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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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What a gurl want’s what a gurl needs
Posted:Sep 26, 2022 4:53 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

What a gurl want’s is to be used as female she want’s to submit to a guys desire whatever this may be, what a gurl needs is a guys attention
Find me sexy in my underwear desire me as female, use me as female I wouldn’t expect anything else, if your kinky that would be a real plus If you want to feminise me further sure would welcome that hormones would be a real plus I know I could further excite you with boobs
Everyone warns me of these guys that they will own me and control me but like a moth I’m drawn towards the light, will I get burnt sure will my wings be clipped I hope so I so need a guy to take charge
Of me and take me under his wing and show me what it’s like to serve as female
We are all guilty of treating a girl as a sexual object
Posted:Sep 24, 2022 5:19 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

Guess we all grew up with the understanding that girls would become mothers and as such they would bear and stay and home and raise them, being a girl meant you were the weaker sex and you would do whatever your guy said

Times have moved on thankfully and girls rule totally!! Any guy with a hint of testosterone kneels before a girl and wants to breed her it is so natural, what happens when a guy changes his mind and instead of being the hunter wants to become the submissive hunted ?

Once I started wearing chastity it was game over for me I need to become a submissive, obedient gurl I’m as ready as I can be without accepting cock I use dildo’s and larger objects to anal climax, and I have swallowed my own seed

But here is the deal I want the whole white wedding deal as I want to be a cock virgin when we meet, so me I’m a chastity gurl so serving feminine is my desire into a submissive gurl? Love everything kinky so bondage, BDSM whatever you like become my forever guy and I will spend my every waking hour pleasing your every desire !!
Did this to myself
Posted:Sep 23, 2022 4:54 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2022 4:56 pm

If I’m truthful I didn’t really know what I was getting into messing with Chastity, I had always been my intention to get with a guy and be the female, not sure how this was going to play out and who did want just knew it was my intention to dress sexy and see how it went I guess
At some point I had a cock sure it wasn’t the biggest but it worked and I fathered with it and never had any complaints

18 months in chastity and a stump is all that is left I really struggle best I can do is limp playing ends in carpet burns and no satisfaction what so ever, I know and accept what I have become.

Guess looking back I’ve always dressed I have become fixated with the feminine form only now I understand what being female means
Correct me please if I’m wrong but most men see gurls as a sexual object nothing more, you just become that object of a guys desire he don’t care about your wants and desires, once the blood goes to his cock your just become his cum slut

So I know what I have become I know if I’m lucky I will encounter life from the other side, I’m a submissive, obedient, gurl who understands that if I have any chance to every climax again my climax needs to be an Anal climax

Being honest again I’m sure that you will enjoy your time inside me and will climax, but I do suspect because of play you won’t make me sissy climax, but that’s cool will just add to my frustration, feel free to bigger use me or fist me to make me climax but I don’t mind if you would rather keep me frustrated

So I’m a 50 something chastity gurl and a cock virgin I love submissive and I love servitude and I will become your obedient sissy slave I have no right to demand anything I know this but here is what I would like

I would like a guy to further feminise me I would love to develop boobs, I would be happy if you would like to further feminise me talking castration.

Not sure I deserve the right to back out once I arrive you should take charge, please make my choice to turn up the last choice I make, take charge however you wish, make it my wedding night two quick snaps with a burdizzo is all it takes to make me yours and forever sissy
I’m asked all the time what I’m looking for?
Posted:Sep 21, 2022 4:41 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

Permanent seems to come up a lot, so hormones to form Boobs not sure I could explain them away so sure having boobs on my chest would be a real plus and would fill my kinky underwear nicely, next step would be to finish what I started and have to suffer some kind of castration
My clit as it stands is worthless, I can no longer get erect fix this for good please no gurl has the right to get erect a gurl is a submissive the object of your desire nothing more!
Once I’m home brand me as your own tattoo my back with your name, I have no clue as to what is expected but I have come so far alone I’m sure together you will teach me how to please you and that’s all I want to do, my mouth and pussy are yours just enjoy them please

Can't wait to serve a guy full time spunky kisses
Updated my profile photo to show my progress
Posted:Sep 19, 2022 5:00 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

