Ode to BlurredLinesBrum  

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1/26/2022 8:56 am
Ode to BlurredLinesBrum

Despite the title, I will not be having a stab at a poem. I could, but I won't.

This is more of a love note to the staggeringly seductive Senior Sizzle user BlurredLinesBrum.

For the avoidance of doubt, we've never met or spoken to either of the couple detailed on this profile.

And therefore, as is the sad way with Senior Sizzle, I can't tell you for sure they actually exist as presented.

But fuck me I hope they do.

Or more precisely... fuck me I hope she does.

We started swapping messages with the wife a couple of days ago on the Senior Sizzle chat system.

I'll refer to her only as 'S' from here on in. You can ask her for her name yourself if you like, but it's not for me to disclose.

I've included one of her profile pix with this blog, with her permission. Sexy fucking bitch that she is.

She opened our message exchange by complimenting my wife's boobs. Which was just swell.

And it progressed into a sprawling exchange on WhatsApp (our own preferred method for communication after face pic swaps).

I'm pretty good at summarising people in words, but S is going to be somewhat of a challenge.

She is, first and foremost, very literate and a highly imaginative writer.

In fact, S might be the most seductive message swapper I have ever encountered.

And that should be regarded as high praise as I immodestly pride myself on an ability to bend words to my will.

S combines descriptions of her own perpetual-motion sex life with snippets of domesticity. Inviting you into her world with an endless teasing dance.

She shows traits of being reflective, self-aware, self-effacing, confident and approachable.

She has a knack of convincing you that - although it might not have been your kink before - her proposed sexual encounter sounds like a thoroughly good idea.

She has a kind and gentle nature, but also a violent, even cosmic thirst for sexual pleasure. And it is so fucking hot.

She is beautiful too. Not in a slap-tastic Instagram way, but in a 'that women just embraces what she looks like and emanates raw sexuality as a result' type way.

She is the sort of women the guys in Weird Science (one for all fellow Gen X'ers out there) should have actually created. A pure male construct of a desirable female.

I've described her as 'delicious' in chats. Something my wife wasn't thrilled about as she knows when another woman has finally unlocked my own enigma code.

Look, don't my word for it. Drop her a line yo'self and pray she engages with you.

As I've said, I don't know her for real. I've got no in the race here. I'm not her fucking agent.

Her words and images just moved me so much I felt compelled for once to write about an individual Senior Sizzle user, as opposed to my usual boring shit about the failings of this site.

And all I can say is if she does exist in the way she presents herself then her old man is being paid back for multiple previous lives of sainthood.

I've repeatedly told her that I might cry for a week if I ever find out she is just another fake. And I'm no crier.

Quite frankly, even if she is a fake, she's worth the ride anyway. Absolute fool's gold.

Tragically, a mismatch in our dynamic means I don't think I'll ever lay a finger on her. As I've told her, she just feels like one of those cakes I'll never get to eat.

But she is something else, so all of ya'll should go ahead and jump on that.

You can thank 'ol Tommy later. xx

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