions before the dinner with them the Wednesday after Mark’s big reveal to his gang and introduction to Wilde Peacock.
Mark opens up much more about his father and what he has learned from his mother over time. His father for years had cheated on his mother, sometimes even throwing the other women in her face. He never understood why his mother just accepted this. Yes, his father was physically abusive with him, but Mark never saw him hit his mother or sisters or any signs that he had.
It was only after his father died, one evening encouraged by a couple of bottles of wine at their Wednesday dinner, that Mark asked his mother why she put up with his wandering and flaunting it in her face. Patti laughed and laughed, almost unable to answer until finally calming some.
Patti told Mark, “With your father, I was shocked that we even created three as inept he was in bed. I couldn’t imagine any woman giving him the time of day after one or two times with him. So better he was bothering others as he claimed than me having to pretend with him between my legs.”
Patti often told her daughters that marriage was not worth it really. That was probably why they still lived at home with her while having decent jobs. They rarely dated, though Mark was sure they did want to. Over time, now in their early forties like Brian, they didn’t think they would be attractive to anyone.
Talking this all over with both James and Brian, Mark thought he was ready to open up to his family. One little hitch in the whole thing he never thought of did happen.
Mark calls his mother on Sunday evening to say he would be there this week for Wednesday’s dinner, and he is bringing a friend of his. At first, his mother, in hearing distance of his sisters, asks about the woman he is bringing. Thinking finally, Mark has met someone he wanted to show off to his family.
When he explains his friend is Brian who is coming with him, Mark sets her straight, somewhat. And that is when the hiccup starts. Hearing Mark is bringing a man with him, Jessica and Jennifer begin to imagine it is someone Mark wants to introduce and fix up with one of them.
Much primping and preparing occupies hours of the next couple of days. When Wednesday night arrives, the two women are giddy with expectations. They hear the front door open and Mark calling out as they enter. The girls fly to the door to welcome Mark’s friend.
And what a vision the friend is. Who could resist Brian’s good looks? Silvering hair, deep blue eyes, and so friendly and polite as he is introduced to each, and then their mother. His slight Scottish accent gives him such an exotic air. Sitting first in the living room over cocktails, the sisters hurry to make for all. They just talk generally for a while.
Both sisters are hoping Brian would like them best. That is until Mark drops the bomb.
Carefully he moves to sit on the couch next to his mother as Mark begins looking first at his mother, then at his sisters as he talks. “Mom, Jennifer, and Jessica, Brian is more than just my friend. We are a couple. We are in love with each other and soon are going to move in together. He is a wonderful man, as I can tell you already have found to be true. I hope you will accept him as part of my life and yours.”
Brian watching all three women’s faces as Mark talks and sees the fleeting sadness over Jessica and Jennifer’s faces when Mark tells them who Brian is. Astute to such things, Brian immediately knows what the women had been hoping for and how their pipedreams just came crashing down on them.
Brian vows to himself that he will try to find men to value and care for each of them. They are both rather pretty, just dressed rather dull to attract anyone’s attention, really. And from what Mark has said, they rarely go out anywhere where they would meet someone. That he would see to changing for them. They, too, deserved a life after growing up with their father.
The sisters recover quickly and are genuinely glad that Mark has found someone. Someone so handsome and kind. At dinner, Patti has Brian sit next to her, with Mark on the other side. Brian is the center of attention as he answers her questions about himself. Patti is bursting with pride when she learns about his education and position at the bank. Patting Brian’s hand as she tells Mark he better be good to Brian as he is a gem too precious to lose, making all of them laugh.
It is, after all, a lovely evening, and by the time they leave, Brian is a part of their family. Which thrills him as his family is far away and not that close, really.
At home that night, as they crawl into bed, Brian holds Mark close and tells him playfully that he better listen to his mother and do as she told him. Mark rolls over to face Brian. He tickles him some as he asks, “And how shall I be good to you?”
They roll together, kissing as Brian turns the table and starts tickling Mark. “You, sir, know how to be good to me.” Needing no more urging, Mark dips under the sheets to find Brian’s cock to take into his mouth. The two men have been trying different ways of sucking each other to make it last longer. Tonight, who cares about work tomorrow at the moment? Mark is going to try to keep Brian on edge as long as he can.
He starts with just licking around Brian’s glans to make his shaft quiver. Licking and poking the tip of his tongue along the slit. Nibbling at it around the rim below the head. Brian leans back, enjoying this pampering. Oh, so slowly, Mark goes, taking his time playing with the glans, getting Brian harder and harder without even touching his shaft or balls.
Mark is learning new tricks to add pleasure for Brian. Flicking his tongue over the tip, taking the glans in his mouth and no more and sucking on it hard. Brian is letting out groans and sighs as his passion increases.
Feeling Mark’s hands finally cupping his balls and squeezing them before sliding one at a time into his mouth to suck and pull on. Back to them in his hand as Mark massages Brian’s balls to loosen and let the semen begin to fill them on their journey to Brian’s shaft and release.
Running his tongue up and down Brian’s shaft as his one hand takes it by the base and tightly follows his tongue up and down the shaft. Oh, now Mark is nibbling up and down on the vein at the back of his shaft.
Brian is crying out in furor as he tries to hold back from cumming this soon. Mark knowing the tells when Brian is close, backs off some and comes out of the covers to passionately kiss Brian as he lays atop him. Their cocks are now rubbing each other, Mark as hard as Brian from the pleasure he is getting from pleasing his love.
After kissing for a while, and Brian stroking Mark’s cock as they do, Mark dives back down under the sheets for round two. Surprising Brian, Mark takes his entire shaft into his mouth and begins sucking it as the glans bump against the back of his throat.
All in this time, feeling the warmth of Mark’s mouth and his tongue lapping against his shaft, Mark grows to full height again. Pulling back with his lips, Mark allows almost all of Brian’s rod to leave his mouth, just to pound down on it again. Brian is struggling to control himself. His body is thrashing with desire.
It won’t be long this time. An extended session just isn’t in the cards tonight. Brian already aroused from Mark coming out to his family, the welcome his mother and sisters have given him, and now Mark ‘being good’ to him has increased his desire for this man to a degree which can’t be contained.
Brian throws back the sheet so he can watch Mark suck him as he warns he is close to the edge now. Mark wiggles Brian’s cock in his mouth as he tries to nod his understanding. Mark makes it clear that he heard as he takes the entire shaft in his mouth again and sucks harder and harder until Brian explodes.
Mark chokes some on the mass Brian released but is able to swallow most of it by the time Brian pulls him up to him to hold and kiss. Tasting his semen on Mark’s lips is always an after treat for Brian.
Brian rubs Mark’s back as he holds him, thanking him for giving him that. Brian lowers his one hand to take Mark’s dick in his hand, but Mark pushes him away, saying, “I don’t need anything tonight but to be in your arms. This is just for you tonight in thanks for helping me reach this point in my life. My mother is correct, Brian. You are a precious gem that I do not want to lose.”
Brian pulls the covers over them. Mark nestled in his arms as he holds his own gem as they fall to sleep.
Tim and Abbie 64: Followed by a visit to Wilde Peacock
Posted:Jun 14, 2021 5:21 pm
Last Updated:Jun 15, 2021 8:50 pm

Brian, when talking with Abbie on Friday night, quietly thanked her for helping Mark get this point. And how pleased he is that Mark’s friends are so accepting and welcoming. There are more hoops Mark still has jump through, and Brian hopes Abbie and Tim could be at Wilde Peacock tomorrow afternoon. Brian is going to take Mark there for the first time.
Abbie laughs, telling Brian he will be introducing Mark to the Peacock in full force. Tomorrow is Phoebe’s annual bar birthday. The date she first opened the pub twelve ago. Brian joins her laughter, remembering some of the all-day parties in the past.
“Yes, this will be an awakening for Mark the other side of the world,” Brian chuckles. Abbie assures Brian that she and Tim, and Grace and Sam, will be there with Phoebe and Les by early afternoon. The conversation is left there as Mark comes back over them.
