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How my sexy wife turned me into a cuckold 👑♠️  

vixentjstag 44M/41F
7 posts
3/29/2021 1:01 pm
How my sexy wife turned me into a cuckold 👑♠️

-From the balcony of that room I could clearly hear the moans of my wife being fucked another man right in the next room, the sounds that she emitted were indisputable signs that my lady was enjoying copulation, and strangely I I also enjoyed such an erotic situation … -

Sexually sharing your wife with other people is a strange and morbid pleasure that not everyone is willing to experience and not everyone gets to enjoy, but for those couples who have a solid relationship based on love and trust and who like to expand their sexual life Including a third person, it can be very challenging to do so.

The scene where the love of my life has sex with anothers mens, who can be friend or hers or mines, or a co-worker, an acquaintance, or maybe a guy she contact through social networks, or even a stranger man who she meet in a bar, It is one of the most sensual and seductive moments that there can be.

It was past more than 8 months after our first experience in a Menage a Trois that we carried out precisely with some guy we met in a bar, when we again had the opportunity to invite another gentleman to our bed, well, to be more precise it was in his bed, because on that occasion, the sexual act took place in the department of a bull. In this adventure, a threesome did not happen as I would have expected, but it was our first experience of the cuckold / hotwife/ bull type and my role on that occasion was more of the voyeuristic “cuckold” role and I just dedicated myself to seeing how another man enjoyed sexual favors from my pretty wife. Of course, following the idea or theory of “sperm competition” when we got to our bed I dedicated myself to making love to my beautiful lady for the rest of the day, since she had been fornicated another man until dawn.

My sweet wife saw who would be our second guest in the same bar where we got our first bull a few months ago, just like her first lover, the appearance of this gentleman was with a slight hipster look, only unlike Our previous bull, the new boy was white redhead, with a slight mustache and a small beard, although his outfit was not entirely hipster but a mixture with certain touches of rocker, with a black leather jacket, because then we found later, he plays in a band.

That night I did not realice that my wife had been observing him, simply because when we went out my lady has the spirit of an anthropologist and she spends her time seeing and analyzing people, how they dress, behave and their attitudes, although of course she's also not rehearsing about it, but she also having fun and dancing when we go out, that’s why she likes to go out. The fact was that when we were leaving the place she pointed me on the way to the parking lot -Hey, did you see the boy in a rocker jacket? -Not because? I asked -I just liked it- my wife told me, -I think I had already seen it before-

I looked at her maliciously, -No, I didn’t see it- Where was it? She described it to me, but I couldn’t place it among the bar patrons anyway. We got to the car and I left her there to go on foot to the parking lot to the machine, when I returned I found her busy on her phone, I asked her what she was doing and she answered that she was chatting with the guy. What type? I asked, the one at the bar told me. How? Yes, my sexy girl told me that she had become known from somewhere and began to check her facebook, and saw it as a suggestion from someone she might know. So she started to send him a message and he replied. -Love, it is after three in the morning, what are you writing to him and it sure is him? –

In response, she showed me the profile picture of the man she had been seeing and told me that she asked him if it was him, the one in that bar, and that he answered yes, but that he had just removed from the place. I commented to my Odalisque, hey and, are you sure you don’t know him?, -Yes, I don’t know him- what happens is that it’s<b> weird </font></b>that you send messages to a guy you don’t know at three in the morning, I argued. Do you think I took it the wrong way? My lady asked me, I answered no, I did not say it was wrong or improper, only that it was a little strange, but he answer you normally, so I do not think he would take it wrong, I said.

A week or two passed and when we went back to that bar, my wife sent a message to him now acquaintance on Facebook, asking him if he would go to that bar that night, and he answered yes, that he would go there later. that time my sweet lady had added him to her friends on the social network, although they had not talked too much. The friend arrived about 40 or 50 minutes later, my wife told him that we were on the second floor and that was where he went, that he had arrived with other friends but they stayed on the first floor. He arrived with us, it was the first time that my wife was going to talk with him in person, she made the introductions and then the two of them began to talk, the truth is that with the noise of the music from the bar I could not hear what they said, and they almost had to whisper to each other to make themselves heard. For this reason I felt a bit relegated, and even more so because she was frankly flirting with him shamelessly, placing a hand on the leg of her “friend”.

