Jill in the coffee shop  

saucy_jill 42F  
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9/29/2021 3:24 am
Jill in the coffee shop

I am the man you see in the coffee shop every morning on the way to work, we have never spoken. But today you are standing inline behind me, the queue is ten deep and you are nearly out the door, as we stand there all anonymous to one another with are own undefined space, keeping us from getting too close. Outside the wind starts to pick up and the sky is full and heavy with a summer storm. The heat in the shop starts to rise as the humidity soars, you start to get really hot and you are concerned because you are near the door and there is no way to get inside its too busy. Then the storm breaks your back is getting wet, you let out a shriek as you see a sheet of lightening light up the ashen sky. I turn to see what the problem is and offer you my place inline, as I do people come crashing though the door to get out of the storm. All these extra people push one and all together. I can feel the curve of your ass against my upper thighs more people squeeze into the shop now I am trying my best not to crush you but I cant help rubbing against you while trying to keep my footing. I can feel my cock start to engorge, the heat the rubbing and the ass that I have never felt before rubbing just rubbing. I try my best to move my crotch away but we are packed in too tight the storm has put me in a position I could never have imagined quarter of an hour ago

..............All I can smell is your scent, Estee Lauder Obsession, I can start to feel my pulse in my cock as it starts to harden, from the back you have a figure to die for and your butt is so pert and peachy, your hair tied up in a bun exposing the gentle curve of your neck, I start to wonder what it would be like to kiss your neck as I took you from behind to be inside you. My cock is starting to rear its head, once more I try to move back but this time you thrust out your ass making contact with my straining aching cock, straight into the crack of your ass, then you start to roll your hips in a slow deliberate action. I am starting to get horny as hell and nearly let the moment get the better of me, the queue moves forward and a large lady in her fifties walks past and gives us a telling glance, as if we were rutting right on the spot. Or she may have seen the bulge at the front of my trousers, I quickly reached down and moved my cock so it was pointing upwards which immediately relieved the strain. You again push back onto me but you did not find the object of your desire you turn round almost disappointed then flash me a wicked smile. You then turn back to get your order, you get your drink and turn to leave I notice your blouse is slightly open revealing a sexy lace bra which is trying its best to contain your nipples that are trying to press their way out. I slip out a card and ask you to call me, you smile take the card without speaking and leave...........

I am at home in the shower after a long hard day at work, washing away the heat of the day. My mind wandered back to the coffee shop and I could remember how your fragrance filled my nostrils whilst my eyes feasted on the contours of your body. I started to get hard without thinking I began slowly wanking getting harder and harder, I could feel the blood coursing through me to my rock hard cock. I freeze in my memory the moment you smiled at me, your eyes glistening with excitement, your blouse concealing your aching nipples, faster and faster I grip my shaft so tight that the veins along it are fully pronounced, head flared, when the glorious release hit me like the lightening that flashed through the sky that morning. I imagined your face as I shot my thick spunk over the shower door. I reach out my hand to hold onto the wall as the spasm's gorged through me. When I recovered I washed my self down smiling to myself hoping next time I had an orgasm that it would be in and over you. Walking from the bathroom towel round my waist pleased with myself, the phone began to ring……I answer and hear a husky voice saying….hello…hello

samhawkinsonI40 61M  
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10/1/2021 7:30 am

Very hot story

spacelysproket 61M  
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5/27/2022 7:44 am

Excellent !!!

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