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That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 6 of 7  

tomboytgirl68 54T  
22 posts
10/22/2020 1:21 am
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 6 of 7

Now the stage ... nude with my arms above my head, wrists bound and attached a chain that disappeared toward the ceiling and, in effect, stretching my body almost off the floor of the stage except for the black heels that Rita added to complete the "presentation" ... tgirl ... stalked, seized, stripped and bound and now ready to be viewed ... for the voyeuristic enjoyment of all and perhaps purchased with a cancellation of debt owed this Vic from Bob (?). As I knew Bob .... and his wife, but apparently not Rita enough ... I did not really feel panic but not just the hot excitement I might have. Being bare and vulnerable for a pending display for them sorta sounded like something that I would at first deny even thinking about ... and so with a final definite "no" ... while the time knowing that for a long time, at night, when alone in bed I would fantasize about it, lots. Yes, this was like one of Bob's<b> games </font></b>but then again ... everyone seemed pretty serious that Bob was in trouble in some way. So, the upshot was that no, I was not enjoying this like I might have at the least and a little concerned as the potential outcome. Right then, if I could have escaped I would would have. So, right then ... not fun ... especially with the blindfold as it just enhanced my feeling of bareness ... vulnerability. And, now, in retrospect ... wasn't that just what the purpose was for the blindfold? Perhaps the same psyche as if the "watchers" would be wearing masks ... and again latent responses from the subject but different, of course and as to their specifics, only known to the subject who has been forced to experience either at one time or another. Interesting ...

After Bob and Rita were done getting me ready and Rita came again, adjusted my blindfold, which was still not perfect as I could tell that a bright light was somewhere above me, and she playfully patted my bottom and whispered those words to me and again reiterated how fabulous I looked and added, "Did you notice that this stage is not against the wall? the reason the stage is an island is so you have no place to hide and now your viewing audience can encircle you ... the island design accommodating more with better viewing ... and then the noises of her backing off and the moments of quiet as I imagined they were "watching" and then sounds of movement away ... to the door ... or a bench ... and then sensing a combination of noise ... the door opening? and yes, it was as voices in the next room ... but no slamming the door shut?! And then, I guess Vic, "Bob, please quit wasting my time and get her fanny in here and you know how I interview prospects .... naked and in front of others so we can see if she is a stripper or not, righjt?" And then, no more sound of the door but Bob and Rita in conference as their sounds grew louder and then the door closing .... so the door had never closed before and Rita probably still in this room watching, guarding ... did I know Rita at all?

Then, a slack in the chain and my arms coming down ... as was I until Bob caught me and held me as Rita removed my blindfold ... the bright light! Rita held my shoulders and Bob worked his way around behind and put in a bear hug as Rita uncuffed for Bob and he then grabbed my arms, jerking them backwards behind and held them steady as Rita cuffed one wrist and then, forcing my wrists together, cuffed the other ... my hands now behind my back ... no more defense, no modesty ... neither ... for whatever they each might be worth.

And then, while Rita was walking back and forth, my vision returning and my equilibrium again allowing the 3" heels dictate my hips again sway a bit naturally and my posture be a bit more provocative in arching my back a bit which allowed a slight lifting ... of like a subtle ... .suggesting ... an offering; my bottom... You know, the real reason for heels at all ... an invention for the "feminine", certainly not for comfort but to use to tantalize the very voyeuristic nature of the "masculine" ... the proverbial red cape waving before the raging bull ... the stripper now having just, (and finally), thrown her panties to the men and women watching and waiting ... the masculine and Butches, at the tables now ready for the feasting upon her,.. the feminine ...

And, as I watched Bob staring at me ...his eyes and his ... smirk, as Rita, in effect, was "parading me" back and forth ... I was his ... until very recently; his ... and now, after we broke up, being paraded before him ... I was his and now, to him ... just almost a tease? ... Bob now with perhaps some vindictive or jealous motives cause we were no longer a "couple" ... these were among the thoughts that were running through my mind ...
... xox Kaycee.

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