High School Romance  

xdrearydancerx 34F
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8/16/2021 3:06 pm
High School Romance

So I met someone from the past yesterday. Blast from the past!! lol I was surprised it was the cute punk guy with a mohawk from high school. He also reminded me of Bender in The Breakfast Club. Of course, he doesn't dress like that anymore. He's just a normal guy in his 30s who works an office job now. He messaged me on a dating app and we hit it off. He even asked me out right away. I thought it was kinda weird but I told him yes. I immediately thought he just wanted to hookup but I was whatever about it. At least he wants to feed me first!! The first day we were talking he said I looked so familiar and couldn't figure out where he saw me before then he said I went to the same high school he did. Everything clicked. I did remember him!! He admitted that he had a crush on me and every time he wanted to approach me, I would glare at him so he never talked to me. Sounds like something I would do!! LOL I wonder if he was bullshitting me, because he was definitely full of it, the more we talked.

We chatted for a couple of days. He was playing the "nice guy" as he texted me good morning everyday, and then texting me at night asking how my day was. He also talked to me on the phone. I liked his voice and he was nice to talk to apart from his bullshit. He was even talking about a second date and we should go on a weekend<b> trip </font></b>for our birthdays because we both have birthdays in September. Probably the worst thing he said is, "Why would I go through all this effort if I only wanted sex?" WTF?! I just thought, buddy I'm only two years younger than you. That kind of crap should only work on teenagers and girls in their 20s. If you are a grown woman, you should know this kind of guy is a liar and only wants sex. Why don't these guys admit they just wanna get laid? I wasn't sure whether to ignore him or just enjoy a lunch date and sex with him, and then move on with my life. Well, I'm writing this blog, so of course I ended up meeting him.

We met at a cute little Thai place for lunch. When he walked up, I could see the years had gotten to him. He was definitely hotter in high school, and he also looked a little different from the pictures he texted me. Those must have been a few years old. I still liked a lot of things about him and we had a nice date. The food was great and we had a nice conversation. It was a very pleasant afternoon. Then he drove me back to his place to play "video games." Well, we definitely didn't play any video games. We watched a crappy horror movie for a few minutes, and then he was quick to put his hands and lips on me. He made several attempts to win me over and then asked if I wanted to go to his room to make out. I told him he had to carry my fat ass there if he wanted to do that. I was impressed he actually did it and that I didn't kill him. lol We had foreplay for about an hour and a half. And I can't believe he was still saying, "I'm not trying to have sex with you," as he was taking off my underwear and fingering me! Incredible! He must have thought I was just some dumb bimbo with big tits!! But the sex was very nice though. He wasn't the most handsome guy but he sure had a huge dick!!! It was raining outside and we were right next to the window, so that made things even better. I must say it was a nice Sunday afternoon, much better than my normal Sundays at work.

Well, he drove me home that night. I think he might have been a secretly annoyed that he to drive back and forth across town for me. Of course, he was nice about it. I didn't think much of things that evening, just that I had another one night stand and we would both move on with our lives. I just relaxed and had a quiet night by myself before work today. But this morning, I started to like him the more I thought about it. Sheesh, I fall in love with too many guys I have sex with. Why would I like some stupid guy claiming he had romantic interest in me when clearly he didn't? Of course, he didn't text me at all today. I expected as much. But I started to think about stupid stuff like being his girlfriend who helps him clean his car and decorate his apartment. Maybe I could help him get a better haircut? lol God, I'm hopeless.

BigOlTeddyBear44 58M
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8/16/2021 6:07 pm

When are we going to meet?


houstondude69 51M  
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8/17/2021 2:33 pm

You're too funny

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