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Guess who's back from tour??5/25/2021  0  
Party In The Parking Lot5/23/2021  6  
Pics from the trip5/23/2021  1  
Travelling companions?5/22/2021  0  
Wednesday...It's hump day people...5/19/2021  3  
What happens on greyhound stay on greyhound...5/18/2021  1  
Happy birthday to me!5/17/2021  34  
what do you say? she says: THANK YOU5/17/2021  7  
Tim and Abbie 59: Finishing off the weekends for the rest in attendance Friday night5/17/2021  0  
Just call me Ms Sociable.....hic5/17/2021  2  
Passing the buck and selling ice cubes to eskimos....5/16/2021  2  
Tim and Abbie 58: Some of the others in attendance Friday night5/16/2021  0  
I like Banana's....5/15/2021  7  
A LIVING WAGE...5/13/2021  18  
Back to being an Uber Driving Slut... and loving it5/13/2021  25  
The Cops Were Looking For Me. Arrested. O Canada!5/13/2021  35  
For her5/13/2021  2  
What in your world can use an upgrade?5/12/2021  19  
HNW - Favorite5/12/2021  19  
crazy road trip slut fantasy5/9/2021  20  
A trip away that I won't forget5/8/2021  3  
Still in my cleaning mode5/6/2021  4  
Losing control with my tennis crush5/4/2021  2  
Morning....5/4/2021  5  
Another level5/3/2021  0  
I feel like you shouldn’t have the best of both worlds5/2/2021  0  
Free trip to the Virgin Islands??? Seriously, no joke, lol.4/29/2021  0  
🥂❤️ Play it?4/27/2021  9  
"Money, Money, Money, Dolla Dolla bill Y'all!4/26/2021  13  
Fantasies aren't what you might think4/25/2021  6  
ABOUT LATER.....4/24/2021  1  
This lady trippin or am i4/24/2021  0  
Frankly, That Was a Bit Discouraging4/23/2021  10  
A Little of This, A Little of That, and A Little of the Other Thing4/23/2021  6  
On the Road Again!4/22/2021  1  
Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 6.4/22/2021  0  
Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 4.4/20/2021  0  
Beach trip 08-26-2021 thru 08-29-29214/20/2021  0  
April 12, 20214/19/2021  3  
Not sure you can just dip a toe4/17/2021  0  
It's not the same...4/16/2021  3  
The Nibble4/15/2021  1  
Never underestimate what is involved4/14/2021  0  
Why On Earth4/14/2021  0  
The mechanics of being an Uber Driving Slut and how I go from flirting to fucking...4/14/2021  26  
Another Sucker in My Mouth4/13/2021  4  
An Interesting Trip - Parts 4-64/12/2021  2  
Why Clumsy People Shouldn't Wear Stilettos4/11/2021  9  
😲👀 Flash from the past4/11/2021  8  
Wednesday road trip humor!4/7/2021  4