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Advice to those interested in Tops  

verstop4unow 65M
0 posts
1/31/2021 3:14 pm
Advice to those interested in Tops

The luck of the draw has made Alpha Tops a rare commodity among the Lifestlye groups. The pleasure providers out number Tops by double digits. The trick to attracting a real Top is honesty. If you reach out to a Man it is not the time to be coy or shy or play at tickle and tease because He will more than likely disqualify you in a heartbeat. The Top is looking for a good fit for his schedule that meets His desires. A straight cocksucker, a real submissive, or a self realized slut who knows the rules of the game is worth his weight in gold for the right Top.. That does not mean We are not in the hunt, We are, but we are looking for a quality pleasure provider. If We wanted quantity We could go to an adult book store and easily get blowjobs a night.

if you have found a cock that attracts you enough want share your pleasure with it, write the Top. Honesty and sincerity will go a long way to achieving your goal. Tell Him a little about your sexual history and desires without writing a novel. If He wants more information He will ask you to provide it. If you want to receive a reply never write one or two lines that is a big turn off . Keep in mind great cocks get lots of offers and no real Top is going to chase a coy cocksucker that only works in the gay vanilla night club scene, not in LifeStyle relationships. A man with a great cock is looking for a man who shows great potential and is willing to go the extra mile to be His pleasure provider. Every weekly session is a marathon designed to break you, wear you out and leave you in a jangled puddle to languor. It the closest thing to subspace a slut can experience without the intense physical sensations that create an out of body experience without the use of floggers, bamboo canes and stingers. In any venue the Top and bottom agree to to play in an interlude the Top does most of the work the bottom has the easy part. He or she only has 3 focuses to Relax, Obey and Enjoy. The sucking part is a submissive offering to the man whose cock created the altered state of bliss. And when it is time to worship His cock you will lose yourself to the task as never before.

No matter what category your kink falls under you are not less than the Man with the cock you desire to worship. As they say there is a ass for every seat so provide enough information about what kinds of sex that defines your cravings. Some Tops enjoy sissy bois, others encourage gurly behavior from straight guys in bed and nowhere else, many want a straight guy who loves cock and is submissive to it without giving up his gender in the process. There are a many reasons for a man to desire to suck another man off. Keep that mystery to yourself until He asks you about it. And keep in mind this is not sex as it is defined between two people, this kind of interlude is designed to break you down to a shameless state of bliss. After that experience you will do and be whatever He requires regardless of your prior self image. Why? no other form of sexual relationship will ever come close to the intensity and release you will experience while under the control of our Top.

Some bottoms want to be called dirty names, others are turned off by it. Some want to be skull fucked and cock gagged, others want to be allowed to showcase their skills and not be made to feel uncomfortable during oral worship. Find out what He expects and what you need via negotiations by the second email. If what He requires is more than you are willing to engage in be polite thank Him for His times and excuse yourself. If you agree to try to meet his criteria live up to your end of the bargain. There is a perfect ass for every seat, or a perfect ass for every cock. Keep in mind there is a large number of faux cocksuckers just looking for jerk off material with no intention of kneeling before the cock to provide the pleasure they lack the courage to fulfill in their fantasy. When to desire finally becomes overwhelming this type of guy may eventually end up on his knees in an unsafe adult bookstore environment or approaching one of the cops that set up stings there So do not be surprised if the Top you approach is dubious about your intentions, and pushes you a bit, go the extra mile to prove your are real and sincere in your intention to pleasure Him. He will never hurt you. You may get sore, your muscles may ache, your nervous system may give out, but i the end you will be grateful for the cum drunk state of bliss He leaves you in. In the days after your interlude while your body recovers from the nerve jangled state Bliss exacts for the experience, you will understand why one interlude a week is all you are allowed. He may allow you ot visit to suck cock and leave, he may not so much as send a wink via text, but you will be thiniing of Him. He will ever be on your mind.

The cocksucker can fall under hundreds of sub categories. Some just want to suck and give their all to that. Some crave some level of humiliation, others want to be treated like filthy whores,still others are masochistic and beg to be trained in BDSM by their Top. But make no mistake about it every cocksucker harbors a submissive personality when it comes to sucking cock, Other cocksuckers actually flirt with the idea of being a submissive slave to a man through cock worship. Some sluts crave cum in their ass to feel they have been properly bred, others need protection to feel save. Some will allow unprotected after they know the Top is a responsible partner regarding regular testing. Keep in mind the Top has to agree to respect whatever limitations proposed in the present as well as the future of your shared interlude, if you desire more it is your responsibility to as for more. Some Tops will only fuck bottoms you if they can breed them, others will not fuck you without a condom unless you provide them with a recent test that proves you are disease free. Some will not even accept that..
Most Tops require you to swallow His cum and would be insulted if you spit out the passion he fed you. Others will allow you to let it dribble out your cheeks as long as you continue to suck until He has finished cumming.

It is critical you learn the bare minimum of what He expects form you in the first two or three emails so as to waste your time or the Tops. Many married bottoms seek exclusive relationships to be safe where disease is concerned. Some tops will agree to it for a set period of time provided the bottom can make himself available to meet His needs. So if the cocksucker does not have the time to put suck 3 to 4 times a week excluding the interlude do not expect the short term monogamy you are asking for. The ideal for a marred bottom is to find a married Top. If the sexual desires match this relationship has the best chance of being a safe long term arrangement. I have known married guys who have found ways to interact together with their wives in none sexual ways so they do not have to make excuses to meet for sex. Two buddies going hunting or fishing or tinkering in the garage on a project while the wives who have become friends are out<b> shopping </font></b>together or at a chick flick together do not feel abandoned. The guys I knew came from a BDSM LifeStyle and carried on safely and secretly for over ten years with no question about occasional bruises or welts the pawned off as clumsy accidents the submissive partner sustained. It lasted until the submissive partner moved out of state with the company that employed him.

A great match is not at all that easy to find but once achieved cherish it while it lasts. If you are the Top seed and fuck your bottom as much as he needs it. If you are the bottom be sure to conduct yourself passionately in private. Fondle your guy as often as you can safely and discreetly to let Him know who much you desire Him. offer quickies fucks or blowjobs. If you are both into bromance, kiss often. If the relationship is based upon manly sexual intimacy without the kissing, you can still embrace before and after sex without being feminine. Just do not try to change the dynamic without mutual agreement . Stay within the niche that made you a pair and it will remain comfortable for both of you.

Please feel free to post your comments or ask honest questions and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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