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The first kiss ...  

voyeur2017 60M  
246 posts
7/23/2021 12:30 pm
The first kiss ...

On lips so

lightly first

gently brushing first dryly, tongues are found…. tentative touching, searching, licking, then more eager,

lips now wet, sliding clinging, tongues explore frantically,

breathing deepens, hands wander to then ears tracing to chin and neck,
bodies press together as if one,

hands caress neck and go lower to exposed cleavage, lower again to hold,
well-formed breasts in both palms,

her hands slide down my back to ass then thighs, first the back,

then wander to sides and then to front squeezing between them,

lips part… my tongue tracing her delicate to her ears, tongue in her ear, her skin bristles,

bodies press harder together trapping her hand my crotch,

lips re-join, tongues searching eagerly and part again to kiss and lick her neck,

fingers fumble on buttons to free heaving breasts, touching full curves of flesh,

hands to shoulders to chest to unbutton blouse, lips now tracing delicate breastbone, licking,

brushing, kissing silky exposed flesh,

hands gently slide shoulder straps off, undo clasp,

gently pulling bra to release as hands slide forward, lifting her arms and kissing them to expose, firm breasts,

lips on breasts licking, nibbling,

delicate nipples harden with responsive desire,

cupped by palms, then pinching gently with fingers,

lips on nipples then tongue, licking, nibbling, sucking to full erection, brushing with teeth,

lightly biting, breasts heaving with heavy breathing,

her hands on shirt front searching frantically for buttons, pulling, ripping to reveal,

firm chest, hands now tracing my nipples, aroused,

bodies embrace, , flesh-to-flesh, arms wrapped around, holding tightly,

lips re-join, sliding, licking, sucking, biting,

our hands go lower, touching,

frantically rubbing, pulling, caressing, waists, hips, buttocks, to ,

hands join, bodies press, hands release, to find her jeans zipper, hers to undo my belt,

first eager now urgent, jeans free, slip to floor, lace panties enclose firm but soft round buttocks,

fingers panties, tracing hemline around thighs to soft pubic mound front,

feeling warmth and moisture and rocking pleasure,

her fingers gently slide my pants zipper open, hands inside to feel strong erection beneath shorts,

pants drop to ankles,

bodies thrust together, pelvis to pelvis, bare-naked chests press, lips connect,

tongues entwine,

hips pulsate together, fingers hold lace panties from both sides gently,

tugging down over hips and fall to floor around feet,

her hands slide into panties at rear and then to front,

slipping them down to join my fallen jeans,

pulsating erection springs to life between her legs, feeling her heat,

her wetness, hips thrust together begging to be joined,

labia lips separate, I drop to my knees, fondling and kissing breasts as I lower hands,

caressing her mound and thighs as I reach to free jeans from ankles and panties from feet,

bodies now naked, hands trace the backs of her legs then her inner thighs,

to touch to wetness of her mound, aroused,

her hands hold my head pulling to her erotically wet sex,

my hands fondle her delicate mound, elegantly trimmed, soft like down,

fingers explore outer lips of labia to find engorged clit now aroused and erect,

fingers spread her lips, rubbing gently, feeling her hips thrust forward longing for deeper penetration,

fingers respond, sliding deeply into her moist silky crevice; in and out,
hips thrusting for more, more,

kissing her mound, my tongue finds her aroused clit, licking, sucking, nibbling gently with lips and teeth,

holding my head, she pushes my deep into her awaiting pussy,

tongue now inside, hips now frantically pushing for satisfaction,

lower her to sitting position, perched on bed edge, head between her legs,

labia lips inelegantly spread wide, she reclining with head back, one hand massaging, aroused breasts,

the other pulling my head into her, hips thrusting wildly as my tongue flicks, licks and sucks her,

penetrating her deeply,

her soft scream fills the room; "mmmm then OH, then Ooh, and OOH YES!"

her hips surge forward thrusting, quivering, body shudders wildly,

hands frantically rub my smooth head,

pulling deeper, hips pushing against my ,body gyrates wildly,

hips pushing upward,

her body convulses, a fierce release of pleasure and juices,

squirting into my , into my mouth as she orgasms, ejaculates simultaneously,

feeling an overwhelming, exciting and extreme pleasure as never before,

my saturated emerges briefly for air, returns to her blissful valley,

she holds my head gently now,

rocking it, soft muffled screams, her ecstasy not yet appeased,

seeking multiple pleasures, lifting my head to her breasts,

she resumes sitting with me now next to her,

kissing my eyes and cheeks and mouth,

to taste her own juices of pleasure,

her hand finds my explosive erection, yet to be satisfied,

touching lightly then gripping the shaft,

wetting her hand with the juices from her mouth,

stroking my penis lubricated by her wet hand,

and a seeping flow of pre- fluid from ,

kissing and sucking my erect nipples, her head is lowered,

she takes my throbbing erection into her mouth,

tasting my juices now and wanting more, licking,

sucking, taking deep into her throat,

bringing so close to climax, I can’t stop myself from taking her all the way,

I gently lift her head,

lowering her beautiful naked body onto the bed,

position between her widely spread thighs,

caressing her re-erect clitoris, the head of my penis stimulates,

she lifts her hips and vaginal lips upward, to receive ,

my penis now almost painfully aroused, testicles tight and full,

with anticipation, oozing my juice onto her vaginal canal,

she reaches with her arms to pull into her, exclaiming: “fuck, oh fuck”,

“please, FUCK !” penetration begins,

losing control, wrapping her legs behind to pull closer,

she is overcome with a huge convulsion of pleasure ,

her second climax again, a stream of her juices outward,

I thrust my penis deeply inside,

her inner walls tighten around my penis,

overcome by my own uncontrollable desire for release,

my hips thrusting,

mercilessly, again and again and with each thrust,

thrusting deeper and harder, holding both breasts and nipples with my fingers,

deeply tongue kissing her, thrusting so hard, feeling the depth of her canal,

vaginal walls closing, tightening on my shaft, sucking it in for its release of seed,

her own hips now thrusting again, wanting more and more of this unbelievable pleasure,

bodies united now as one, out of control, slapping with sexual wetness, slamming together,

she convulsing again with her third multiple orgasm, testicles tightening, pumping contents forward,

thighs contracting, I release, spurting my huge load of semen deep into her pussy,

mingling with her juices, thrusting, thrusting, pushing into her,

she softly screams with the emotion and ecstasy of my heated release,

completely exhausted, we both cling together for fear of losing this moment,

softly stroking and caressing each other,

lips brushing again, murmuring desires for each other,

both wondering who is this person that we met for the first time this night,

as we recover from this delightful coupling, sinking into a mutual valley of bliss.

Tmptrzz 60F  
107039 posts
7/24/2021 9:35 am

That is some first kiss there my friend, and this really heated up my morning..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

voyeur2017 replies on 7/24/2021 1:51 pm:
happy the prose made you quiver, my friend..

author51 59F  
130010 posts
7/23/2021 11:30 pm

And that all stems from just a kiss Hun..What a sensually erotic read that has me wanting that Kiss from you..xoxo

voyeur2017 replies on 7/24/2021 1:52 pm:
kiss me anytime ..xoxox

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