When leaving, Abbie and Brian wink at each other, confirming their conspiracy. Abbie reminds Grace about the party at Peacock’s tomorrow, and she is all in for a fun afternoon. Abbie talks about the day ahead with Tim on the way home, and he too is rather excited to see the Peacock ‘in full force,’ as Phoebe and Abbie described it Thursday night. He is anxious to be a part of the celebration.
For Tim, since being with Abbie, it is nice how welcoming it is to be at the Peacock—knowing the owner and now being close friends. Meeting all the regulars over time, that he is always greeted by everyone when he walks in. He knows in part that it is all because of Abbie, but it is nice to have a place where everybody knows your name.
Even as long as the gang has been going to the Sports Bar, Tim only knows the owner and bartender by name. And less than a handful of the customers. It has always just been the gang together with no outsiders. But now, with the acceptance over just weeks of others the group, it is nice be expanding that circle. With the party tonight, he did meet and talk to many of the other regulars for the first time.
After a restful night, Tim and Abbie are up and ready to join the festivities by one o’cloc Before leaving, Abbie sits Tim down for a bit of a serious tal Tim looks at his love so somber, laughing himself how hot Abbie looks like that.
“Tim today is going to be vastly different at the Peacock than you have experienced before. The whole Peacock community will be there, and many competing to outdo each other. This is the Peacock’s Mardi Gras, more or less. No holes barred. There will be suggestive dancing and even more intimate activities. And the costumes of some.
“Try not to stare, just take it all in, and enjoy. I even have trouble not staring at times, but it all is in fun, and you don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. That is the last thing the Peacock is. We are going to be at the ring-side table with the owner so that we will see it all.”
Tim laughs and promises Abbie he will not embarrass her by gawking too much. “But have we dressed appropriately for the party?” he asks. Abbie assures him that his khaki pants and pale green polo shirt make him look desirable. She is dressed in a flowery, low-cut dress with -quarter sleeves in shades of pink, white, and light blue. Appropriate for the season and weather and the party. The dress makes her look so sexy. The darker eye shadow and the thicker liner do give her a sexually alluring loo
They hear the cab arrive and head out on their way. Knowing that partying the day away, a cab home would be a requirement, Tim called for one after they finished a late brunch.
Grace and Sam did the same thing ordering a cab and had a similar conversation as Abbie had alerted Grace what would be ahead today. Both men are curious about what the afternoon and evening will hold.
Over at Brian and Mark’s house, Brian also relays the warning about this afternoon not being a typical day at the Peacoc After introducing Brian his friends, Mark is now anxious see where Brian spends part of his life.
Brian, being reminded by Abbie what today at Wilde Peacock is, wants to be sure Mark understands this is a different kind of day than usual at the pub. That Mark will be initiated fully into this new life he has chosen.
Brian is a bit worried that Mark might say or do something stupid as he is adjusting to his new lifestyle. But Mark wants to be a part of this day and promises to behave.
Brian and Mark dress casually like Tim but wearing matching light pink polo shirts. Brian pins a small double Mars symbol pin on Mark’s collar and puts one on himself. “Just to let everyone know you are taken,” Brian says as he kisses Mark and squeezes his ass cheeks. Mark blushes over the statement that he is taken. It sends shivers through his whole body.
Responding to Brian’s kiss, he whispers, perhaps we could be a little late getting there, as he rubs Brian’s cock through his pants. Brian gently spanks Mark’s hand away and assures him they will be fully ready for such diversions by the end of the evening. Their cab arrives also, and they are on their way.
The couples arrive at the pub at the same time. Getting out of their cabs, they greet each other with hugs and kisses before entering. When greeting, Abbie whispers Mark, “Don’t worry, this is the first time at the party for the other too. I think after the initial reaction, you will enjoy yourself.”
In they wal The Pub has green carnations on all the tables in honor of Wilde and decorated in rainbow colors, and peacock feathers are out in full force.
The Peacock is already full of people dressed in all different ways and costumes. The dance floor is full, as are most tables and at the bar. Abbie leads them through the crowd reach the large round table front and center where Les is sitting. All greet her warmly, and Mark is introduced.
Les winks at Abbie knowing Mark’s whole back story. But he is so well-behaved today. And the symbolism of his attire is not lost on Abbie. All are engaged in a lively conversation when Phoebe can break free and join the group. Again introduction to Mark is made, and she welcomes him to her pub graciously.
Drinks are served, and waiters are making rounds around the tables with different delicacies from the kitchen. Mark is interested in these and is impressive in his ability to identify the ingredients in each. He complements Phoebe on the flavors of each and the unique combinations.
Soon Abbie and Grace are matching Phoebe and Les with peacock feathers in their hair. The men with green carnations pinned to their shirts. The festive mood fills the bar.
Gyrations on the dance floor are picking up and becoming more erotic, actually moving to pornographic for many. Scantily dressed individuals are showing more and more of themselves for the audience watching. With the strobe lights and disco balls flashing, that corner of the bar is taking on a surreal look to gaze at.
Phoebe has the bar well-staffed today, and if anyone gets too revealing, there is a waiter quickly by them to ease them back into their clothing. All done in a friendly but no-nonsense way.
Like, Grace and Sam, Mark tries not to show his amazement at everything that is happening around him. But the gyrations on the dance floor, and intimacies at the different tables and booths, today Wilde Peacock is closer to a sex club than a corner pub for sure.
After a while, Mark stands and asks the way to the bathroom. Brian quickly stands also and tells Mark he will show him. Going to the unisex bathroom, there is a bit of a line for the center metal urinal trough. As Mark finally steps up and unzip, he feels Brian’s hand reach forward around his waist.
Brian’s hand slips into Mark’s pants and brings out Mark’s cock to hold over the urinal. For Mark, this is an arousing surprise for Brian to help him in this intimate act. Standing closely behind Mark, Brian presses his body against him so Mark can feel Brian’s rising cock against his ass. Brian whispers in his ear, “Relax and pee. I am just showing all that you are my property, so no one steps over the line with you.”
Hearing that Brian is publicly announcing Mark is his alone to all here stirs him in such a different way. Yes, the tingles from his cock out through his body, but they are mingling with throbs from his heart also, filling him so with gladness that Brian claims him. Finishing pissing, Mark turns to Brian and kisses him deeply. A catcall goes up in the bathroom.
Mark hugs him and asks Brian if he wants Mark to help him pee now too. Brian smiles as he wants nothing more than to have Mark do so. With trembling hands, Mark opens Brian’s pants and reaches inside to bring out his pric Holding in gently like a rare, valued wand, Mark Brian’s cock downward allow him pee.
Feeling the piss course through Brian’s shaft is such a personal act be part of. As he holds Brian, he looks towards a stall from where he hears sounds. Looking down, he sees there are four legs in the cubicle. From the direction they are pointing, Mark realizes men are fucking in the stall. This turns him on even more. There is such a bulge in his pants now as Mark shakes Brian and carefully puts his prick back in his pants.
This is a bit of a tight fit as Brian is semi-hard now also. He, too, is aware of what is happening in the stall. As they step away from the trough, Brian takes Mark’s hand and leads him to a large empty booth. Locking the door, the fall into each other’s arms, kissing deeply. This tiny act has had a deep effect on both of them.
Feeling their hard cocks rubbing against each other, Mark quietly begs into Brian’s ear, “Please, please, take right now, I am yours.” Brian smiles and turns Mark face the toilet and press his hands against the wall behind it.
He opens Mark’s pants which quickly drop to the floor, followed by his underwear. Brian knows that all the restroom occupants have to be watching them now after seeing them go into the stall after urinating. He opens his pants enough to pull out his cock and balls. He sticks fingers in his mouth wet spread on Mark’s asshole for lubricant.
Then running his cock up and down Mark’s crack as he begs please over and over, Brian presses his glans up into Mar Brian holds still for a moment for Mark adjust what will come. Mark is already breathing heavy, excited be doing this so publicly. Something he would never have imagined doing.
And with a grunt, Mark feels Brian all up in him. Oh, it feels so good. As it should be. Brian is filling Mark thoroughly, being so close him. At this moment, Mark would agree be Brian’s slave and do whatever he ordered.
As that fleeting thought crosses his mind, it is followed with the knowledge that Brian would never want Mark be his slave. He is too kind, caring, and loving ever to want anything but an equal partner.