Please forgive me I should have shaved, but I was so keen to show everyone what happens after 18 months of chastity, 18 months ago I had a cock
Now at best it’s a limp clit, but I desire more I want to submit to a guy’s desire whatever that may be, Frustration only adds to my desire to serve
Thus far I’m self-taught I’m very sure I’m ready for the next steps whatever they maybe, I know the basics teach me to please you please

During this time of great desire and lust for a life serving as a gurl I have resisted the temptation to dabble or play so I know nothing more than my own
Play, so in the terms of being feminine I’ve not been touched by a guy

Daddy I need you to breed me I want to become your play thing, if you were to ask me what I might like sure you won’t and have your own idea how I’m to serve you

So here is my wish list, to be further feminised I would so love bigger boobs, Bondage is a real desire, Light BDSM appeals, captive is a plus and anything girly, love the thought of being locked into dresses and heels, share me or keep me as your own, keep me as you chastity gurl or castrate me to further my development hell I wouldn’t mind if you removed my clit

I know I have no right to expect anything what I do know is that I want to become to object of your desire whatever it takes have me become you submissive, obedient gurl, can’t wait for you to blow up in my face or mouth, laying there with you inside me will be a joy I want to see your cum face and feel your lust inside me, breed me baby I will never complain or have a headache
Commitment is key and permanent is needed
Posted:Sep 18, 2022 4:54 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

I’m a chastity bottom I have no desire to penetrate anything ever again. I don’t even wish to become hard again, for the most part
I’ve achieved my desires, but it’s a tall order to be your own key holder and I do cheat and I hate myself for this to punish myself I do
Swallow my own but I also understand what I miss out on when I unlock.

My master plan was to become an obedient, submissive chastity gurl and after over a year I struggle to get hard, I know my clit has reduced
In size, but I’m looking to further expand the time in Chastity with you as my key holder I know we can and I can’t wait to serve a guys needs
I’m always looking to expand my limits

Just today I made a fuck machine out of a replicating saw and a home made dildo, please see the photo’s, there is a huge difference between
A guys climax which is mostly cock related, and there is a sissy climax which is so much more subdued and gentle it’s a feeling that just grows
And is very desirable, have to say I was very nervous today the saw seemed to go a lot faster than I remembered I inserted the dildo as far as I was able before backing of somewhat then I switched it on.

I didn’t need to be nervous the moment it switched on I was in the zone I felt my limp clit producing pre-cum my panties were soaked within moments
And pressure built I remember anal climaxing at least five times, if I’m honest I’m not sure if I sissy climaxed but after the event I felt relieved and my panties were soaked I need this in my life

But I want more I need to be managed frustration is my thing and I need you to control this I also desire permanent, things you can’t dismiss like puffy boobs no hiding them growing on your chest, and maybe castration, your love me for this I will become obedient, submissive and weak

So as a chastity gurl I know what a guy seeks and I seek the same, I know transition isn’t likely to be easy and any Daddy has things they expect I do accept what I am and you might like BDSM or Kinky things I accept my fate!
Don’t dabble in Chastity!!
Posted:Sep 17, 2022 5:39 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

I walked into chastity with my eyes open at the point I agreed to wear chastity I never saw what was coming I just wanted to have a little fun with a guy
Just to see how it felt, sure I was expecting a guy to use me but it was only meant to be a little fun only ever wanted to experiment

Chastity taught me the joy of providing another joy while receiving nothing in return, Chastity teaches you to become a submissive, obedient subject
Now I need a guy to teach me how to serve a guy, sure I know the basics and I have taught myself to swallow man seed, and with toys I know what to
Expect behind me, I will need all these skills if I’m to become the object of your desire!

