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10/17/2021 1:44 am

We wrestled and fought uncontrollably until, once again, her little belly rising upwards to expose her naked sex, I drove mine into her with all my might. She breathed deeply between her sobs and our passion caused our flesh to shudder more deeply than I can remember. By this time I had pinioned her hands on either side to the floor so that she lay as though crucified below me. I rose and fell against her, our bellies smacking together in a welter of sweat until, just as the new inundation coursed through the sensitive tissue of my flanks, I felt her body grow weak, accepting the ichor of my passion and her lovely young face, tearful and ecstatic at the same time, pleaded with me to stop.
"Oh," she cried. "Stop now... I can't bear any more... I shall die of pleasure! Please..."
Her eyes were closed and her tremulous young bosom rose and fell out all<b> control. </font></b>Her limbs were slack. All possibility of effort had deserted her!

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