Jill in the coffee shop PART 2  

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9/29/2021 4:01 am
Jill in the coffee shop PART 2

Written by a friend

Over the next few days I chatted with Jill sporadically via phone, discovered a bit more about her, tried to arrange another meeting, she was “a bit tied up”, I didn’t push it. I had avoided the bar, not knowing what reception I’d receive, eventually I returned to a round of applause from the assembled patrons, one stand out comment being “nice show, fuck me that woman was rampant, my missus took a pounding when I got home”.

The barman even gave me free drinks for the evening!! During one of my attempts at contacting Jill she answered, I asked if she would like to “come out for bit?” Her reply “yes please, but this time you have to take the lead” smiley face, wink emoji. We arranged to meet that evening, I had a wank at the thought of it.

She arrived, as before, on time, I was waiting outside, as she exited the taxi I caught site of her neatly coiffured vagina, due to her wearing a micro skirt, I noticed her legs, bare, slender and beautiful, her blouse seemed silky, very sheer , very see through revealing a thin brassiere her slightly darker nipples and aureole visible through it.

As she stood I took her head gently in both hands and kissed her deeply, she smiled that delightful smile as the embrace broke which turned into a devilish grin when I placed the pink diamanté studded collar around her swan like neck I attached the leash then lead her by it through the bar door, which was closed and barred behind us.

Her eyes widened a touch at the sight that greeted us, an empty rectangular table was set in the middle of the room, several guys were staring at Julie, mentally undressing and doing all manner of things to her supple body, a few other females were dotted around the crowd there, mostly dressed (I use the word lightly) in various slut/ style Basques, stockings, high heels etc. A couple of them had already been fucked silly, the dishevelled “clothing” the smeared make up, the cum dribbling down their legs and smeared down their necks.

I lead Jill to towards the table passing the excited group, whistles and gropes were aimed in her direction, she accepted them politely. I brought Jill to the head of table stopped her then went to the opposite end and using the leash gently pulled her head down till she was bent over, I crouched look at her flushed cheeks “spread your legs, hitch up your skirt and give everyone a view of your cunt and ass”. Jill’s eyes widened in excitement, she moved her hands and pulled her skirt as I said, she even raised her pert bottom as her legs spread, the noise from the crowd showed their appreciation.
I pulled the leash a little tighter as a young guy was pushed forward , “go on , you’ve been saying what you’d do to the slut, prove it” he looked nervous, he was definitely horny, he got into position at kills rear, his glistening cock out, he grabbed her hips tightly slid his cock straight into jells wet hole, made two thrusts and shot his load, howls off laughter followed his exit towards the toilets.

Another guy stepped forward “this what the bitch wants” he announced dropping his trousers revealing a massive rock solid cock. Jill glanced behind to see what was coming, I tugged on her leash pulling her head back, she mouthed “oh my god” as she felt the head of the monster cock nuzzling her cunt, the guy moved his cock up and down her cunt lips, moistening the helmet, he took two semi thrusts to get inside her cunt, Jill had even widened her legs to help his entry, he started to get a rhythm, Jill matched it, raising her arse as he thrust forward taking as in much of his shaft as possible.

Jill’s face was a picture as her climax built, she bit her lip, her cheeks reddened, her eyes closed, the guys movements became faster and harder as his own climax built, his fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her back onto his cock, suddenly his body went quite rigid, he rammed his cock as far inside jells cunt as he could, Jill’s back arched as she felt his cum explode inside her, her mouth open, her eyes shut, she almost screamed, she came too.

As the massive cock withdrew from her puffy cunt a spurt of spunk shot out as well hitting the guy on the leg, he saw it then wiped it against her leg. Jill’s forehead rested on the table, I tugged on the leash, she looked at me smiling, she was ready for more…

Smokingchris1 58M
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9/29/2021 5:29 am

Good story and yes I definitely would

Leegs2012 49M
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9/29/2021 9:46 am

Very HOT read! Nice!!

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