Bittersweet Bite w/pics  

scottv69 59M
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1/7/2022 8:01 am
Bittersweet Bite w/pics

Bittersweet Bite

Forever am I strictly bound to the darkness
floating hungrily upon the shimmering mists
of the midnight hour.

Eternally lost in the midst of the dreary depths
of the night because I have fallen under her dark
spell of deceit and treachery.

She has left me empty and in need of bloody flesh
so in the shadowy darkness shall I ever hunt to
satisfy my evil needs.

For I have been made into her heartless and voracious
minion forever to seek the sweet sustenance of other's
precious life-giving blood for I have been enslaved
by her bittersweet<b> bite </font></b>and have been filled with an
evil lust for eternal life.

scottv69 59M
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1/7/2022 8:03 am

Happy Friday!

crosstraining 69T  
8367 posts
1/7/2022 10:19 am

BDSM billiards , XOXO

scottv69 replies on 1/7/2022 4:33 pm:
hot isn't it. xoxo

staci_19702 51T  
3767 posts
1/7/2022 10:38 am

Oh my! Those are some naughty girls!!

Have a great day! 💋

scottv69 replies on 1/7/2022 4:34 pm:
very much so

vopesahe 60F
36414 posts
1/7/2022 2:54 pm

Hot and Kinky my Friend.

Visit my Blog

scottv69 replies on 1/7/2022 4:34 pm:
thank you my friend.

author51 59F  
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1/7/2022 11:17 pm

That would be bittersweet my friend...xoxo

scottv69 replies on 1/8/2022 8:52 am:
for sure my friend.

13731 posts
1/8/2022 10:36 pm

I love to play billiard with this two women!!


scottv69 replies on 1/10/2022 8:06 pm:
I hear that

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