JILL gets fucked in front of the PART 2  

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9/25/2021 1:49 am
JILL gets fucked in front of the PART 2

Written by a friend

Your hands firmly planted in front of you, trying support your weight, bent over the table so humiliatingly. Your ragged breaths coming in huge post organic gasps. You tried take stock........

Your D cup breasts free of the constraining push up bra, were swinging enticingly with every huge breath, your pencil skirt gathered around your waist doing nothing to hide your sexy stockings and suspenders, legs still akimbo, from when your ankles had been kicked apart ...

But the most embarrassing humiliating thing is how much you had wanted it, he had abused you, toyed with you, played with your fleshy mound and inserted his fingers into your soaking wet hole. Then he had fucked you hard in front of your and colleagues. You had adored it bucking and writhing under him like such a dirty , so wanton, how had he turned you into that bitch in heat so completely and so quickly? You had cum like an express train, screaming out your orgasm for all to hear, it had been huge...

The alpha pushed a huge black hand down in the of your back force you down against the table, your breasts being squashed uncomfortably, nipples hard against the polished table. In one easy quick move he had rendered you so helpless, and was arousing you more than you cared admit.

Then he started speak his fascinated audience ..." How often has this teasing bitch tortured you gentlemen? Swanning around in her tight pencil skirts, swinging those hips so purposefully. She knows your eyes are locked onto her perfect peachy ass, that's why she bends over so often and unnecessarily, trying to catch you staring.

How often has she come into the office without a bra, her nipples taunting us all, poking out from her satin blouse, as if begging for attention? Those amazing pert breasts, barely concealed beneath a jacket. How often has she breezed into your offices, and with a few teasing sexual innuendos left you aching and hard, stroking your cocks under the table, desperate for release?

How often have you, any of you, or all of you, wanted to pull that teasing bitch over your desk, pull down her tight pencil skirt and spank that fine ass until she is squealing and begging you to stop, with tears running down her cheeks? How many of you, have wanted to this teasing bitch stupid, make her for all that teasing, demonstrate what happens sluts tease ? She is just a huge cock tease and slut, and I will demonstrate you all how you treat women like this, how you make them beg you them harder, in their mouths and up their ass, how you turn them into the whores and sluts that they really areā€¦So shall we begin?"

Shocked into silence and feeling so helpless pinned down over the conference table, You started to try to complain....."Please no, don't do this, who do you think, you are, I have a responsible position here..." A stinging spank landed hard on your right butt cheek making you squeal with pain and indignation, closely followed by an equally hard smack on the left. "Ouch please no, please don't " you wailed ineffectually as a series of hard spanks rained down on your poor unprotected bottom, until you were sobbing in pain and absolute humiliation...." now where were we" the alpha began "before I was so rudely interrupted , oh yes I think I was going to demonstrate how you treat cock teasing sluts like this one........"

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9/25/2021 8:06 am

Oh Yeeeeaaaaaaaah!!

*Fuckin Hot*


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9/25/2021 10:35 pm

Oh my!!!!!!!

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11/4/2021 7:42 am

Ok..just have to say that pic is probably the best one you have ever posted to a story or comment.

My name is MrWrong and I approved this comment

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12/17/2021 10:49 am

You r just amazing. Beautiful. Sxy.

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