part 4  

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1/30/2022 12:54 am
part 4

Well the stories are getting longer but I hope more entertaining I wore all night the collar and the chain with plug And as I got I can feel the weight of it.I will take out the butt plug when you're done washing I want you to place this dildo with it. i answer yes you don't worry about the chain's or collar all water proof. But I want you too put in this dildo for the rest of the day. I will on the chain so you c an't forget about . and grabs the butt plug and leave's. I guess should start moving around. I go in the bath room and wash and shave. Done the dildo is slapping my butt. Every time I move around. I think should I just insert or should I wait. I think I will wait for after coffee .After I place the dido in tn me and it was large really thick. I get on with work and ocausally the chain's rub agunst something or get caught . I would have stop and untangel my self. We are ready to go he tells to get fucked will be a long road<b> trip </font></b>So bend over he shoves his dick all the way in And goes well fit nicely he 's me for a while and cum's deep inside He must saved because a full gallon. I empty he tells me too go and let in out. I don't want the seat's messy. I come back after I'm done took thirty minutes. 's on the leash let's go we long way go. We go out the moterhome he walk's the back the moter and unlock's the door and I'm in plain view of everyone that go by. He goes in. after we leave I ask our we going thru any point's Yeah is a towel on the sink but you will use when we go thru all rhe other time you will be undressed We wen't thru a point. And he did't even . Now get here and stay. I go yes master.
The place was nice we pulled fenced off area and a lot of the people were undressed all the slave's and some of the master's you see some or the slave's on collar you will fit in nicely. at all the naked slaxe's just a sea of ass. I just there and wait he goes good there will not be any talking from you and you will do everything you are told there be no misunderstanding's. Now get out and let's go. WE go the line at the boat I'm standing there in line comepetly nu be a large brunett lady with her nude also and on a leash like me the whole group is on leases. It must be a requirement. And we get up the sign andtells us all slave's our to have leash on at all time's when out of the room. And I can't get anything unless he get's it. It is just like home. I go yes there is nothing to say.

>>!....have a great night

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