I was very far from imagining that a week later, the same guy would be fornicating my beloved wife right in front of my eyes. But not that night, they just chatted and flirted a bit there, I wasn’t jealous, but a little relegated and to be honest, I didn’t like that my lady seemed interested in her friend. My annoyance was because it seemed like my sexy wife was a lot of attention to him friend and not the other way around. Although I understand that he was a little suspicious of me, because I am the husband and we had not yet proposed a Menage to Trois and we were in a regular bar, not in a swinger club. So it was likely that the “friend” was respecting the “limits”.

But the destiny had something prepared for us, although that night nothing happened, later he withdrew from the bar with his friends and then we did, however, the following week, when we went out again, fortune wanted us to have to coincide with him in another bar, which is located on some main avenues of the city and with a similar 80s theme. There, without planning it, we met him, my wife was the first to see him and she told me: look, there is the boy I like with his friends. I suggested that we go greet him, when we arrived with them, he introduced us to his companions and we stayed talking and drinking with them, my wife continued now with a very subtle flirtation (as she knows how to do it when there’s another people) with her “friend” and she take about 4 o 5 songs that she likes to dance with him.

That night my hetera was dressed more casual, but no less seductive, she was wearing a blouse And a leather jacket with studs, torn denim pants and underneath the fishnet stockings that could be seen the rips in the pants, making her look like a punk girl if we add her blue hair that she was used on that occasion and some medium ankle boots that lifted her butt more, making her look very sensual.

My sexxxy wife would have liked to kiss with him while they danced, but he was surrounded his friends and had to be somewhat discreet, (already later on other occasions if she has done it with him and other “friends”), but maybe the forbidden desire has raised the sexual tension between the two of them.

Already around 3 in the morning, they were closing the bar, some of their friends had already retired and the one who remained lived very close to there, and will walk away, therefore we offered to give our “friend” a ride to his apartment, we got into our car and I drove around town until his friend’s apartment was relatively close. My wife sat in the passenger seat and did not go back to do “something” with her friend, as happened in our first threesome (and that without being the norm happens when we take a third party in the car)

When we arrived my wife asked permission to use the toilet, not only was it the pretext to enter him apartment, but a real need for the beers taken at the bar, we went in as the three of us and in the living room we saw another guy sleeping on a sofa, our friend told us he was a relative who had a few days staying the night at his house. While my wife used the toilet, I thought that nothing would happen because another man was half asleep there and I did not think that my lady would dare to have sex with her “friend” with a total stranger also present.

But my lady, who is very shy, can also be very daring and that morning when she had sex with her friend, she left the bedroom door ajar, so if the stranger woke up, he could easily see my wife being fucked her relative. (Later, at home, I asked her what would have happened if that other man had woken up and seen the whole show of the copulation that she did, she told me that that would have excited her even more … I wanted to know what else she would have dared to do and I asked her and what if that other man had entered the room to take a closer look, my sweet wife told me that she would not have minded … and that she would even have been willing to also fuck with that stranger and his friend while I watched as she was fucked like a real with those two men. My wife has many qualities that I love her for, but her sexual streak is very hot and exciting, and while our relationship is not based only on sex, I cannot complain about having a very sensual and sexual lady)

When my wife finish to use the toilet there was a little silence, the three of us were there without saying anything, there was a certain sexual atmosphere in the air, but nobody dared to do or say something, I started talking about the friend's apartment to have a little conversation, but after their responses that silence returned, a cat that he has as a pet approached my wife's feet and she began to caress him saying: -what a cute kitty- but as neither my lady nor our friend seemed to they would take the initiative, I decided to encourage my wife to dare a little more and I said to her: are you sure you just want to pet the cat? Don't you want to caress something else? I asked for.

My lady understood what I wanted, she stopped stroking the cat, she got up slowly and looked at me maliciously, then she began to caress her friend's face and brought her voluptuous body against his, they began to kiss, at first slowly and softly, to then go up the intensity and passion, both kisses and caresses, their hands and mouths recognized and explored their bodies, less than a 4 feet away I saw how another man was enjoying my wife at his complete disposal and how she was allowed himself to be carried away lust and responded to his friend's attentions.

