The night that, I'm not completely sure , I fell out In heaven  

upicitistikithit 47M
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2/6/2022 2:01 am
The night that, I'm not completely sure , I fell out In heaven

Yrs ago I meet this and a wedding. I instantly wanted that ass and flat out without thought or hesitation grabbed my hard cock and with the upmost respect let her know what I would do to her right now, here in front of everyone. No doubt I was gonna get rejected but to my surprise, if my husband wasn't here or we were somewhere else. Turns out she was a really close friend to a relative by marriage. So I immediately put her to work for time passed I get a call. We going out tonight you coming? Fuck yes !! I got freshened up and tight to death. And we were going back to girls house after and my crush was staying to. We clubbing..drinking can't tell me shit she grinding my dick oh shit yeah ... keep noticing I'm getting eyed ... so I tell the by marriage girl to come dance with us. I swear she looked like she was eye fucking me hard. Drunk as fuck and not giving a fuck... im telling my self ...self what ever happens make That shit count. I'm fucking them both if that's how it rolls. We leave get to girls place ... my crush says she leaving... yall look like yall fucking... I never even had a thought of shit , my dick was so hard... who giving up the pushy. I jump in girls bed , she goes to bathroom . She comes back lays down... I ease closer hoping to at least get a dick thing I a pro port star she was fucking herself on my cock. This Thang fucked herself so hard that I fell out ...that is all I remember. And my dick was sore and still hard. Haven't seen her sense

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