The whole act is relatively quick as both are so aroused by the place and situation they cannot hold bac Brian is holding Mark’s cock, so when he cums it will spray into the toilet. Jerking it some to help that occur. Feeling the tightness of Mark around him is making it fast work for Brian also.
They have never fucked standing up before, and the act of banging against Mark’s ass as he bends some over the toilet adds to this new adventure. They soon are the ones giving out a final moan as both climax together.
Mark and Brian turn to face each other and, with the tails of their shirts, try to wipe themselves off as Brian bends and pulls up Mark’s pants for him. Tucked in again, and both with red faces, in part from their recent activity, but also the fact that they now must face a full bathroom as they leave.
Feeling a little cocky, as Mark walks to the restroom exit, he just nods to the people smiling at him. Behind him, Brian spanks his ass to speed Mark out the door and stop peacocking. However, he laughs at that thought. Where else would it be better to strut like a peacock than this pub?
Seeing them walk back to the table, Abbie smiles to herself, remembering when she claimed Tim in the same bathroom. Though from the looks of things, those took it a step further.
Back at the table, trying to look innocent, the others can recognize the signs of someone freshly fucked good and all smile and joke with them. Phoebe comes behind Mark and pats his back, saying, “Well, Mark, it looks like you have been fully initiated as a member of the Wilde Peacoc I hope see you here regularly.”
Mark responds with a laugh and tells her that even without his ‘initiation,’ he will be back for the food as it is so delicious and different. He would like the recipes. This leads a conversation for a short time between them. Where Phoebe gets her ingredients? Then Mark offering set up a deal for her with his grocery store to provide the freshest items for her.
They don’t have long to talk, as Phoebe is wanted by everyone today, but they plan to talk more about this on a less hectic day.
Yes, Mark is adapting to the new life he has carved out for himself and becoming someone pleasant to be around. So much so that Abbie invites him and Brian to next Thursday’s dinner at their house. Saying that Mark and Phoebe would have an opportunity to chat more then.
The afternoon flies past quickly—more food and drinks. Time on the dance floor mingling so close with other dancers, smiling, and chatting with them. The heady smell of mixed perfumes and body heat and scent keeps everyone’s libidos on high alert. Especially when a slow dance comes on. Then dancing closely with their partners, many felt the beginning arousal creeping from them.
This Saturday began a grey and gloomy day, but inside the Peacock, it is lively and pleasant. After more food and a slow down of drinks, the main table begins to say their farewells as they call for cabs to take them home. Grace, Sam, Brian, and Mark, all going more or less in the same direction, share a taxi. Tim and Abbie get into the next one for their short ride home.
Holding Abbie in the back of the cab, Tim tells her that they will have to put a couple more leaves in the dining room table as their Thursday dinners continue to grow.
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Tim And Abbie 63: The Next Friday At The Sports Bar
Posted:Jun 13, 2021 7:35 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2021 2:33 pm

So much has happened since last Friday night and Mark’s outburst. For all who had been there on different levels.
Monday afternoon, about the same time Tim, Matt and Peter finish their meeting at Microga; Mark arrives for his appointment with James at Pathways. He does not see Abbie today. Mark feels bad as he wants to apologize to her in person for his bad behavior on Friday.
Mark’s time with James, relating how he and Brian are reconciled, is for Mark filled with soul-searching. Relating the weekend’s results to James, Mark is a bit apprehensive. Mark is happy with the outcome but also worried about what Brian expects of him to go forward. He tells James about the rest of the weekend from when Brian opened not only the door but both of their hearts.
On Sunday, after a good night’s sleep from Saturday’s emotions, Mark and Brian talk seriously. For the first time, Mark faces the fact that he has to more or less shit or get off the pot. A crude way to describe his choices, but a very succinct description of what he needs to do.
If what Mark feels for Brian is true, he must willingly acknowledge it to his family and friends. If it is not acceptable to them, Mark needs to decide who he needs more in his life. But truth be told, during that discussion, Mark thinks about how his friends openly accepted what is now between Tim and Abbie. Who she is does not seem to matter. Mark realizes they would probably be the same way with him and Brian.
And Mark’s mother and sisters will be complaisant also. They never see anything Mark does as wrong.
Talking about all this with James, they decide that Brian should be part of their next session on Wednesday. Mark agrees but is apprehensive about Brian hearing some of the issues he is still grappling with.
Meanwhile, at Matt and Martha’s, they are adjusting to the addition of Timara in their lives. It is working out rather well. Martha can breastfeed from the start without problems. Both their mothers are in and out of their house, checking if anything is needed. A bit of an annoyance at times but appreciated.
Martha came through the delivery nicely. After all their close but no cigars, this time it seemed like everything was in their favor. They have a lovely, healthy cherish.
After a night of Peter, Tracy, and her merriment over his job change, Tuesday morning, Sarah wants do something with Peter’s friends celebrate his and Matt’s promotion. Not mention the birth of Matt and Martha’s , which she learned of this morning. Sarah does have some guilt-ridden feelings about not including Tracy. Sarah wants her be in all parts of her and Peter’s life, but they are not quite ready for that step. Tracy makes things easy for Sarah, saying she has be out of town Friday and Saturday with her job, campaigning with the House member.
When she is alone on Tuesday afternoon, Sarah calls Debbie, Mary, and now Abbie to plan a celebration for Friday night. Oh, there is also Mark, but they will figure that out down the road.
Sarah finds her best ally in this endeavor in Abbie, who is overjoyed to help make such a party happen. They plan to have it at the sports bar when they all gather for the game. Though unsure about Martha and Matt’s availability so soon after the birth, the women plan accordingly to be flexible. Nothing elaborate, but to show how happy everyone is about how their lives are so evolving suddenly.
On Wednesday afternoon, Abbie sees Mark at Pathways, and Brian is with him. Abbie smiles to herself, glad to see it seems to have worked out between them since the previous weekend. Both are excited to learn about Timara’s birth and all the other news from Monday.
Mark and Brian are elated over the birth. Deep inside, Mark is hurt that he seems to have been taken out of the loop. From his total foolishness last Friday, his best friends seem not to feel the need to include him in their good news anymore. Realizing this, during Brian and his session with James, Mark realizes how important it will be for him to come clean about his life choices. Not to mention all the nasty outbursts he has made in the past to try to hide his true self.
With James’s help and Brian’s support, Mark works through some of these issues during their session and feels more confident about moving forward introducing Brian into his world.
Mark jumps all in to help make the party memorable for everyone. Talking with Abbie about details, he asks her if he should introduce Brian that night and be clear about who and how important Brian is to him. Or would doing so take away from the thunder of the other’s promotions and birth?
Without hesitation, Abbie tells him that yes, letting his best friends know that he loves Brian and his true inclinations would be an addition to be celebrated as well. Abbie knows Mark is scared to reveal this true side of him, so she him that if Mark doesn’t introduce Brian himself, she will, as revenge, for his outing her last Friday. Feeling comfortable with each other now, they both laugh at Abbie’s idle threat.
Mark tells her he will bring some trays of hors d'oeuvres and cheese from his store. Abbie is getting balloons and congratulation signs to put up. Sarah is letting the bar know and to hold ‘their table’ for them. Debbie, with John, promises to be there early to help set up. Mary is making a congratulations cake, and she and Luke will be there early also.
Plans are all in place, except knowing if Martha will be up to coming out relatively soon after Timara’s birth. Matt, along the same lines. Mary calls Martha in the middle of the wee She asks if they feel up being at the bar and tells Martha about what is planned for Matt and Peter.
Martha is ecstatic about the plan and is feeling fine join with Matt. And maybe even have a drink or . Martha tells Mary that she will pump herself a few times have plenty of milk for Timara so she can indulge some. Martha knows the new grandmas will be happy watch Timara for the evening. They have been checking in each day, wanting fuss over the baby.
Everything is set by Thursday morning for the party on Friday.
Meanwhile, things have happened at Microga following Monday’s meeting between Tim, Matt, and Peter. As planned, Phillip, Tim, and Meghan, with some of Tim’s productivity staff, tour and observe the plant operations.