The kisses became louder, longer and deeper, surely inside their mouths the tongues were intertwining like fish caught in a net. His hands went down to my wife's buttocks and squeezed her bottom, then went up to touch her breasts, while she hugged him tightly and caressed his back underneath his leather jacket. Thus for several minutes, while the temperature of their bodies was increasing and I did not lose detail of what was happening in front of my eyes, my wife overflowed sensuality in a natural way in the arms of another man.

But the living room was not the most conducive place to continue, it was obvious that they needed a bed on which to lie down to unleash their passion. In front of the living room there were two doors, my wife asked her friend which of them led to him bedroom, he replied that the first one on the right, my wife took him the hand and without saying anything, as if she were the hostess , led him to the bedroom, I followed them.

The room was austere, a bed at ground level, a hanging painting, a small chest of drawers and a television built into the wall, with some windows and curtains, some musical instrument in the corner, my wife and her friend settled on the bed , she on top of him and they continued with their ritual of increasingly intense kisses and caresses. For my part, I sat on a light cushion and continued to watch the show without missing any detail. My sweet wife had already taken off her jacket and also stripped her friend of hers, unbuttoning his shirt, she was dedicated to kissing the pectorals of her lover, he ran his hands over my wife’s body.

The truth was a situation full of eroticism, both were enjoying the caresses of the other, the clothes were giving little little and soon my wife was only with her underwear and fishnet stockings and the friend only with his pants, already unbuttoned my lady because her hands had already taken over that area to caress her friend’s penis. My girl proceeded to lower her friend’s pants and after doing so she took his cock to her mouth to give him a good blowjob, all of his flesh disappeared in the mouth and throat of my beloved, who was delighted with him. Without a doubt my lady was enjoying sucking a new cock, because her attention was on him, savoring it very slowly, seeing my wife with her mouth full of another guy’s dick is a beautiful show.

A picture full of lust and sensuality, my lady looked totally radiant and very enthusiastic in doing a very passionate fellatio, she alternated the blowjob with exercising Onan’s vice on her lover’s penis and while she masturbated him with her hand, she took the opportunity to take her mouth and lips to seize his friend’s testicles, sucking them one one or both at the same time, and then devour his erect cock again, swallowing it until it reaches the root of the penis, enjoying every inch of that juicy phallus.

I was totally hypnotized seeing how my cute and shy wife swallowed that cock with such passion, making its owner shudder with pleasure, so she was very busy savoring that man’s dick, testicles and perineum for or 20 minutes, now. then the bra was on the floor and her breasts were free and were occasionally caressed her friend.

My sexy girl, reassembled her lover to rub her crotch on her friend’s cock, she already showed the forbidden desire to be fornicated that man and while she rhythmically balanced on top of him, she asked him if he had any preservative. In response, his friend opened the small drawer and took out a package of condoms, my lady took one of them and opened it, placed it in her mouth and went down to put it on her friend’s penis, sliding it and covering it with latex at the erect cock of her lover, like a professional . If we consider that my lady has a very innocent face, the surprise that she performs such an act is even greater for the guests and without a doubt very pleasant.

I kept watching the lustful spectacle from the front row, that time I was quite erect and hard, the precum was coming out of my penis and my pants were already stained, I was still fully dressed, because as I agreed with my beloved, when we included a third person in our sex life, we allow the guest to first delight in my wife. What I did not imagine was that I would stay dressed all morning, because I would only be a voyeuristic witness of the sexual enjoyment of my beloved with another man. In contrast, my lady was already totally naked and was rhythmically riding her lover, searching with her movements, the coupling of their bodies, she smelled of a female in heat, and she looked like an on her friend’s body, her breathing began to sound agitated and his partner’s penis drew a sigh from him as he rubbed his vaginal lips as he tried to make his way into my beloved wife.

Our host grabbed my wife’s buttocks, separating them to facilitate the desired penetration and giving me an exclusive view of such a wonderful show and I clearly observed how that piece of meat began to sink into my beloved wife, the head of the penis slid inside of my beloved, she moaned when she felt like they opened her, in the next thrust more than half of the cock entered her and her moan was transformed into a small cry of pleasure, for the next attack, she was completely impaled her lover.

