my Transition  

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1/4/2022 4:54 pm
my Transition

Thus far my trip has been very rewarding, feel like I was drawn chastity but I haven’t looked back its taught me so much about myself
I learned that I enjoy penetration much more than penetrating , which is a good job really as chastity has rendered me limp for the most
Part, at first playing with toys felt strange but after a while I felt things feelings unlike anything before during<b> anal </font></b>play I get a feeling I can’t
Describe its like a climax but once I get just keeps giving and is very desirable so much so I desire this more than a normal climax
Ive seen clips of so called gurls spit and I just feel like if you go all the work become a gurl you need accept the whole deal or
Just don’t bother, wanting become female means accepting everything that means swallowing too
I love to dress sexy I love frustration I love kinky including bondage and restraints, but I need a Alpha to complete me
So here I am ive done a lot to become the submissive you desire I’ve rendered my cock a limp clit and I know what to accept during penetration
I really like I am now but im ready take this forward I understand this is just the start of a fantastic journey but I cant do this alone
I want become more submissive and obedient I want serve an Alpha , what I offer is a willing subject but I need for you take
Remove my desire once and for all, I need feel violated I need feel trapped would welcome being dressed in lockable dresses and heels
And I would like my remove my desire for good, my choice would be a cutter but I can see that other ways would make me suffer
For my cause so im open your thoughts after all your will take so I leave my destiny your sadistic desire
So I feel like ive missed out on so much so once im the sissy you desire use me as your own or share me, once the deed is done feel like a castrated
Sissy is very desirable and I cant wait explore my feminine side so count me in whatever take castrate me and make me your gurl

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