‘The Problem’ foreman drips honey over them. Patting himself on the back for all the supposed improvements he has instituted. Checking his lines, they can see visible discontent in the staff working under The Problem. And the lack of quality of some of the materials produced. Not from the employees' fault, but the pace the foreman is demanding.
Phillip and Tim meet with all the foremen after the tour. They begin a dialog about the foremen's take on ways quality can be improved. Phillip emphasizes that volume is not as important as offering a dependable, top-grade product. The meeting is being taped for Meghan to transcribe later and on speaker phone for Tim’s team to be in on.
During the discussion, The Problem, with a grim look on his face the whole time, keeps interrupting others as they try to spea He is called on it several times. By noon, some excellent recommendations can be deciphered among the interruptions. Phillip and Tim stand leave for lunch, thanking them for the input.
After they leave, the foremen stay, collecting their thoughts together before separating. That is when The Problem digs his own grave, saving Phillip and Tim the trouble of finding proof to dismiss him. Either not knowing the speaker phone is still on and taping, or so arrogant that he thinks nothing of it, The Problem steps over the line for the last time.
The Problem, grumbling about wasting half a day bowing to management when they should be keeping track of their workers, finishes with, “And you can bet I am not going to kowtow to that pansy with his gurl friend, no matter what fancy title they gave him.”
The other foremen gasp at the statement and tell The Problem that type of talk is not allowed at Microga. He just replies, “Microga putting on a front of tolerance is just a bunch of hot air to be politically correct at the moment. All just window dressing. They probably don’t believe it either.”
By the time Phillip and Tim reach their offices, Meghan is running to meet them. The go into Phillip’s office, and Meghan apologizes to Tim for having to hear this as she relates what The Problem had said. Tim blushes profoundly, hearing the remar Phillip, on the other hand, has steam blowing out his ears and is furious.
Trying keep calm while so angry at the idiot, Phillip says, “Meghan, thank you for telling me. I take it the comment is on the tape, and some of the staff on the call heard it too?” Meghan tells him that is correct.
“Send of the security guards the plant, have The Problem clean out his desk and locker. Have them make sure he is not taking anything that is not his. Then have the guards bring him my office directly. Well, this is going make moving forward a breeze now.”
Phillip tells Tim that he will meet with The Problem alone with the company lawyer, who he also summons. Tim did not have be there hear any other possible slurs or defamations coming from that man’s mouth.
The next hour passed swiftly. The Problem is called on the carpet, and after angry muffled voices being heard through the door, within fifteen minutes, a sullen man is escorted his car and off the company’s property.
At that afternoon, Phillip, with Tim, returns the plant. All employees there are told to turn off their machines and gather. In the office building, all employees are tuned in to see the broadcast of Phillip’s statement live. It is clear that Phillip has had enough. He wants it embedded in all his employees' minds his mandate of a couple of months ago.
Tim is not on the stage when Phillip starts talking. “I call all of you, our Microga family, together at this time to make sure this is clear to everyone.”
The Chairman clears his throat and continues, “We, here at Microga, are supposed to be an open and accepting company, regardless of an individual’s diversity in any way, which does include sexual identities and relationships.
“All diversity, whether due to things that are just a fact we cannot change, such as race or ethnicity. Something that we chose to follow, such as religious beliefs, political affiliations, social or moral leanings. Or those personal diversities which are of no business of anyone other than themselves.
“We do not have to agree with others and can even think they are wacko for such beliefs, but to act disrespectfully or aggressively against someone else for being different is not tolerated.
“If anyone, regardless of their level, ever acts in a harassing way to fellow employees or their partners, it is grounds for dismissal. Any harassment, negative comments, or actions, no matter how minuscule, made at any time or to anyone will result in immediate termination.
“This I am making clear today with the termination of employment of one of our foremen. Who, for some reason, did not think this mandate included him or felt it was just all smoke and mirrors. He found out that I am serious and will not tolerate any such behavior by anyone.
“It is time that at least this company, but I would hope the world as a whole, would become more open and accepting of others' personal choices. It is not something to gossip or speak belligerently about.
“The necessary action taken today leaves a blemish on our company. As we advance, all employees will be expected to sign a statement of understanding and agreement to adhere to this policy. But it is not just the signing of a piece of paper. It is to change your mindset to accepting each person has their own choice, and even if you personally are opposed to such choice, you still act with politeness and respect of each other.”
Phillip let out a deep sigh. It hurt him personally; this is his company. He founded it, and he does feel it is a blemish on Microga to have anyone who would harass their coworkers or anyone for that matter. But things will hopefully now begin to get better.
Suddenly Phillip hears rousing applause from the whole plant. Cheering and clapping are coming from everyone in the company, both at the plant and in the office building. The feeling of unity and the freedom of working in an environment that no matter how small or large a difference you might have, you could feel safe and valued for who you were.
The positive response to his statement fills Phillip’s heart. His company feels like a family to him at that moment. Sure, a family, like all, with its quirks and differences, but one that accepts each other’s uniqueness.
Phillip goes on in a brighter tone, “From our tour and talks this morning, I am pleased to see the dedication you all show to helping Microga offer the best quality product. The suggestions heard from your foremen today, and input we have gotten from a couple of your fellow workers, allows us to form a plan to move even closer to that goal.
“Tim Hudson, our newest executive to help this process along, is here to tell you about some things already being put in place. Tim,” The Chairman says, handing over the stage to him.
“Well, thank you, sir,” Tim begins. He then outlines the key changes that will be started in the coming wee And announces Matt and Peter’s promotion and how they will be helping in this conversion and ones come.
No one in the plant knows the tie Tim has with Matt and Peter. It is known that Matt and Peter are friends. When Tim visits the plant, he stops and says hello to them, but he does that with many on the lines, so no one ever thinks anything about it. Nor do they now. Which probably is for the best.
All is in place for moving forward at the company. Phillip tells everyone to head home early today rather than turning the machines back on. Leaving the plant, Tim and Phillip can feel a much more relaxed and happier atmosphere in the plant now that the weed has been pulled.
Thursday evening, Grace, Sam, Les, and Phoebe come to dinner as usual, and the six have an enjoyable evening. It was an early evening, but Grace and Sam are delighted when Abbie invites them to the Friday party also. While the crowd is a bit older than them, the did enjoy last Friday, for the most part.
Guests gone, the kitchen cleaned, Abbie and Tim settle in the sitting room with brandies in front of the television. Tim has hooked a laptop to the TV so they can go to some special sites they found to watch clips or full videos of porn on the large screen TV.
They had found a site offering /transgender female porn. Tim and Abbie watch the better-made ones just see other couples like themselves enjoying each other. And seeing the different positions possible gives them ideas try.
As is the norm when watching these, both their hands find their way up the other’s thigh. Soon Tim is caressing Abbie’s clit in the way she loves, and her hand is around Tim’s shaft, helping make it grow.
The fun of mutual masturbation while watching the videos is always fun. Especially when Abbie and Tim turn each other and kiss deeply. If the kisses go on for long, Tim will hit the pause button so they can show each other the lust which is building in them.
Tonight is no different. Articles of clothing are discarded as the kiss and rub together. Feeling Abbie’s lovely breasts pressing against his chest always stirs Tim so. Especially when minus clothes. Tim’s shirt is soon on the floor with his pants, which he wiggles out of. Abbie’s dress is up, over, and off her. Then her bra unhooked to let those nipples shine out in the light.
Abbie’s panties hit the floor early on, so the , except for Abbie’s garter and stockings, are naked on the couch. In a so much better state to together.
Abbie continues to squeeze and wank Tim’s shaft. Now, after minutes of kissing, she moves down to take the glans, now swollen and purplish, into her mouth to suck and tease. The tip of her tough goes back and forth over Tim’s slit in its head. She is pressing her tongue in a bit to capture the first bit of precum beginning to escape.
Tim leans his head back to enjoy this attention. His fingers run up and down Abbie’s spine as she licks and plays. Each time a little lower on the spine until he also includes Abbie’s crack in his fingers’ wandering. Soon he is also running them around Abbie’s back vag.
He reaches over with his other hand to open the side table drawer. In the back, he grabs a bottle of lube. Tim and Abbie have found having available containers of lubes in most rooms of the house a positive.
