Chastity ruined my life  

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3/27/2022 5:07 pm
Chastity ruined my life

But I don’t any regrets, I’ve made myself sore trying knock one out now I submit the humiliation of kneeling before a guy
And using my mouth please him, if I get excited, I do dribble from my clit so my panties may become damp
I enjoy being forced so the thought of having my hands around your waist handcuffed means I’m I’m not going any where and I
Lick suck and slobber all over your harness till you climax in my mouth
During penetration I will sissy climax but I will wiggle around because I need all my ducks in line climax for real hand , if I don’t know problem
next time or your kind enough finger me this point?
But is always next time frustration is my thing and makes me do degrading things get off so what do you desire? My dream is serve more
Than one this a machine inside me as I go down on you or you another idea ?
I love feeling full so fisting is your thing not sure I can accept this right now but we can work towards this I’ve accepted a beer can as part of my
, anything goes just ask chastity renders me sissy use me as sissy lock me into dresses and heels, if you want to take me to the next level then sure
I no use of my tackle remove my<b> balls </font></b>if you desire and even reduce my clit if this gets you going
I know just one thing I need humiliate myself I need accept anal for my enjoyment

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