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Front yard fun  

smuttywriter 50T
136 posts
1/12/2020 10:27 pm

Last Read:
1/13/2020 6:18 pm

Front yard fun

She took me by the hand and led me into the front yard. It was very dark, and it was difficult to see anything on the ground. I tripped a few times over rocks and bumps in the ground, blushing as I probably looked like I was drunk, but I hadn’t had anything to drink with dinner. Danielle stopped next to a tree. I looked at her quizzically, not that she could actually see very much of my face.

Danielle pulled me close, snaking her arms around my waist to pull me close as she softly kissed my lips. When she pulled back, she whispered, “Do you give yourself to me for the rest of our time together this weekend?”

My pussy gushed with her words. I knew it was coming, we’d been talking about it for months, but I hadn’t been prepared for how I would react to when she asked the question. “Yes.”

She slapped my ass, not hard but enough for me to gasp in response. “Yes what?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I answered. My face was a bright red. I wasn’t exactly new to being submissive, but I had forgotten the basic protocol.

“That’s better, my slutty girl,” she replied then kissed me again. When the kiss ended, she stepped backwards. “Lean against the tree and put your hands behind your back. Do not move them or move away from the tree for any reason. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am.” I moved into position, with my hands clasped behind my back between my body and the tree and leaned against the tree as best I could. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realized that we were in front of a tree that faced the road and any car coming towards us would bathe us in light and see everything we were doing.

I had a strong exhibitionist streak, as witnessed in being a webcam girl and the “nature” photography I did that featured me being partially undressed. I had no idea what she was going to do but my pussy gushed even more in anticipation.

Danielle didn’t keep me waiting for long. She moved in front of me then kissed me hungrily as her hands slid under my shirt. Her cold hands against my warm skin made me jump and gasp loudly against her mouth. “Shhhh,” she warned. “You don’t want to call attention to what we’re doing.”

I nodded my head as her hands slipped under my bra and lifted the fabric out of the way. Danielle caressed the large globes with her hands, running her thumb over my nipples that were hard from being turned on and the cold. I moaned softly in reaction to the nipple .

“Your tits are amazing,” Danielle said softly then dipped her head down to take a nipple between her lips.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as her mouth worked on one nipple and her fingers worked the other. I whimpered when she pulled away suddenly. Danielle tucked my shirt into the bra to hold it out of the way and to expose my breasts fully.

Danielle stared at them for a moment then looked me in the eye as she pulled her hands back and quickly swung them up and against the flesh of my breasts. “Fuck!” I cried out. She shook her head and balled up my shirt then pushed it into my mouth.

“I told you to be quiet,” Danielle said tersely. “Keep that in your mouth until I remove it. I will not have you ruining my fun because you can’t control your reactions.”

She pulled her hands back and struck my breasts again, harder. I cried out but it was muffled by the shirt in my mouth. “That’s so much better.” I closed my eyes as she slapped my breasts several more times, pausing to twist and pull hard on the nipples to get a muffled cry from me. She giggled in response. “Such a sensitive slut aren’t you?” she said then gently kissed the nipples.

Danielle pulled the shirt out of my mouth and kissed me again as she continued to with my breasts with one and her other hand tugged my skirt up to expose my bare pussy. “Good girl,” she whispered between kisses. Danielle had instructed me to wear a long skirt and no panties. Now I understood why.

Her fingers slipped between my lower lips and found my clit. It was standing proudly, waiting to be touched. She lightly ran her fingertip over the hardened nub, barely touching it. I whimpered against her mouth in impatience.

“What do you want my slutty one?” she asked deviously. “Do you want me to rub your little clit more?”

“Please,” I whispered. She slapped my pussy hard and I cried out. “Please, Ma’am … please with my clit.”

She smiled then kissed me again as she rubbed around and over my clit. I groaned against her mouth when she slipped fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me while her thumb moved all over my clit. I was in overload and my body suddenly started shaking as I was on the verge of coming.

“No, not yet,” she said as she slowed her movements on my nether region and focused on playing with my breasts again. “It isn’t time for you to come yet.”

“Please Ma’am, please let me come,” I begged. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold off on coming.

Then in the distance I could hear a car coming towards us. She started fingerfucking me again and sucked hard on a nipple. “If you don’t come before the car gets here, I will leave you fully exposed to be seen by my neighbor.”

“Oh god! You wouldn’t do that!” I was panicked but also more turned on than I could remember being in a very long time.

“You don’t have much time,” she warned as she switched to the other breast.

The sounds of the car were getting louder. All I could think of was what would happen if the neighbor, or heaven forbid a cop, saw me on full display. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on what Danielle was doing to my body.

I started to shake, and I bucked my hips against her hand. “Oh fuck, I’m going to come.”

“Come for me,” she cooed around my nipple. “Cover my hand with your sweet pussy juices.”

That was all I needed to hear. I started to come hard, my whole body shaking with the intensity. Danielle continued her ministrations as the car got closer and closer. I gasped as the first orgasm rolled into a second more powerful orgasm.

The car sound ended suddenly. “I guess they live down the street,” she said as she slowed her motions on my pussy. Danielle pressed her fingers dripping with my juices against my lips. “Clean my fingers and I’ll cover you up before my neighbor drives by. He should be coming home from work very soon.”

I whimpered as I sucked her fingers into my mouth and cleaned my juices from them. I’d been asked by past partners to do this many times, so it wasn’t a problem for me. Danielle pushed them in as far as they could go and made me gag.

“We’ll have to work on your gag reflex,” she said then pulled the fingers out.

Buffsabs84 38M

1/13/2020 4:54 am

God I would love to meet you...

smuttywriter replies on 1/13/2020 3:10 pm:
It isn't that difficult. =) To meet me, that is.

Justlookin19974 48M

1/13/2020 1:51 am

Omg loved the story..

smuttywriter 50T

1/12/2020 10:32 pm

This really did happen, though it was a man named Dan doing the fingering of my clit. But that doesn't work for my Just for the Girls ebook, which features all lesbian and bisexual women short stories. I love the new cover I made for it. I hope people enjoy the naughty stories as much as I do. All my stories have one guarantee -- I've come at least once while reading the story or just after having written it. Reading through this again has me all hot and bothered. I guess it is time to go do something about it.

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