Squirting some on his fingers, Tim preps Abbie while also arousing her. As Tim presses fingers up into Abbie’s vag, he feels her bite the rim below his glans in response. One cock being expertly sucked while the other’s ass hole is finger fucked feels so good to both of them.
Their breathing is heavy as they pleasure while being pleasured simultaneously. Both are so close to the summit. Tim lifts Abbie off him, and facing away from him, Tim puts her on his lap, letting his cock replace his fingers up in her. Abbie moans with delight.
It is her turn to now lean back against Tim’s chest as she rides him, lifting and dropping on his lap. They are now in the same position the video is frozen at on the screen. Tim starts the video again, and while watching the couple in the same state they are in, Abbie rides Tim hard, matching the video's pace.
Abbie’s stockinged legs rubbing against Tim’s thighs over and over adds to the delight his cock is enjoying. His balls are bouncing back and forth between hitting Abbie’s naked thigh and the top of her silk stocking.
Both are panting hard now, and Tim is mirroring the video, Abbie’s hard clit in his hand as he jerks it to help Abbie reach the pinnacle also. Seeing the couple go at it on the video, just like they are, is fun. Now a sort of race between the couples begins. Both are moaning out as they are getting closer and closer.
Tim knows he is close exploding, and Abbie is so flushed in the face and chest, gasping with each downward thrust. Her clit is quivering in Tim’s hand, ready eject. Faster and faster, they roc The picture on the screen before them is blurred both of them.
With a final mutual cry, both Tim and Abbie come together. The fluids are flowing fully from each. Abbie lies back against Tim again, and this time his arms hug her as he kisses her neck and ears.
“Abbie, you keep taking me higher and higher. I know one day it probably won’t have as big an impact, but I am enjoying this ride with you as we go farther and farther down the road,” Tim whispers in her ear.
It is finally Friday. Abbie, Tim, Luke, Mary, John, and Debbie are at the sports bar by six-thirty. Banners and balloons are hung. Mark has dropped off the food on his way from work, saying he will be back in time for the surprise. The food on a table to one side is enough for everyone in the bar to partake in. Mark has outdone himself.
And the cake Mary made is gorgeous and large also. Her decorating of it includes congratulations for the promotions and welcoming the arrival of Timara. Which is the subject of conversation as they wor
Only Tim and Abbie have seen Timara so far. The others have been settling for pictures Matt and Martha have been sending out in group texts. Mary is especially excited have another in their group. She does pause think about how her are now, she with tweens, and Martha just starting a family. Them, the same age.
At times Mary does feel so much older than the rest who have been living such carefree lives. Meanwhile, she and Luke have spent their time raising . Oh, Mary would never change her life. She loves her , William and Anne, too much for that. But at times, Mary feels she has missed out on things. That she is more mature than the others in the gang.
Everything is in place when the honorees arrive. First, Peter and Sarah enter the bar. Peter is overwhelmed with the celebration for him. Close on their heels is Matt and Martha, who are also feeling the same. Hugs and kisses are given all around, including Grace and Sam, who get there about the same time. The group settles at the table with pitchers of beer to share. However, the group is not complete yet. Chatting together, they wait for Mark, which Abbie assures everyone is on his way.
Moments later, the bar door opens, and Mark walks in with Brian behind him. They come straight to the table and sit down in the chairs next Abbie. Mark swallows hard and says, “Hi, all, I would like you meet Brian. He is my partner now. We have been seeing each other since the start of the year.
“I should have been open about this from the start. Now, realizing how much I love Brian, I understand how filled with conflict I have been until now. I am sorry for the things I have said and done hide this. I hope you will accept Brian our group as he is so important .
“But that said, congratulations Matt and Peter for your step-up at Microga. They are lucky have you as part of their team. And double congratulations Matt and Martha on the arrival of Timara. I can not wait meet her. She is an angel in the pictures you have sent,” Mark finishes with a flushed face.
There is further commotion now, starting with the women all jumping up hug Mark and welcome Brian in the same way. The men follow with pats on the backs for all. The equipment room guys are now complete—all with someone they love and complements them.
The evening is filled with much talk, eating of food, sharing more pictures of the newest member of their gang, Timara, and laugher and cheer all around. Luckily, it wasn’t that important of a game tonight as the bar as a whole was enjoying the festivities. Mark is regularly urging others in the bar to have some of the food and sending drinks for everyone around.
Yes, the equipment room gang from secondary school has expanded, with partners and Grace and Sam being accepted as part of the circle. When leaving, after all help with clearing up the remains of food and cake, Martha invites them all to come meet Timara soon. “And Mary, as soon as our mothers back off from their devotion to Timara a bit, Anne and William might have some babysitting opportunities.”
Mary laughs, remembering her and Luke’s parents' attention when her were born. But then again, that twinge that her are enough babysit Martha’s . She is glad that Luke has urged her start the online course in interior design. She is enjoying it and is making her life more rounded.
Tim talked with Matt and Peter about what happened at Microga. The had seen the video from home, cheering hardily about removing the wart from the company. Peter is eager be back at work on Monday. Matt tells Tim he has reviewed the courses and worked out a timeline. He will be starting the classes online on Monday and hopes be up speed return in a month begin his new job. All are happy about the new environment developing at their company.
Going home, Peter and Sarah talk about the evening and the surprising news about Mar All of the group was a bit agog when Mark introduced Brian but hid their shoc Brian is a gracious man, and soon this evening, he fell into conversation with many of them.
But Sarah and Peter’s conversation is more about Tracy and introducing her to the group also. Sarah tearfully tells Peter how deep down she hated having this celebration for him and the others without Tracy being a part of it. Peter understands Tracy’s feelings. He too feels like Tracy is part of who Sarah and he are and the need to make it known to others. It just isn’t time yet.
Peter is glad that the stigma of diversity in all areas, including relationships, has been addressed at Microga this wee Which is encouraging that when or if they share their secret lifestyle, it will be without repercussions, at least in his workplace. Nevertheless, it still is a big step that all have be prepared for.
He is aware that Sarah is not as focused on preparing for their upcoming marriage at the new year and wonders about that also. The celebration tonight was nice, even if Tracy wasn’t there. And going home, it will be just him and Sarah tonight. Feeling as he does, it will be exciting for them to make love as a couple, not a trio. While he is coming to love Tracy as a part of them, the love he has for Sarah is so deep, remembering all the times over the he has hurt her. Now with Sarah bringing Tracy them fill his urges wander, Peter knows he could never possibly show Sarah how much that has increased his love for her.
John and Debbie have a similar conversation about Mark’s announcement, laughing that now they have other characters add their virtual posse. A homophobe who finds out underneath he is really gay. They both would love hear about how that happened but are so glad that, for the first time, Mark seemed so genuinely happy tonight.
And Mark is happy. And yes, probably for the first time this happy and content. Walking to the car together, Brian’s arm around him, they turn to each other and kiss. Out in public for the first time. Yes, life is becoming wonderful for him, and Mark is overjoyed with how accepting his friends are to Brian.
Life is good all around.

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Tim and Abbie 62: The celebration at Peter and Sarah’s house
Posted:Jun 12, 2021 5:31 pm
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2021 2:02 pm

Oblivious to what is happening elsewhere this evening, on his way home, Peter makes a similar stop but at an off-license instead. Purchasing a top-shelf bottle of Scotch to celebrate his news about his new position at Microga.
Arriving home early, Sarah greets him with a of concern on her about what might have happened. Seeing Peter raise the bottle in the air, she knows whatever it is must have been good and starts jumping around more and more as Peter shares his news.
Over glasses of Scotch, they lounge on their sizeable sectional couch. Peter details what happened at the meeting with Tim and his future at Microga. After finishing their first drink, Sarah says they need to share the news with Tracy. She quickly texts their friend, who replies she will be there shortly.
Peter and Sarah thinking and planning, soon start getting a bit the collar. Starting with kissing, they are soon petting each other, and clothes seem to be disappearing until Sarah is just in her undies and Peter in his shorts.
Peter is fingering Sarah, sliding in the crotch of her pantie. She gets wetter and wetter while she is wanking him his shorts. They hear the back door open, and Tracy comes in. Seeing the state they are in, Tracy pours herself a drink, tops off theirs, and undresses.
