tickylicky007 55M/52F  
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9/3/2021 2:57 am

The first time I had<b> anal </font></b>with my partner was in the middle of the afternoon. We checked into a hotel. After a little foreplay, I shocked him by turning over and telling him to stick it in my asshole.

Things got even better in that department when we both made rimming a regular activity. Then we progressed by adding another guy then another, they filled all my holes together.

I love being the center of attention with several focused on me while I pleasure them.

I enjoy it immensely. I just want to know how other ladies feel about<b> anal </font></b>& if their experiences are similar.


In the butt Bob

John324864 73M  
1225 posts
9/3/2021 4:12 am

Just goes to show you if you never try anal you won't know if you like it or not. Glad to see that you have had both holes filled at the same time. Now you need to have a cock in your mouth while you have your pussy an ass filled at the same time.

Brownie202 65F  
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9/3/2021 5:18 am

When I still wanted sex I loved anal. When I started doing kink without intercourse my x kink partner would use fingers or be a toy.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

peninsula_ 52M
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9/4/2021 12:16 pm

I think more females would be open to it, but it's that inevitable first attempt idiot that fucks it up for everybody.

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