Naked Fantasy  

timetohavefun66 68M
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6/12/2021 4:12 am
Naked Fantasy

I am a straight guy and I guess you can say I am an exhibitionist as I love showing my body.
My<b> fantasy </font></b>has always been being tied and then stripped. My hands could be tied to the ceiling near the center of a room with my body stretched out so just my toes touch the floor. The person or persons would then strip me completely so I am just hanging there completely naked in front of them.
At this point my cock would be super hard and throbbing. They could tie my legs together or have they spread eagle by tying them apart. Either way I would not be able to move much.
I would be at their mercy.

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6/12/2021 10:04 am

sounds cool

it's neat to learn what turns others on

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