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Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 11, 1 of 2.  

tomboytgirl68 54T  
22 posts
6/14/2021 8:52 pm
Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 11, 1 of 2.

And so ... now back the "scene" of the crime. And speaking of "seen", as my being "seen" by the Professor ... and that sorta sick ... and I knew it ... and now, in my continuing spirit of "letting my hair down", I did not mean infer that the Professor's desire was sick want enjoy watching us and maneuver watch us ... Actually, that aspect of his personality and his frankness about his voyeurism ... that was and is very attractive ... and if he wanted watch us watch ... well that is just a turn-on for , too cool. and just proves that he has good taste, of course, right? What I was referring to and I guess confessing to was my kinda kinky vulnerability to be so turned on with this sort of attention, especially from older men, and some women like Rita and Kathy, AKA Jackie also.

Anyway, back to, "my being nude and stretched out on the back seat and facing the back cushion and sorta overhearing "the boys" up in the front limo seats"..... It was then that no, I did not "hear" whatever that got my attention, but rather there was just a lull in the conversation; it was that lull or the silence that made me aware ... I could almost feel their eyes on me ... both of them ... their eyes exploring me from head to foot ... and probably stopping where, if I were turned around and watching them, they would be embarrassed to linger ... well maybe, I mean, consider the whole situation ... maybe I should be dropping my gaze if anyone. As it was, the whole idea of them just staring at me, digesting me, each in his own way and imagining those visions doing that special thing to their respective penises ... my Minnie Mouse began to wake up.

It was very soon that I just could not stand the tension plus sort of ridiculous as they must have known that I was not sleeping, so I began to turn over and, perhaps just cause I did not know what to do with my hands, as I was turning, my right arm went across my chest, my arm covering my right nipple and my hand cupping my left breast. My left arm went down and I wedged the tips of my fingers between my thighs with my hand protection Minnie Mouse. And it was almost spontaneous, not at all presumptuously flirty and I'm not really sure why but by the time that I landed on my left side facing them, I knew that my apparent effort towards protection (?) or modesty (?) or whatever, really just called attention to the fact that "well boys, see, I am a bit "different". And that excited me and I thought it probably was going to inspire them also. And then I gazed up to meet their leering with "brave naivety" flavored with accepted submission to my fate.

However, after completing my acknowledged debauchery with a flair during my turnover tease (oh yes, and even to open my thighs a bit more than necessary at the apex of my arch so they could each have a good view), and with the completion of it all in either seconds or minutes and my thoughts that, for better or worse, I had indeed underlined and got the boys attention as my concession that I knew just what our roles were going be in the timeless dance that we were about preform.

But, they were not there. I mean even their heads were missing. And then I realized that they were both hunkered low in their seats and mumbling, punctuated with giggles, yes, giggles, not even masculine gaffaws and or chuckles but ... giggles. And, the giggles came from both sources, Mr. Pig and the Professor, both "boys". Where did the men go? I did not want know this side of the Professor.

And then they sorta "BROKE FROM THE HUDDLE" and "CAME UP TO THE LINE" and their heads appeared and they both looked up and down, back and forth, as they were supposed as "men", but the other idea lingered and as I watched them ogling ... but not yet drooling. (lol), when they began to move a bit I thought it analogous to a "SHIFT TO A COVER " ... rather than the "" of them "covering ! ... It was absurd!

And then, almost in unison, they turned their backs each other and each opened their respective door and bolted outside And before Mr. Pig got his door shut again, I heard the Professor, "Keep her busy Jimmy until I can get back in there" And with the doors being opened, I noted that the rain had stopped and it was so very dark and that they disappeared. And then I heard the latch to the door on the right at my feet, the Professor's side. And it rattled again followed by couple poundings ... And so I scrunched up, I had to, and flipped the switch to unlock the door ... I mean I thought, "God now what ... I have to help the Professor ravage me(?)!! It was too funny, too pathetic and would I ever tell someone about this, what really is happening? Well, now I guess so, right?! But, I'm not done yet, am I.
... xox Kaycee.

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