Where is this going?  

trymexxx_69 45M
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2/4/2022 1:45 am
Where is this going?

Are there real peeps on here that actually engage and not just send messages or talk in chat? do they read your profile, realize you not GOLD and then see where in chat to find you?

I am not convinced it goes anywhere..................

trymexxx_69 45M
9 posts
2/4/2022 5:47 am

no comments at all? suppose to close to the truth?

seems6666 51F
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2/4/2022 10:45 am

You need to add a comment to your own blog post for it to show in the main blog feed.
Yes, some meet, some don't , some are here for an ego boost, some just chat the same with any other meeting website. It takes time to find someone... men outnumber women by 20:1
But if you believed the strap line.. join today get laid tonight.. you will be disappointed.
Also all I see on your profile is pics and vids of your dick.. a lot of women don't like to see that ... Good luck

trymexxx_69 replies on 2/7/2022 1:52 am:
All so true, I was just typing for the sake of typing, as I needed some points Thanks for the comments

seems6666 51F
4838 posts
2/4/2022 10:47 am

Also... if someone cant see your profile.. all they will see is the cybersex room... so ppl might think that's all your here for

TicklePlease 54F  
13851 posts
2/4/2022 11:40 am

No woman is going to go look for you to chat with you. You have to make the effort.

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