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Holiday Treat  

willbthick4u 60M
54 posts
7/18/2021 11:57 am
Holiday Treat

My wife and I were on a stop over on the way home from a magnificent holiday on the Great Barrier Reef.

Our island holiday was going so well, amazing to be specific, the sights, the room, the food, the service all perfect.

We hadn’t been so close for years, we made love morning noon and night.

We made love in the ocean, in the pool, on the beach, in the laundry, on the veranda, in the stairwell and every horizontal surface in our room.

Our love making was extremely romantic and passionate at times, and at other is was wild and raw.

When it was wild it was wild, my wife would say fuck me now and fuck me hard, she would turn around and flick her dress up onto her back and say get your cock in me.

One time we walking past the hotels laundry and she pushed me inside grabbed a handful of my cock, dropped to her knees pulled out my cock sucking me until she swallowed my load.

She laughed and kissed me when I told her a lady came in while she was doing it to pick up her washing.

She asked why didn’t I ask the lady if she wanted to join in and then she after all fantasies should be fulfilled when they are presented.

These words came rushing back to me while we were checking in, the man who was booking us in couldn’t help but notice my wife’s breast as she leant over to sign the registration form.

I watched him looking and I could tell my wife was aware taking her time and moving a little to ensure he could get a good look at all of her breast.

I noticed that the man was obviously very pleased with what had happened to him, as my wife straighten up her nipples were hard, the man looked at me and I smiled and thanked him as passed me the swipe card for our room.

As we walked away my wife turned and asked what time does reception close, he replied o’clock and that’s when I nock off, thank you again she said.

Sure enough as soon as we got in our room and the door was closed behind us my wife kissed me passionately, turned around flicked her dress up onto her back and said rip my nickers off and fuck me, I want to be your slut now.

I bent down and ripped her panties on one hip and then at the crutch, I slid two fingers inside her and she was so wet I had to taste her and she tasted good.

I stood up and pushed her over to the couch, pulling out my throbbing cock and thrusted it deep inside, it was like 2 or 3 thrusts and she was cumming, a real body tingling orgasm.

Her hand flat on the pussy, her body clinched inwards, her head rolled back leaning just a little to one side, I pushed in once more and held myself deep inside her kiss the side of her face while she moaned with pure delight.

We had an amazing evening, fucking like rabbits and making love like movie stars.

We had room service and enjoyed each other in the rooms spa, I was just walking around and thought I’d take the tray of plates etc down stairs before it all closed.

As I was walking back through reception the man called me and said my wife was on the phone, I took the phone and said yes dear.

My wife asked if Tom was still there, that is the name of the man who booked us in, well that what his name badge said.

I said yes and she said remember when I said fantasies should be fulfilled when they present.

I said funny you should say that cause I was thinking that while you were signing us in, she said, so your saw that hey, I said I did and I could see you enjoyed it.

She said ask Tom if he’d like to come up and have a drink with us, so I turned to Tom and said my wife would like you to come and have a drink with us when you knock off.

I could see his mind go back to what he had saw and he said that he would knocking off now so I said let’s go.

We entered the room and my wife was wearing a bath robe and sitting out on the patio a chair on each side of her, come in she said and sit down.

As the conversation went on with laughter my wife started to put her hand on Toms thigh then saying something else followed by leaning over and kissing me.

It wasn’t long and she placed one of her hands on Toms thigh and the other on mine, I looked deep into her eyes and slid her hand onto my cock, I smiled and nodded, she continued looking at me while she slid her other hand up Toms thigh onto his coc

Still looking at me I noticed she bite her bottom lip and then smiled at me before turning and looking at Tom with her hand now wrapped around his coc

I could sense he was very nervous and somewhat uncomfortable so I stood up and stood behind my wife and slid my hand down onto her breast.

I said to Tom would you like to touch the other, he didn’t reply he just reached out and cupped my wife’s other breast, my wife rubbed the back of his head letting him know it was o

So he started to gently move his hand around on her breast caressing the swollen nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

I stood up and moved to be beside her with my left hand on her breast and my right hand behind her neck, I gently turn her head slightly towards me.

As her head was turning towards me she automatically pulled out my cock and started sucking on it, turning back towards Tom to see if he was their for her to suck as well.

I looked down to Tom who still had his hand on my wife’s tit, I said would you like to stand up Tom, and within a millisecond he was standing.

My wife turned towards him rubbing her hands up the front of his pants giving his cock and balls a nice squeeze through his pants.

Her other hand never leaving my cock, caressing it as Tom was undoing his trousers pushing them down below his knees.

As soon as his cock was exposed my wife wrapped her hand around it and started caressing it as well, sliding her thumb over the tip as she slid her hand up and down Toms shaft.

His cock was cut and a nice size, as my wife had a hand on each of us turning side to side having 3 or 4 good sucks on each cock, raising her eyes up to look into our eyes as she clasped her lips onto the cock in her hand.

With my hand still on my wife’s neck looking down on her as she sucked on my cock, as she turned towards Toms cock for his turn I saw my wife cup Toms balls and slip her hands around for a little rimming with her finger tip.

My wife could tell Tom liked this and as she placed her hand back on his cock she pulled her head back and started to caress Toms cock with her hand.

Her saliva acted as a lubricant mixed with a lot of Toms pre cum I could see Toms cock was getting harder and harder and then spurting cum onto my wife’s breast, chin and bathrobe.

My wife wiped her chin and breast and used his cum as a lubricant as she slid her hand up and down his now dribbling limped coc

My wife said to Tom I bet that feels better and you got to touch them as well, while Tom was pulling up his pants I lifted my wife up onto the small patio table and started fucking her as she lay backwards giving me full access to her body.

I had my wife in such a position I expecting Tom to offer his cock to her again but what I didn’t notice was Tom leave us, as I was focused on my beautiful wife.

He must have left somewhere between me thrusting into to her or while I knelt down to lick and suck on her beautiful tasting pussy.

By the time I had cum all I know is he had gone I asked my wife and she said she didn’t see him leave either as she was white knuckled holding onto to the tables edge with her eyes closed as I was pounding her or licking and sucking her until she came.

I asked her if she was disappointed that she didn’t get to fuck Tom, she replied that she wasn’t she just wanted her<b> fantasy </font></b>of sucking 2 cocks and she loved me even more for sharing and fore filling her desire.

We had a quick shower before falling onto the bed and again making love before falling asleep wrapped together.

We slept very well and after a room service breakfast and another love making session in the shower we got ready to leave and head home.

Stopping in at reception to pay for the night, We were quite surprised when the lady on duty said the night was no charge nothing to pay.

We looked at each other and said that was lovely and please leave a note on file that we’ll be bac

13129 posts
7/18/2021 1:22 pm

a rousing tale

author51 59F  
130010 posts
7/19/2021 2:26 am

I have missed reading you and your erotic tales Handsome.. Sounds like a hot time for one and all....xoxo

Tmptrzz 59F  
107039 posts
7/19/2021 10:52 am

That was a very sexy Holiday treat you both had, it's nice to hear that you both enjoyed it so very much. I hope you have many more Holiday treats just like this one that you both will enjoy..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

PonyGirl1965 57F
22090 posts
7/20/2021 12:33 am

The sex sounds amazing.
I want to visit the Great Barrier Reef

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