Soon the two women are sucking and licking up and down on Peter’s dick. In choreographic movements, they cover his shaft and balls with linking kisses. Sarah soon has Peter’s balls in her mouth, and Tracy is sucking on his cock. Their hands are stroking his inner thighs as Peter squeezes their ass cheeks.
Positions switch some, and Sarah and Tracy are kissing each other deeply while Peter’s hands reach them and play with their pussies simultaneously. Everyone is panting and aroused, stopping occasionally for a sip of their drinks.
Time to back up a bit. What is going on?
Since days, Peter and Sarah have been on and off again as a couple. Usually, Peter would foolishly fuck around with someone else, and he and Sarah would break up. Peter’s new finds would not last, and he repeatedly came back on hand and knees to Sarah. While separated, Sarah would find others off and on, but nothing really serious.
After graduation, Sarah took her A-levels and went on to study literature. Graduating, she got a job with a publisher, first as a reader, then moving up to become an editor. The differences in education and employment did not matter when they were together, but Sarah was not sure other times.
Did her superior position cause Peter to stray?
During that same period, after having different jobs with no future really, Tim recommended Peter for the job at Microga. All in the quiet way Tim had in the past. Peter and Matt both were hired and started at about the same time. Before, and since then, Peter tinkered with appliances and such and had a word-of-mouth business on the side.
The good part of finally having a stable job was negated for Sarah and him as Peter acted like an ass and revved up his fooling around over the next few years. Sarah, tired of it all, started dating someone else, figuring to break the tie with Peter finally.
After Sarah breaking things off with Peter, he occasionally saw Sarah out with this other bloke. She appeared happy with him. For Peter, it was like a knife piercing his heart. He always thought Sarah would be there for him. But now, it seemed different.
About a year and a half ago, Sarah and Peter happened upon each other. It was a bit uneasy to start, but soon both were having a good time together that evening at a bar. The next Peter called Sarah, and they talked seriously, him eager to be together again. Sarah did not mention until a bit later that she had broken up with the other guy when they had bumped into each other.
Weeks later, they were back together again, and Peter proposed to Sarah. She accepted, and their wedding was planned for the first of the coming year.
Sarah, knowing Peter better than even himself, wanted this time for it to really work. She, by then, was well aware of his lust for variance in his sexual life. Sarah knew for it to work with them, she would have to offer Peter something more.
Sarah considered suggesting they have an open marriage, but she did not want to wonder and worry about who Peter has been with all the time. Nor was she interested in fooling around with other men.
Then Sarah found a couple of meet-up sites and joined. She posted that they were a couple looking for an FMF hookup. Sarah did not want to be with a woman, just someone else to pleasure Peter with her so that he would have his wild oats at home.
She found a few interested women who seemed compatible. Then, Sarah introduced the idea to Peter. At first, he was hesitant, though the concept did arouse him. Peter did not want to ruin things with Sarah again. But with her urging, telling him that she was willing to be in a three-way with him and another woman, he jumped on the bandwagon.
Over the next few months, they played with a of other women. Peter asked Sarah if she would like to try an MFM, but she assured him she was content with just how they were playing now. Relived as Peter was not sure if he could handle another man with them as gracefully as Sarah was with a woman joining them.
So, in the threesomes, Peter would go back and forth between Sarah and another woman, satisfying each. They, in turn, each would suck Peter, finger him, or have intercourse. Sarah always moved back and just watched when he was with the other woman. Concentrating on Peter during these times, seeing his reaction to fucking someone else.
Along the way, they met Tracy. She was twenty-, five years than they were. She had a degree in political science. Currently, she worked for the Conservative Member of The House of Commons for their district. Though laughing, she explained it was a job and not necessarily her political beliefs.
She was different from the others. She was interested in Sarah and Peter outside of the sexual Olympics. And Tracy seemed to often lead conversations to what each of them did, their opinions and feelings. They were getting to know each other and becoming friends.
Things were casual at first. Tracy respected Sarah’s not wanting to engage with her. Rather, the two took turns servicing Peter. Soon Tracy was the one Sarah and Peter were inviting for playdates. The occasions increased to once or twice a week. Tracy always was interested and assured them that they were the couple she was playing with.
They all got to know each other well outside of bed. On the nights Tracy visited, she often had dinner with them filled with good food and good conversation before moving things to the other parallel.
Things were going well. Sarah thought that Tracy seemed committed to being around for a while, and Peter was kept busy with the two women, giving him no interest in straying.
Then months ago, things changed. Tracy now often spent the night. Peter in the center. Each woman on one side of him. Their arms across his chest or waist. His arms around both.
Something started churning in Sarah. Now watching when Peter and Tracy fucked, her eyes were drawn to looking at Tracy too. The full picture of the two of them together. Sarah realized that when they were playing the field, she was a bit jealous of the other woman being pleasured by Peter. With Tracy knowing her now and liking her as a person, Sarah’s felt different.
One night, Peter fell into a heavy sleep after cumming in both of them. It was about four in the morning. After a few hours of lying there watching Sarah sleep, Tracy got up quietly and went to the bathroom. Sarah stirred, thinking Tracy was leaving, something she often did in the middle of the night.
Instead, Tracy climbed back into bed, but behind Sarah. She wrapped her arm around Sarah’s waist and moving her lips close to Sarah’s ear. Tracy whispered, “Sarah, I would so like to caress your body all over and kiss you deeply. I am drawn to you and want you to have full pleasure from the three of us together. I understand if you do not want anything that way, but would you think about it, please?”
Tracy just laid as she was with her arm around Sarah, not moving. Sarah, now awake, felt Tracy’s breath on the back of her neck. It made Sarah acknowledge that she was longing for Tracy to touch and caress her, and more, for a while now. Whenever their arms would accidentally brush against each other when playing with Peter, Sarah would feel sparks igniting throughout her body.
Sarah shifted, so her ass was pressed against Tracy’s cunt, then slowly and quietly rolled to Tracy. Rubbing against Tracy’s pussy with each turn. Maybe not consciously, but arousing for Tracy, nonetheless.
Now, as they looked into each other’s eyes, their thighs touched, and their cunts' heat was felt by the other, the moment of truth for Sarah arrived. Tracy lifted her hands to hold Sarah’s as they stared each other. Sarah, in a shy, unsure voice, “Tracy, I think I long to do the same things with you. There is some desire I feel wondering what it would be like to feel you touch me, and we learn every speck of each other’s body.”
That was all the permission Tracy needed. She pulled Sarah’s to her and kissed her on the lips. First, both with closed mouths, but then opening to each other to begin the discovery.
That was all they did the first night, kiss and whisper to each other. Tracy told Sarah that she wanted her first time to be perfect and at whatever pace Sarah needed. They agreed that Tracy would stay the night. Sarah was aflame with the desire of being so close to Tracy’s naked body.
Tomorrow they could decide what they wanted. They finally both fell to sleep. The next when Peter left for work, they would have all to see if the spark between them was really there.
Awakened the next morning, Peter was a bit surprised to see Tracy sleeping next to Sarah, not him. But as he saw Tracy’s arms around Sarah holding her, he smiled the vision in front of him. Peter left them sleeping as he readied for work. Leaving the bedroom, he leaned and kissed both women on their foreheads, making them stir from their sleep.
Peter barely the door, both women now awake, giddy about what was about to happen, began kissing again. The softness of Tracy’s lips compared to Peter’s felt so sweet to Sarah. The first time Tracy ran her fingers across the nap of Sarah’s shoulders and then down lightly on her breasts ignited sparks in Sarah.
Sarah tried to reciprocate. Tracy moved Sarah’s hands over her head and told her to relax. This time was for her. Later, Sarah would have her turn to explore Tracy’s body. Sarah submitted and allowed Tracy to have her way with her.
Between running fingers lightly over Sarah, followed by kisses on what seemed like every inch of Sarah’s body, Tracy pleasured her. Working her way around Sarah’s body but did not touch her pussy, yet. Sarah never realized how much she could be aroused from such gentle touches.
