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A visit with the fortune teller  

smuttywriter 50T
136 posts
4/24/2021 11:47 am

Last Read:
4/24/2021 11:52 am

A visit with the fortune teller

I have always been interested in what the stars could tell about my life and my future, but has always been one of those things that I just never got around . Finally last week I made an appointment see Madame Vicki, an astrologer that several of my friends had raved about. I had my doubts about but they had insisted that would be an experience I wouldn't forget.

I rang the doorbell and was stunned see a gorgeous redhead standing before me when the door opened. No one had told this card reader was a fox! She was wearing a long, form fitting black dress that was a very low-cut and showed off her luscious breasts wonderfully.

"Hello, I'm here for my appointment," I said, sounding like a silly schoolgirl 'd never made an appointment before. Her looks had completely disarmed me and I was having trouble thinking straight, which was good as I was far from being straight. I now had an inkling what my friends had been talking about.

"Yes, I know," Madame Vicki said as she stepped aside. "Please come in."

I stepped into the parlor and was overwhelmed by the opulence and feeling of stepping back in time. I could imagine Victorian women sitting around the room, with their tea with cakes and small sandwiches, and tittering of laughter as they gossiped about anyone not in the room.

As I followed her to the table in the center of the room I couldn’t help but watch her tight ass moved in the dress. It was firm and round but not hard. I wondered if it was natural or if she spent a lot of time working on her body in the gym.

Madame Vicki sat down on one side of the table and motioned for me to sit in the chair across from her. She began to sort through her tarot cards and started to lay them out on the table in front of her. Her brow was furrowed and she hmm’d a lot as she looked at the cards.

The sexy astrologer looked at me with a serious expression. "The cards tell me that you are a very sexual person." I just grinned back at her. was no such thing as too much when talking about orgasms and sexual adventures. I had a very open mind and willing to try new things. I was definitely willing to try things with the fortune teller.

"I can see in the cards that you'll have an encounter with someone you've just met," she continued.

"Can you tell me anything about this 'someone'?"

"It will a tall, red headed woman," she replied, her expression unchanged. I blushed a bright red when I realized she was talking about herself. " will be an instant attraction and will have a difficult time keeping their hands off each other.

"I see," I replied, my<b> throat </font></b>suddenly dry as all the fluids in my body rerouted itself my pussy prepare me have a new sexual encounter.

I wasn’t sure if my lust for her was written all over my face but knew I was having trouble keeping my hands on the table and not reaching across it cup those beautiful breasts and burying my face between them.

I pressed my legs together in an attempt to keep the scent of my juices escaping, my panties were already soaked. I was so wet! All I wanted to do was hold her face against my bush while I ate out her delicious pussy. I moaned softly at that thought and she stopped talking.

"I ... I'm so sorry," I said as I started to stand up. My face was a brighter red than the Target sign. "I'll go now."

"Please sit back down, is more tell you," Madame Vicki said, her smile was kind and I knew I had not screwed up anything. I sat back down and kept my eyes on the cards in an attempt not be distracted by her breasts and all of the rest of her.

She futzed with the cards then I suddenly felt her bare foot slip between my knees, parting the legs until it was pressed against my dripping pussy. She used her big toe to rub my clit firmly. I sat unmoving as I enjoyed the attention. No one had ever done anything like this before and was odd but felt amazing.

"Oh god," I whimpred, my eyes were closed. I reached under my shirt and bra then started with my breasts, teasing the nipple and tugging on it. I tried hold back but I was too turned on and quickly had an orgasm. "Oh , I'm coming!"

She withdrew her foot as she watched my reaction. I smiled broadly as I opened my eyes. "That was amazing."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Madame Vicki replied, a smug on her face.

I wanted return the favor. I grinned at her then slipped under the table and lifted her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties so I dove right between her legs and started slurping up her juices. My tongue found her pleasure button while my fingers found their way into her love canal.

My tongue and fingers attempted to give her the best fucking they could. I heard her moaning and groaning above the table. Madame Vicki’s legs tightened around my head as she came all over my face and hand. I continued to work on her clit and added another finger to her pussy to build on the first orgasm and hopefully begin a tidal wave of pleasure.

When I came back up for air, she pulled me to her and kissed me long and hard. I pressed my body tight against her, holding onto her firm ass. We pulled away long enough to strip out of the clothes we were wearing.

I laid her down on the floor and kissed her again. I crawled over to my pocketbook and pulled out the vibrator that I always carried around with me. When I turned around I saw Madame Vicki playing with a nipple with one hand while the other was between her legs, rubbing her clit.

"Oh god, that's a gorgeous sight," I said. I was completely smitten with her and full of lust.

I nipped her hand after I crawled back over to her. She moved her hand so that I could take over with my tongue. While I lapped hungrily at her clit I slipped the vibrator inside her and turned it on full speed.

She lifted her hips to meet my mouth and the vibrator as I fucked and licked her hard and fast. She cried out as she came again, but I didn’t stop until she’d cum again.

Madame Vicki wasn’t done with me though. She rolled us over and she dove for my bush. I moaned loudly as she sucked on my clit. She took the vibrator, and after slipping it inside me to get it all covered she slipped it slowly in my ass. I nearly came as soon as I felt the hard vibrating plastic in my tight hole. Madame Vicki slowly fucked my ass with the vibrator and suckled my clit. I came long and hard, crying out loudly.

As we laid resting for a moment we heard the doorbell ring for her next appointment. We quickly got dressed and attempted make ourselves presentable.

“Thank you for a fabulous reading, I’ll have make an appointment again soon,” I said as I ran my fingers through my hair smooth out.

“I see many orgasms in your future,” she said then giggled.

I tried keep my composure but I couldn’t keep a cat that ate the canary grin from spreading across my face as I passed through the door and nodded my head in greeting the next person.

I headed home with myself as I replayed my visit the fortune teller in my head. This was going definitely be a favorite memory and I can't wait see what else she may be able tell me about my future!

smuttywriter 50T

4/24/2021 11:52 am

I decided to give the story a bit of a rewrite and post it again. I hope you enjoy the changes!

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