The movements of my beloved were very rhythmic and natural, it seemed that her body had been designed the gods of pleasure and carnal transgressions, so a few minutes passed in which I enjoyed seeing the of my wildly fornicating with another man, but despite how magnificent it was in the art of loving my sweet wife, his friend, after a while he could not maintain all the strength that my lady asked for. Surely that was due to my voyeuristic presence, and is that not all gentlemen can understand, or enjoy sex with witnesses.

I was waiting for my turn to join my wife and her friend in the fun at a sign of my beloved, but then she surprised me asking me: -Love, do you think you can leave the room for a while? – It took me a second to understand her request, I assumed we would have a threesome, but now my wife asked me to leave the two of them alone to enjoy the sexual act without me seeing or disturbing them. That is, I would become a cuckold and I would not even see another gentleman fornicating with my wife.

Although it was not my plan for that night, because I had the idea of having a threesome, I agreed to my sweet wife’s request, I leave the room, leaving the door ajar, but I was not going to stay in the living room with the other guy asleep there, so I went into the other room, which was filled with various musical instruments and opened onto a balcony. I went out to this place to reflect a little on what was happening while I was given the night watch.

From the balcony of that room I could clearly hear the moans of my wife being fucked another man right in the next room, the sounds that she emitted were indisputable signs that my lady was enjoying copulation, and strangely so was I. I enjoyed such an erotic situation. I couldn’t see how they were her, but if listening, well, all the neighbors who were up early could do it (it would be like 4: or 5 in the morning) because my lady was not inhibited and her moans and screams of pleasure they were perfectly audible and identifiable.

The truth is, it sounded like they were very hot que wild, that made my desire and impatience to see how that guy fucked my sweet wife increased every minute that passed, so at most I should have left them alone for about 10 minutes and I went back to enter the room. In retrospect I acted rashly, I should have allowed my lady to enjoy alone with her friend for much longer, (then in other “adventures” I have not made that mistake, and my wife has had much more space alone with some of our other friends.) but this was my first time as a cuckold and it wasn’t planned either.

Upon entering the bedroom, an unforgettable image awaited me, my lady lying on her back on the bed, with her legs fully open and extended, gladly received her friend, who, kneeling on the edge of the bed and almost on top of my wife, would fucked her with force, his friend’s cock disappeared when he sank totally into my lady’s vagina, then he backed away and again nailed my beloved, causing her to shudder when she received the onslaught of her lover, not only because of her moans and Screams of pleasure were admired the enjoyment she enjoyed, but the vaginal lubrication of my wife and the friction of the cock that went in and out made his friend’s penis super wet and covered with a white cream that slid down the root from the penis to his testicles.

Later in the house, my wife confessed to me that being fucked in that position, her friend in one of the attacks missed the hole and a piece of that hard and warm meat surprisingly entered my wife’s ass. It was an unpremeditated act of sodomy, it happened accidentally due to the position and forceful push that her friend exerted on her, my little princess released a slight cry of pain from her mouth when feeling anally penetrated, she believes that almost half a cock entered her in his entrails one blow, the next pushed, his friend corrected the course and entered through the vagina. My wife, in a normal situation, would never allow them to penetrate her first through the anus and then through the vagina without changing the condom, but her fever was such that she did not mind continuing to fuck like that with her friend.

I wanted to take my place on the cushion again to continue enjoying the show, but the cat had taken hold of it, and was watching carefully what his master was doing with my sweet wife, I tried to move him, but he did not give in, so I sat down to his side to be my voyeuristic witness to see my wife being fucked another guy.

But my wife had been right in asking me to leave the room, since my presence began to inhibit the sexual performance of her friend who underperformed in sexual attentions to my wife, since his penis did not remain hard enough for him to my lady would have enjoyed it as she deserved. That is, I do not want to be misunderstood, our friend tried to do the best he could in his role and fornicated my wife in very exciting positions, the way, but he could not keep his erection hard as when they were alone, and then talking to He confessed to us that he really did not feel at all comfortable in that situation, being watched me, while he fucked my wife. Nowadays he is a good friend of us, and the times he fornicated with my lady (at 3 months we had a threesome with him) he was always attentive and respectful both with her and with me, even after he was a boyfriend with a onda ir my friends. Although we don’t fuck with him anymore, we still hang out with him and his friends on certain occasions and my wife chats with him often.

