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my dream day with you1/8/2022  1  
New Years Saga Continued1/8/2022  0  
My road to Perdition1/8/2022  0  
Balls deep1/8/2022  0  
The first in a public restroom.1/8/2022  1  
Santa Gets Laid --- The Conclusion1/8/2022  4  
3some 7/27/141/8/2022  1  
erotic dream1/7/2022  0  
some erotica1/7/2022  14  
Foursome Fun Unknowingly Caught On Tape1/7/2022  0  
take me part 564...edited and expanded.1/7/2022  1  
Tail from the Road1/7/2022  1  
A good guy with a dark side1/7/2022  0  
What if?1/7/2022  3  
Story For You1/5/2022  0  
Lookin For Dom Top Feeders1/5/2022  0  
Lookin For Dom Feeders1/5/2022  0  
a first for me1/4/2022  2  
take me part 555...unedited.1/4/2022  3  
A Boy and his Toys Part 21/4/2022  3  
Why does a stiff cock make me......1/4/2022  9  
take me part 552...edited.1/3/2022  1  
My First Time - Jeff1/3/2022  0  
Couple #21/3/2022  0  
Pay me for what?!?1/2/2022  21  
Satisfying Daddy's Needs1/2/2022  3  
Oral Fixation1/2/2022  4  
Insatiable Needs1/2/2022  2  
cum on and take me on a slow ride1/2/2022  1  
Lookin For Hung Tops1/2/2022  1  
Lookin For Hung Tops1/2/2022  0  
That was close.....but if only.1/2/2022  1  
The bad week is gone1/1/2022  6  
My first and only times with a guy1/1/2022  0  
Happy New Year repost all in one1/1/2022  4  
Daddy's girl1/1/2022  0  
almost naked1/1/2022  1  
how many must I dance to?1/1/2022  0  
My first bi experience1/1/2022  0  
Gay role playing12/31/2021  0  
Lookin For Hung Dom Tops12/31/2021  0  
NEW YEAR'S POEM12/31/2021  4  
Fuck these bubbles I am sure you are fantasizing and masturbating imagining that I am wearing sum12/30/2021  0  
Another old lang sine...12/30/2021  2  
Revenge?? or what she really wanted??12/30/2021  0  
The two Doms and their sissy's fantasy part 412/30/2021  5  
Couples story I wrote for my ex wife many years ago.....12/30/2021  1  
Play Thing...12/30/2021  3  
Santa Gets Laid Part 412/30/2021  3  
First Date With My Gay Boyfriend and Start of My Affair12/30/2021  2