Peter didn’t slouch at foreplay, but he had nowhere the skills Tracy was displaying. Moaning over and over, arching her back, Sarah climaxed three times in quick succession without her cunt even being touched. When Tracy finally moved to kiss Sarah’s inner thighs, spreading Sarah’s legs to have access to her woman’s land, Sarah was in seventh heaven.
Just feeling Tracy’s breath against her lower lips sent spasms through Sarah’s body. Then she felt Tracy’s soft, kitten-like tongue as it lapped at her slit. At the same time, Tracy’s fingers explored her vag deeper and deeper. Sarah’s mind and body whirled.
Sarah gasped and cried out as she felt Tracy’s tongue lick her clit. Tracy’s fingers up in her vag, searching and finding Sarah’s g-spot tipped the scales. Screaming out, Sarah gave way to the biggest orgasm she ever had.
Spent, Tracy held Sarah in her arms, playing with her hair as Sarah composed herself. Being able to pleasure Sarah so completely thrilled Tracy. The truth was, Tracy had come to care about both Peter and Sarah over the last months, and she wanted it to be a true relationship between all three of them.
The icing on the cake came that afternoon. After the two women slept for several hours to recoup from the first act, the second act curtain . Awake, Sarah was now aware of what could be felt being with another woman. She began to return the favor. Sarah was a quick study. From her new knowledge of what Tracy did earlier, which mesmerized her, Sarah began her exploration of another woman’s body up close and personal for the first time.
Sarah began licking, touching, and nibbling at Tracy. On waking, Tracy soon found herself in her own frenzy. Sarah thrilled Tracy with her touch. Even Sarah’s breath delicately blowing across Tracy’s skin was enthralling.
Once opened up, Sarah is gung-ho to discover how to make Tracy’s body respond to her touch. Sarah spread Tracy’s legs, surprising herself and Tracy, how bold she was now. Her head lowered over Sarah’s cunt, and her fingers and tongue got to work.
Soon Tracy was the one crying as Sarah hits all the right spots. Tracy’s body shook with excitement as the first of many climaxes from Sarah overtook her. The two were soon an entwined pile of appendages as they giggled and kissed.
They surprised themselves when they saw it is already after five in the afternoon. Their in bed speed by rather quickly.
A quick shower together, with promises of long lingering ones soon. They changed the bedsheets and climbed in again, sitting up against the headboard with glasses of wine for Peter's arrival from work.
Peter came through the house as he called . the door of the bedroom, he saw a surprising vision in front of him. The two women, naked, next to each other, with the sheets covering their legs. Peter smiled widely and asked what they have been up to. Giggling, the women jumped to stand on each side of him. Together they undressed him.
Before Peter knew it, he was also naked, lying on the bed with Sarah and Tracy. The two women kissed and played with his shaft and balls. But in a much different way this time. It was more than Peter would ever have expected. Feeling the two women together, licking and sucking his dick, while seeming to have such fun doing it.
They moved him this way, and that, like Peter was their personal play toy. Peter did not mind being their puppet at all. At one point, Sarah was straddling his as Tracy licked his balls and ass. Then shifting, Sarah was on her knees, Peter behind her fucking her. As he did, Tracy was up by Sarah’s head with her legs spread. And in astonishment, Peter watched Sarah lick and suck Tracy’s pussy as he pounded her.
Peter had no idea what brought about this change, but he was not going to complain. Especially a little later, exhausted from cumming, Peter leaned against the headboard and watched as Sarah and Tracy kissed and explored each other more and more.
Seeing the two grinding each other as they suck each other’s nipples started Peter hardening again so quickly after thinking he released everything.
After that, Tracy was with them more and more. At least five nights a week now. And not just for sex, but having meals with them, relaxing, and watching tv. Peter was entirely content with the two women and did not want any others as a distraction. Being able to see Tracy and Sarah together and with him was more than he could ever dream of.
Tracy was now a part of their lives.
This brings us back to this evening. The three celebrating Peter’s news together. When just the three of them, Tracy is an equal partner. But at times when going out with friends, like the Friday football nights at the pub, she is excluded.
Not that Sarah and Peter don’t want her with them, but it would be too difficult to explain who she is. And they are not ready to announce their unique relationship. Tracy always says and acts like she doesn’t care, but Sarah is starting to wonder.
The three do not interact with Tracy’s friends either, but as she spends more and more time with Sarah and Peter, they seem to be moving to the background.
These things and many others related to the three of them together are more and more on Sarah’s mind. How will this all play out between them? And what about her and Peter marrying in a few months? How will Tracy fit in then?
The last thing Sarah wants to do right now is to lose Tracy. What they have is so good. And the side of her with another woman, well, not any other woman, but Tracy, makes Sarah feel whole.
Monetarily the changes at work for Peter don’t matter that much. Both Sarah’s income, for her and Peter, is more than enough. While not totally contributing to the pot, as she still has her own apartment and to , Tracy often chipped in for different things.
Peter’s salary now will be closer to the two women, which does help his self-esteem, not that it has ever been mentioned. The idea of Tracy becoming an equal part of their household has not been discussed, though all three do ponder the expense she has maintaining a separate dwelling that she rarely uses now.
While none of them have vocalized it yet, all these things are on each of their minds. How things are now is perfect and fills the needs they all have. But how long can it go on this way?
The celebration of Peter’s promotion ends after another rousing interlude between the three of them. It is so good now, the women together pleasing Peter, feeling both their tongues on his cock shaft and balls. Peter is watching the two women together kissing, licking, and fingering each other. Then the climax as Peter fucks one of the women while the other caresses her, then switching places.
No one is jealous of the other. All are just feeling this glow that each is well satisfied sexually and emotionally. Peter would never have imagined Sarah would come to this place and feel so happy with him and Tracy. No, it isn’t a relationship they can announce, but it is a relationship they need. They just need to find a way to make this connection acceptable to share with others.
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Tim and Abbie 61: Matt and Martha’s celebration
Posted:Jun 11, 2021 2:19 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2021 9:42 pm

Getting off earlier than usual after the positive ending to their meeting, Matt makes one quick stop on his way home to share the news with Martha. The stop is to get some sparkling grape juice to toast the new job. With Martha unable to drink as now within days of her due date, sparkling juice will have to do.
Arriving home, he takes Martha in his arms and spins her around while kissing her. She could see the excitement in Matt’s eyes from the moment he walked in the door. She giggles as he puts her down. Turns to the kitchen cupboard, Matt gets two champagne glasses.
Opening the fake stuff bottle, Matt promises her bottles of real champagne as soon as their little one joins them. He fills the glasses and raises his with Martha following his lead. Matt toasts to his promotion to Microga’s new Manager of Corporate Vision. Martha squeals and hugs him, managing a sip of the juice all more or less at the same time. She pulls Matt into the living room to sit while he tells her all about what happened.
Matt relays to her almost word for word what happened between kisses and hugs. Even about Peter and him mentioning the bad boss. Matt comments, “And Tim was so good about it, and so Tim. He did not want to know the name, saying from what we told him, he said he would be able to identify him for himself. So there is to be no worry there.”
He wanders some from telling Martha about what happened to talk more about Tim. How he has so blossomed, it seems, and how Tim fits his job and properly uses his position and power.
The two talk about the arrival of Abbie, and Matt relays what Tim said over lunch. Both agree from what Tim told Matt and Peter, Abbie is even more precious than they imagined. They are so glad to see Tim happy now. It has worried and saddened them since first knowing Tim how he expected so little from life - like he didn’t deserve it.
Martha, perhaps the most sensitive of the , has often tried to include Tim in more things. Even in . Inviting him to go to a movie or party with them, Tim always shied away. Over time they accepted Tim’s timidity, but it did still worry them.
Now it is like their caterpillar finally has emerged from his cocoon. And what a magnificent butterfly he is. He was still doing more than right by his friends, taking them with him on his flight higher and higher. Talking about Tim brings tears of joy to Martha’s eyes. And with that, a place in her heart for Abbie.
Returning to their discussion's main topic, Matt tells Martha about working from home for the next three months. Through tears, Martha comments, “That is just like Tim. Knowing the is soon to arrive to make it possible for you to be home with us to start.” In Martha’s eyes, as brilliant as Tim’s star has always been, it now glows even brighter.
