Not everything works out how you planned it  

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3/7/2022 4:36 pm
Not everything works out how you planned it

So I was happy with my life for the most part, dressing has always been my go to place my comfort zone my time!
I have gone to bed so many times wishing I would wake female maybe not knowing what that would mean
By chance I discovered chastity and my life changed I found a focus I found a new way sure it isn’t how I saw things
Going, but chastity is a slippery slope once you embrace frustration then your whole mindset changes
For me everything clicked I enjoyed<b> anal </font></b>play, but didn’t know where that was leading, frustration made this so much
More desirable, when I unlocked myself if I did cheat, I would swallow my own as punishment this soon changed to
To the norm infact I enjoy it, so chastity has taught me humiliation and submissive and taught me to enjoy<b> anal
</font></b>So<b> anal </font></b>now replaces normal play and I discovered if I’m that frustrated I can still cum via<b> anal </font></b>so I now know my path
But I want to combine everything I’ve learned so far, I love dressing so I want to be kept dressed in feminine I love bondage
Just the feeling of helplessness so maybe you would consider locking me into dresses and heels
Frustration is a huge part of my life now so keep me in chastity if you like if you want more make me prove myself I would
Like to be restrained bondage is a huge plus so just use me as feminine and when I pass your tests the next time im tied
Band my boys, been there tried that and it hurts like hell release huts just as much but I’m there and tied so just do this
For me not sure I will thank you at this time but I know I will honour your body even more for removing my desire once and
For all, once my desire is removed I will become even more submissive and will develop puffy boobs
Sex is just the end result a lot goes on before and yes I’m ready nipple clamps and hot wax is a plus sure you know better
So I submit to your desire, I didn’t see this for my future but its what I desire more than anything can you help can you use me as sissy?

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