Jake's and Jolyne's Wild West Adventure - chapter 2  

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2/17/2022 2:46 pm
Jake's and Jolyne's Wild West Adventure - chapter 2

Chapter 2: The travellers


Jolyne slipped out of the family cart, making a commitment not to make noise. She was agitated about the imminent journey, from the next day a new life would begin for her. Who knows what she would have found beyond the desert, what would have been her role in that new world. She was still struggling to do manual labor and to engage in something other than study and good manners. But as her father always said, work is a virtue that must be carried out. Her father ... The only man in her life, apart from her brother Ellis, both of them too apprehensive and suffocated towards her, always ready to treat her as a . She looked at the night sky while continuing to think about her life. She would have liked to meet a man who spoke to her like a woman ... who embraced her like a woman. Her thoughts were interrupted by Ellis who invited her to return to the tent informing her that it was not nice for a girl to go around at night.

After a quick breakfast with fried eggs and bacon in the saloon at dawn (which he shared with Susan who unexpectedly showed up), Jake was introduced to the leader of the caravan and the spiritual guide. They wanted to travel West and Jake agreed to guide them for a week or so, until they could reach the next larger town. They discussed the reimbursenment for a while and the bargaining almost falied. Jake was at first not satisfied with the amount that the caravan said they could produce, but eventually he gave in. The fur hunting in the mountains had not been going well recently and Jake wanted to do something different. Besides, it would be healthy to interact with people again.

Jake said goodbye to Bob and walked out of the saloon with men from the caravan.
He had received an advance payment (one third of the whole amount and had a good feeling about his task). As he came out, Susan rushed to him in her beautiful yellow dress to kiss goodbye. Jake shamelessly grabbed her breasts jokingly as they kissed (and deeply regretted that it would be at least two weeks until he could see her again), and Susan equally shamelessly just laughed at his inappropriate behavior. Anyone good fearing would have frown at the sight of these sinners.
They were preparing for departure. Jolyne was busy gathering firewood. His brother helped the other men to stabilize the loads on the cart. Everyone was in turmoil. Her mother kept shouting at her to hurry. However, her attention was captured by the return of her father, Thomas Herris, the head of the caravan and a man unknown to her.

Jake followed the preacher and the caravan captain to the crowd of carts that were being loaded and prepared for departure. I was a diverse group of men and women, yound and old. The captain caught everyone's attention and they gathered around. The preacher introduced Jake to the group. "Call me Canyon" he said. "I will guide you to lime stone city. It should most likely be a safe ride, but I ask every armed man to raise a hand so that I know who you are. We should be fine but you never know." The preacher then introduced me to a few people including his family. His daughters who curtsied elegantly struck me as being very attractive but were dressed in uninspiring dresses all the way up to the neck.

Jolyne stopped to watch the man who was approaching her accompanied by her father. The man was different from the people she normally dealt with, he seemed scruffy, but he was somewhat attractive in her eyes. As soon as he approached her she made a small reverence, exposing her best smile. Mr Herris pointed to her turning to Jack "This, Mr. Canyon, is my Jolyne." "Nice to meet you sir. Thank you for your help during the trip," Jolyne smiles as the rest of the family gathers. "And these are my wife Mary, my Ellis and my Rose," said the pastor

As a mountain man, Jake had a serious facial expression. He lifted his hat to the preacher's family. His eyes might have dwelled a little bit longer on the ladies than he should have. "Don't worry about the journey", he said to the family. "You are in safe hands." Jake walked off to mount his .

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