For my part, I did cum that night several times watching my wife fuck very hot with her friend, my excitement was such that I didn’t even have to touch myself to make him ejaculate, but rather like a , it was enough to see how my sweet wife she mated with another man so that I would cum that morning about 3 times. And it is that I commented, they fucked in very suggestive and erotic positions, for example my lady put on four points, doggy style, but after a while her friend began to fuck her like that, she lowered her head and breasts to Lean them on the bed and lifted her ass even more, she looked spectacular in that pose and the penetration into her was deeper.

Then they got on a spoon position, he behind my wife and she was in front of me, that way I could appreciate every time that cock sank into my wife’s shell and more because to facilitate penetration his friend raised one of my wife’s legs letting me see in all her splendor how she was nailing my sexxxy lady.

They alternated fornicating, with periods of rest, either because our friend got tired (he is asthmatic) or because his erection was not hard enough (which was not his problem, but he is not used to having sex with witnesses simply, the the next time we were with him, his performance gave my wife two orgasms and one squirt) But still, the three of us had a fun and enjoyable time, the two of them and I watching the show. So they spent a couple of hours, where they practiced some other positions in bed,

already at that time the sunlight came through the windows illuminated their naked and sweaty bodies lying and hugging, while the cat and I were observers, my lady After a night of “excesses” she felt a little embarrassed to show her nakedness and modestly tried to cover herself, in a certain way ashamed of waking up next to another man who was not her husband while I witnessed her copulation with another gentleman.

My wife is an intelligent and beautiful woman, but she is still complex and indecipherable like a sphinx in some aspects, a mixture of innocence and malice in unison, on the one hand she had acted like a real bitch in heat while another man fucked her in my presence and at the same time she was sorry to wake up all fucked with another man. In fact, she apologized to him, shyly telling him that she found it difficult to show herself naked before his gaze, that’s how complex and enigmatic my sweet wife is. We got dressed and got ready to leave, our friend was attentive, (also a little out of touch with what had happened, but always very respectful) we said goodbye and returned to our house.

On the way, I looked askance at my wife, I still couldn’t believe that she had dared to have a hotwife / bull / cuckold experience, the truth surprised me (pleasantly) and I burned with the desire to get home to lie down with her, had to fuck her after someone else fucked her for a few hours. I wanted to put my penis inside her recently fucked vagina, surely full of moisture caused by the fornication of another. She hugged me tenderly on the way.

When we got to the house, I first fucked her like possessed, really hard until she cum, then, calmer, I made love to her in a more leisurely and tender way, I wanted my girl to feel loved and desired at the same time, that she did not act bad because of what we had done the night before, that it was something that the two (or three) of us wanted and that I love her completely. We basically lay in bed until the afternoon, having sex and resting, remembering what had happened and talking about it.

My wife asked me if she didn’t turn men on or why him didn’t get his dick totally hard the way she likes it. I told her that she was not the problem, that it was the nervousness of the guests, fortunately our friend sent her a message a few hours later in which he apologized for not having risen to the situation, mentioned how attractive and Sensual who is my wife, that raised my wife’s spirits a lot, because she really knew that it was not her question, but the unexpectedness of the situation of taking a third person to bed.

This is how we had our first hotwife / cuckold experience, and we learned something from it, of course I am definitely the type more stag than cuckold, but that does not mean that I can not enjoy the magnificent spectacle of seeing my sweet wife get fucked by another gentleman (or hear their moans and screams of pleasure, as the case may be) Thank you for taking the time to read our anecdote and do not hesitate to write and comment what you think. The photos in the story are only illustrative and are not from us, because on that occasion do not take the “souvenir image”. Greetings

justme51 71M

3/30/2021 1:50 pm

Awesome photos always nice to watch wife suck cock and get fucked good and hard.

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