Right now I’m excited to better understand me, I accept what I have become and I hope I know what to expect moving forward and a femboy, sissy or shemale not sure where I fit in nor how you might like me to serve you further

At very least I would like to remain as a chastity gurl, if your into kinky then we should talk more, I would be very into being castrated moving forwards
Always wanted to meet the feminine me so hormones are a plus should you wish for me to have boobs, I would love some kind of boobs and puffy nipples
By the way my nipples are pierced

I so understand that transition will never be easy nor pain free I would like to be castrated at some point, boobs are great but I know these don’t grow without discomfort

Baby I’m so happy to become your loyal, submissive obedient gurl please ease me into this but please know I am so into becoming your gurl with everything you expect I’m excited to become all the gurl you desire

Baby i want to become your cum slut treat me mean to keep me keen please
So strange on the other side
Posted:Sep 16, 2022 4:56 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

Walk some steps in her shoes and your whole world changes, it’s true both sexes are different sure we can both agree on that
And we crave different things, a guy for the most part is driven by a desire to breed with others

Whereas a gurl may want and desire the same thing she is driven by commitment and loyalty looking in from the other side I don’t
Really grasp how boys and girls get together at all.

Chastity taught my the joy of frustration and soon the reality that to achieve what I really need is via penetration so here is the problem
Thanks Guys no shortage of offers but I’m seeking the right guy and here is the problem

Sorry guys don’t get me wrong I love talking to you and you do turn me on I know because my panties get wet but I’m seeking the one, a guy
Who respects where I’m at, and wants to help me towards womanhood.

By womanhood I mean being dressed feminine full time in chastity and to serve a guys needs I am totally bottom and never wish to penetrate
anything ever again,

once I knew I was a submissive I have trained myself for the day I may have to do this for real, if I unlocked myself I would swallow my seed and
I’ve done miles on dildos so I can be as ready as I can be, but I need a guys lust inside me and I need to swallow your seed before we start because
That’s what you expect from a gurl right?

I am a submissive sissy I’m into kinky so anything kinky is a whole plus, as your submissive gurl I’m looking to you to further feminise me please or just keep me as your chastity submissive slave I can’t guess what you desire

One thing I have on my side is that I remain a cock virgin if you want to make me your gurl please state what you expect can’t wait to become the object of your desire !!
spunky kisses Sam
I’m flattered I really am, I love all the mails telling me how sexy I look and how you want to use
Posted:Sep 15, 2022 5:02 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

Baby I’m really encouraged when I get mails to say how sexy I look and what you might like to do to me, and if and when we talk, I won’t lie you make my panties damp you are naughty boys for sure!!!

I’m a chastity gurl after just over a year of self-imposed chastity if I get limp it’s a good day, trying to climax limp is like next to impossible

Chastity and frustration is now my life but I want more, to be kept as feminine full time either in chastity or as a castrated gurl for your enjoyment

It isn’t fair but it’s life if a guy plays around he is classed as a hero and if a gurl plays around she is a slut, I’m so excited about cock I need to suck one and have it shoot it’s load in my mouth, and I’m excited to feel your harness inside me but I’m not a slut!!

So if you want to keep me as your sissy slave in chastity or if you want to castrate me please I will feel like I have saved myself for you and I will be happy to have you penetrate me

My dream would be to be dressed as a bride and have you burdizzo me then that will be a night to remember for sure
spunky kisses Sam
I’m a blank canvas what’s next for me?
Posted:Sep 11, 2022 4:24 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

Well one thing I know for sure is that I only wish to exist as Feminine

As a starting point I’m a chastity gurl I wear chastity most of the time this makes me very frustrated and very much into serving a guy as a gurl

As the song goes if you like it, you should put a ring in it, so at very least I would expect any guy to pierce me (PA) to further lock me into my chastity to make it permanent, keeping my boys will make it harder for hormones to take hold but this could be an option if this is something you like

Option two is more of a permanent option and that is to castrate me, there are many options for this and the main benefit is no testosterone so hormones work better, surgery is the best just having them removed Castration isn’t really something that is done so may need to find a cutter no doctor will do this, there is Alcohol injections to kill them over a number of sessions, Banding that is quicker a band is placed at the bottom of the penis and this stops blood flow, really painful can’t do this alone,

Then there is the burdizzo its like a pair of pliers used to clamp the cords, I’ve watched this happen on clips and it’s not desirable, but it is quick the jaws come together there is a crunch as the tubes are damaged and 6 weeks later your Sissy so quick and easy and permanent no going back once this happens

The main advantage of castration is I will remain flaccid regardless of sexual contact, I will lose muscle mass, become even more submissive and compliant
Body fat will relocate to form a more feminine form and breast development even without hormones more if I take hormones

I’m self taught in chastity when I cheated I swallowed my own, to be ready for the next step I’ve enjoyed anal all types including larger objects I wanted to be ready for any guy who would take me on, so I had a choice continue on as I was or transform I pick Feminine, just the small stuff means so much like painted nails, smooth body, being an object of a guys desire!!!