Getting back in hand, tears gone, they talk and plan how this new position and salary will help them in so many ways. Laughing together, they think about all the things they can get now, which they had put off before not to overspend.
Happy and laughing, the two get more playful. Someone would think there is alcohol in their drinks. Matt takes off his suit jacket and loosens his tie. Martha grabs his tie and lowering herself between his legs, pulls him forward first to kiss, saying, “Well, Mr. Executive, I’m going to have to learn how a man of your stature likes to be pleased.”
Saying this, as she drops the tie, she is skillfully undoing his pants. Soon undone and his prick free from constraints, even better than this weekend, Martha sucks and licks Matt’s cock as the fever builds within them both.
Martha gasps a couple of times as she sucks Matt as she feels what she thinks is her vag clenching. She no attention as those moments have come and gone all afternoon. Right now, she is getting hornier and hornier as she sucks Matt’s prick in celebration. He is reaching the climax stage, and as Martha feels his cock trembling in her mouth, her passion is rising higher and higher.
Hand play over Matt’s balls, squeezing them to milk them, pulling them some to ready his juices. Licking Matt’s balls and sucking them as she moves her fingers to Matt’s taint to press rhythmically against his prostate. Moaning louder and louder, Matt wiggles out of his pants when his back arches up.
Martha knows how to push all Matt’s buttons. She can take such control when they are having sex. Matt is more than willing to relinquish authority to her as Martha always makes sure he has terrific climaxes. Even if she doesn’t at times. Matt always wants her to experience those peaks too, so fingering her or eating her is an after delight always.
Today, Matt moans and gasps as he is feeling his sperm stirring and ready to launch. “, , I’m… , I’m going to !” Matt cries as his jissom blasts from him. He moans deeply as the last drips escape.
Martha takes the first part of his in her mouth. Then she moves her mouth back and tilts Matt, so the rest covered his mons and stomach. “That’s it, sweetie, let it all out. Let all that top brass release,” Martha says as she licks up all the residue. “Umm, your tastes even higher now,” she Matt.
Laughing, Matt pulls her up next to him on the couch. He kisses her over and over to taste his sperm on her lips. Martha needs more tonight. Not just Matt’s gentle caressing of her clit. She is horny as hell.
Between not having real satisfaction for the last few months and now the giddiness she feels hearing about Matt’s new position, she lays back against the pillows on the couch and spreads her legs.
“Matt, please, please, I need it so bad, eat , please,” Martha begs. Matt looks into her eyes and realizes she is very serious and needs this more than any of the cravings she has had over the last few months. As she arches her back to lift her ass, Matt lowers her panties off her.
Bowing his head her dress, timidly first, he opens her labia and explores Martha’s vag and clit with his fingers. She begins deep inside her to moan as Matt gets more confident.
Soon he is sucking her clit and teasing it as Martha has enjoyed for years. Matt tries to be careful of her swollen belly as he bumps against it as he orally pleasures the woman he loves. Hearing the whimpers and sighs he is so familiar with, Matt presses fingers up in her vag as he sucks her cunt. In a rhythm now, Martha is getting closer and closer.
Matt moves his fingers, and using them to hold Martha wide, he begins to tongue her vagina, pressing in against her throbbing sides. Tighter and tighter, she clenches, crying over and over. Knowing the end for her is insight, Tim laps on.
Suddenly, this strange climax comes over Martha. As she clenches and arches her back, she feels another spasm accompany what she is feeling. So different. And then, fluids squirt from her, not the taste of her usually juices to Matt. His is covered with the film.
Martha cries now, as much in ecstasy but also as a contraction seizes her. the same time, Matt pulls back and realizes that Martha hasn’t just become a squirter. A phenomenon they have pondered, if even a reality when they have seen things illuding to it. No, her water just broke, and she is having a contraction.
“, Martha, how long have you been having contractions? How far apart? Didn’t you realize?” Matt cries with concern.
In response, Martha starts laughing, holding her sides as she feels another contraction overtake her, now very apparent that is what it is. Matt looks at her with concern but seeing that she seems to be okay and the reality of what just happened becoming clear to him, he joins her laughing.
Pulling themselves together, Matt cleans Martha up and gets her prepacked bag. Now timing the contractions, they are about minutes apart. They are getting longer and stronger and a shorter time between. There is no mistaking what they are now.
Driving to the hospital, Martha makes Matt swear he will never tell anyone what they were doing when her water broke. It is hilarious between them but would be embarrassing for others to know. Both Martha and Matt know that the oral stimulation did not cause her water to break. It is just a coincidence. However, others could make a long-running joke about it.
Matt promises as he feels the same way. As they approach the hospital, he calls Martha’s to let her know the moment has arrived. Checking in and wheeled to the labor and delivery room, things become profoundly serious for Martha and Matt.
Is this finally going to happen? Are they going to have a in a short while? After all the failures, will they finally have a to love and see grow?
Martha and Matt are quiet as the doctor comes in to check on Martha. Holding her hand, Matt just stares into her eyes. If anything goes wrong, Matt knows that he will feel responsible for engaging in play when the was so close in the back of his mind.
None of that is a concern, the obstetrician is pleased with the level Martha is dilating, and the is positioned to enter the world. Asking Martha questions about the and pains, she realizes she had started having contractions since early afternoon, but not that strong, or extended, so she just shrugged them off.
Everything is going well. Matt calls his parents to let them know what is happening, and an hour later, both sets of parents are at the hospital and get to see Martha. Almost like the event is scheduled down to the last minute. After having a few words with all the parents, the contractions ramp up.
Coming sooner and harder, Matt and Martha work together using the tricks they learned in their classes. A half-hour later, a cry fills the room. Matt and Martha are the parents of a healthy . After a few minutes alone, just the three of them, the and Martha, are cleaned up for visiting grandparents.
While they are cooing and fussing over their first grandchild on either side, Matt leaves the room. in the waiting room, he makes another . Outside of family, he knows this is who he wants to share the news with the most.
The phone rings in Tim and Abbie’s kitchen. Tim answers.
Hearing the fantastic news, he congratulated Matt over and over. Tentatively Tim asks if he and Abbie could come to the hospital to see their new . Matt tells him that is what he hoped they are willing to do. Tim promises they will be there soon.
Looking at the clock, it is just going on ten. Abbie and he quickly dress again and hurry to the hospital. Both are overflowing with love and hopes for the new family.
While Matt is out calling Tim, Martha gushes and tells their parents about what happened at work for Matt today. All are delighted and appreciative to Tim also. He has helped Matt for so long, in such important ways, never expecting anything in return.
When Tim and Abbie arrive, the new grandparents greet Tim warmly and are tickled to meet Abbie, who they have already heard about over the weekend. They all leave the room for a bit, so Tim and Abbie have their turn seeing the .
As Abbie coos over the and says all the silly things people do such time, Tim is slapping Matt on the back and apologizing for not getting cigars. Both the men laugh at that as neither have ever smoked.
After the initial levity, Abbie asks if they have chosen a name for the yet?
Matt replies, “That is what we wanted to see you here about. Tim, you have done so much for and Martha over the years, culminating with what happened today. We would like to name the after you, Timara. Well, Timara Leigh.”
Tim blushes with such a tribute being given to him. Tears fill all of their eyes as he replies, “Matt, everything you achieved has been through your own abilities and hard work. I am honored to have this sweet little share my name.”
Tears and hugs are exchanged. Abbie holds the for a few minutes, and then all can see Martha starting to fade . From all the excitement followed by one of the most laborious tasks, who wouldn’t be worn ? Kisses are shared as Tim and Abbie say their goodbyes with promises to stop by later in the week when the new family is settled at home.
Driving home, Abbie holds Tim’s hand tight. Both their eyes still dewy with tears. They quietly talk about the happiness Matt and Martha finally have after years of trying. At home, Tim fixes them nightcaps. He brings the drinks to the bedroom. Tim finds Abbie sitting up in bed with her laptop, already searching and ordering things for the new Tim(ara) in their lives.
Tim just shakes his head her but soon looks on as Abbie shops and points things to add to their cart. What a wonderful from start to finish.

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