anyone serious an real  

tdrex74 48M   
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11/12/2021 3:04 pm
anyone serious an real

Is there anyone out there thats wants a real serious sincere deep meaningful relationship to build.. ?????? No games, no sad story about why you need me to send you money, or to some how help you out. Which also means money of some kind? Im sick of it to be honest. I heard so many stories, to get money.. just sad. My answer is NO!

Friends dont screw there friends.. Why do some think its ok.. to ask a man for money gifts to see them ect??? why.??. would you as a lady like it if I did that to you?? help me with gas or pay for my plane ticket.. help me with medical bills ect..

I can also get that nice women get too many dick pics an one night stand or worst, they get asked to send nude pics of themselves.. BOTH are wrong...

on a brighter note.. there is nothing wrong with building chemistry or paying for dinner an a movie.. There is nothing with getting to each other kinks.. IF your having fun time and enjoy talking about sex an trading pics.. Great. all good..

IF you are looking to make money or have hook ups fine.. NOT for me.. I will pass..

Im looking for something different.. Some one who I can have fun with but have meaningful relationship that includes other things like church.. dishes.. ect

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