Watching Live Action  

tomswift1949 73M
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11/13/2021 11:00 pm
Watching Live Action

It is a learning experience to watch the number of individuals masturbating on Live Action. There seems to be as many different ways to stroke your cock as the shape, size and girth varies from male to male. I have also noticed the different fashions of rubbing their clits to climax also changes from female to female. There is a differentiated learning curve trying to remember the number of strokes a man makes to keep on going until the watching guest want to have him cum because they are getting tired, but like that rabbit, he just keeps on stroking on and on and on. I have gotten tired, almost fell asleep once waiting for his arm and hand to cramp up and then force the individual to finally cum. But not yet and he keeps on going and going and going. The women' need to meet the desire for multiple orgasms is different than the recovery time for the<b> balls </font></b>to produce more sperm. All the ladies need is a bit more lotion to keep from chaffing all the delicate part that cause their eyes to roll into the back of their head as overwhelming pleasure takes over. I am going to start taking notes to get the rhythm down and become an expert in male and female masturbating. They are better at baiting than a fisherman who has graduated from school with a certificate as one of the best master
baiters around.

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