Firm believer a gurl should only be able to act as female  

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4/5/2022 4:45 pm
Firm believer a gurl should only be able to act as female

Best of both worlds I get it you get to climax as normal inside someone and also enjoy the joy of<b> anal
</font></b>I knew I was different from an early age dressing was my thing I love the escape from everyday
I dabbled in chastity, and this was my fate, in chastity I’m forced to pee sitting down this is very humbling
But I understand you can’t have both either your and want to penetrate or you’re a gurl and want
To get off via penetration
Chastity taught me to serve a guy as a gurl, I need to excite you and have you penetrate me to have any chance
Of a climax,
So when I was able I would swallow my own and<b> anal </font></b>has always been my the pleasure I can’t give
So I understand I’m not everyone’s dream date but if your into a sissy who can act and dress as female
Lets talk please, I’m into kinky so what are you into? I want my limits expended anything goes
If you want to keep me as a captive sissy slave I will do whatever you desire, want to lock me into outfits
And heels then please tell me where and when, my desire is serving as a gurl and getting off as female

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