Everyone is different  

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1/13/2022 4:52 pm
Everyone is different

So I guess I get everyone is different but I really can’t understand a switch, I really don’t understand why you would suffer everything become female and not become one
What I mean is at the start of this process you choices that form the way you are, I can’t understand a gurl isn’t willing swallow man seed and choose spit
I don’t understand becoming feminine and wanting penetrate another for their enjoyment
For me this isn’t becoming feminine this is the best of both, a gurl shouldn’t be able get erect, and should be grateful her wants you swallow his seed and finds
You desirable in a feminine state.
If you had asked me a few years ago I would said what are you talking about, just because a few years ago I may felt the but I’m not sure I had thought about
This at all, dressing has always been my thing I love how I feel in sexy underwear but this was for my enjoyment
So I dabbled in anal and I knew this was very desirable I also understood once a prostrate simulation takes place ’s very desirable, so I wanted explore this more and I met
A guy online was keen try this as I was, he was nervous that I may get excited and want more, so I agreed wear a chastity device during our meet he would hold the
Key so that what he desired happened, I won’t lie I was so excited a guy inside me excited me so much, I wouldn’t<b> control </font></b>and I knew anything he provided
Was so much more than I could ever do myself wouldn’t get off on this just be an object of a guys desire.
So I purchased a device just meet, this never happened but I was hocked on chastity and how this made me feel, my desire was still but the device said no. so now I
Got frustrated and the more I wore chastity the more I knew what I desired, feel like if you want dress and act as a female you accept this role 0%
This means everything you become submissive and submit a guys desire, Chastity has changed the way I feel about enjoyment
Chastity has ripped me of any desire in fact I just can’t act as a anymore I remain limp at the best of times, so what I ask of you will you join me and take what
I and make me your gurl? I’m as ready as I can be but lack the commitment take this next step I know I will become the gurl of your dreams over time just need a guy
take me on, I expect nothing just be used as feminine I suspect I know what you desire and I accept my fate
Do you wish develop me into the gurl you desire are you into kinky, lock me into dresses, lock me into heels and make me serve you as feminine and if you desire more
I’m up for castration

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