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additional questions: sexual fantasy7/9/2021  3  
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Fantasies7/8/2021  15  
Fantasy vs. Reality7/8/2021  8  
Current Fantasy7/7/2021  0  
Vanilla ice cream by Stephen Lynch.... best song ever.7/3/2021  0  
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Bareback fun in Baltimore for July6/29/2021  3  
Fantasy Waiting6/29/2021  2  
When Blonde Hair Turns Grey6/28/2021  0  
Who is this dude anyway?6/28/2021  0  
Another blogger...6/28/2021  1  
my gay wrestling fantasy6/27/2021  0  
Sketch of a secondary lover (rough draft)6/27/2021  0  
Hey just wondering I did a live steam6/27/2021  0  
Looking for A Birthday BJ6/26/2021  0  
A Dark fantasy (For bi couple ONLY)6/26/2021  0  
Lonely boy needing his fantasy girl!!!6/25/2021  0  
I want her every fantasy to cum true6/25/2021  0  
short fantasy6/25/2021  0  
👅👄 Is it time to?6/25/2021  8  
Birth of a Cuckold6/25/2021  2  
New Sexy MWC near Atlantic City loves to chat with T-Gals6/24/2021  0  
Ummmm Doctor??6/24/2021  13  
More than just friends6/23/2021  2  
A party life produces a party brain6/23/2021  0  
Extremely BiCurious6/23/2021  1  
Gangbang Dreams6/23/2021  0  
wanting to meet for my fantasy wheb high6/23/2021  2  
Summertime Girls6/21/2021  0  
What i'm looking for... And what I am getting...6/21/2021  3  
A mix of aching lusty sexual frustration & the determination to keep ethical6/20/2021  0  
the unicorn6/19/2021  1  
A fantasy.6/18/2021  0  
The Encounter6/18/2021  2  
do ant tvs tg or ts want to meet a while man for sex?6/17/2021  0  
Breaking and Entering - A Bit of Erotica: Epilogue6/17/2021  9  
My first post6/15/2021  8  
Switcheroo6/15/2021  0  
Swinger6/14/2021  0  
The locker room6/14/2021  0  
Cum one, Cum all!6/14/2021  1  
Your favorite fantasy6/14/2021  0