So my fate is very much in your hands if all goes well I become just a fraction of my former self and your submissive sissy sex slave, I’m very much into kinky so Bondage, hot wax play, bondage, captive, BDSM

Baby I don’t know what to offer you I can’t guess what you are into tell me what to do to become your gurl

If you seek a keen Gurl please drop me a line can't wait to swallow a guy and feel his hardness inside me cream pie baby i need one!!!
So, you have to resign yourself to be treated like a girl
Posted:Sep 10, 2022 5:10 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

If you’re like me and wish to become feminine then you have to accept certain things. You can’t dabble your clit shouldn’t ever get to the point you could penetrate another and your only there for a guy to enjoy

It’s so strange to be on the other side, it makes you totally rethink everything, Chastity has taught me the joy of frustration I have enjoyed so much no I realise that it’s not about me but more about how I can serve you!

I’m leaning more as time goes on but I cheated during chastity but would swallow my own so I was ready to accept yours, I have dabbled in anal and I do really enjoy anal and the feelings I encounter

So I want to become your gurl I’m as ready as a gurl can be and remain a cock virgin. I know what you expect will blow my mind but a gurl has to start somewhere, right now transition into your feminine sex slave is enough

Details on what you desire would be a real plus but count me in I want to become your sissy slave your cum slut
Frustration and Desire
Posted:Sep 8, 2022 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

Right now I’m frustrated Chastity keeps me this way, I suspect not but there is the hope that if I do everything you desire your unlock me and give me what
I want, I really hope you don’t just because my frustration helps me serve you as feminine

Not proud of myself but before climax I could move heaven and earth just for that moment but after I was done, Chastity taught me there is more than me
Feminine is all about putting his feelings and desires before yours, so many girls fake orgasm’s just to make their man feel good

Won’t lie there is a lot of me that worries what is to become of me without desire to help me, but I have chosen this way of life, with what I know now and the feelings I feel, Chastity taught me to enjoy the taste of cum all be it my own

So I may have done a few hundred miles on dildo’s and I love the anal feelings I encounter the longer it goes on the more I enjoy it, so I’m so into doing this I know it will change my life forever I know I can never return from what I have become but I have come this far alone and I’m not sure I can do this without a dominant guy to show me how

So the burdizzo is quick and easy one crunch at a time right? Before long with the right hormones my fate will be sealed I will develop breasts and my desire will be removed and I will become your sex slave, for better or worse I can never go back what I can do is swallow your load and accept your harness inside me, I desire this more than you know,

Please ease me into this new life I can’t wait to serve you, I’m into kinky
Posted:Sep 7, 2022 4:28 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2022 11:37 am

So just watched some clips of guys having their balls removed via a burdizzo not sure it was the most enjoyable event in their social calendar, but needs must I guess

So, I’m very aware that I am just one of many want to be gurls some get off on fantasy alone some really want this like me but in this minefield who do you trust? Who is for real and who is willing to go all the way to become a gurl?

I am willing to go all the way have you remove my boys and have me serve you as female, I know about the risks, and I understand I would enter feminine like a menopausal woman.

But there are also a plus side, I will become weaker and I will develop boobs and I will lose my lust and forever become a submissive subject I do enjoy being submissive, years of Chastity taught me frustrated

Just tonight I watched a guy lose a ball via a burdizzo clamp, very erotic and the crunch was delightful made me quiver just watching it, must say it was interesting so are you a UK guy into this kind of thing? Would you consider removing one of my boys? I can’t pay you I hope the offer of wanking me and making me sallow my own would be enough but I guess while I’m tied up if you wish to have me suck and swallow your seed we could have a deal

Just feel like actions speak louder than words if I have a ball removed this will show my intent to go the whole way having one ball removed don’t change anything but with luck shows the guy I desire that I’m up for transformation

My life has already changed my sexual desire also the way I get what I desire is penetration and I need a guy for this so I will do anything needed to become your gurl just ask please

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