The New Me  

scottv69 59M
4780 posts
12/27/2021 10:58 am
The New Me

Me without my beard.

scottv69 59M
6791 posts
12/27/2021 10:59 am

Damn I look so different now.

Jules1590 54F
8151 posts
12/27/2021 4:25 pm

I like the 8th one down. The slight smile and a little humor. The stache is good but has a natural downward slope which can lend itself to an unintentionally dour or forbidding appearance. If tough guy is what you're going for then don't bother smiling.

But if you're looking to attract women, S M I L E darlin.

scottv69 replies on 12/28/2021 8:21 am:
thank you.

coolpoolguy3 55M
3361 posts
12/27/2021 6:50 pm

Not bad, you remind me of James Doohan as Montgomery Scott in Star Trek The Motion Picture.

scottv69 replies on 12/28/2021 8:21 am:

PonyGirl1965 56F
22090 posts
12/27/2021 7:57 pm

Do you feel naked?

scottv69 replies on 12/28/2021 8:22 am:
yes I do. It has been years since I've had no beard.

13731 posts
12/27/2021 10:25 pm

You look so serious!!


scottv69 replies on 12/28/2021 8:22 am:
I am a pretty serious person.

author51 59F  
130010 posts
12/27/2021 10:54 pm

Love it my friend..Handsome man you are..xoxo

scottv69 replies on 12/28/2021 8:23 am:
Thank you my friend.

pal334 68M  
45821 posts
12/28/2021 6:43 am

Wow, making the big break well done

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scottv69 replies on 12/28/2021 8:23 am:
Thanks Pal.

seems6666 51F
4838 posts
12/28/2021 10:55 am

Damn! I thought you were gonna stop posting multiple blogs of pictures

scottv69 replies on 12/28/2021 12:01 pm:
I never said that I was.

vopesahe 60F
36414 posts
12/28/2021 4:17 pm

You are a handsome man with and without beard my friend. And I like your smile in pic 8 and 9.

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scottv69 replies on 12/28/2021 7:58 pm:
Thank you very much my friend

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