JILL gets fingered by Uncle Bob  

saucy_jill 42F  
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10/3/2020 9:43 am
JILL gets fingered by Uncle Bob

So there I am dressed in my short red Armani silk backless dress with red high heels ready to go out on the Toon and I’m leaning over the bath showing Uncle Bob, a plumber, where the leak is on the bath tap when he puts a hand on my bum to steady himself as he leans over. There is an awkward silence which seems to last for minutes.

Then he whispers with hot breath into my ear…….show me how wet your leak is…..so I point to the tap and blush as his hand moves on my bum, I’m sure he is caressing me but he’s old with a dishy wife.

I freeze leaning over the bath in a compromising position with his hand moving around my bum getting closer to my pussy. My legs are slightly apart and his hand is close to my pussy when he says…..I just love fingering a hot wet pussy……well I nearly passed out when his fingers slid down my wet pussy lips touching my clit at the end of the motion.

My head was screaming ….this is all wrong…..but my pussy was tingling with excitement as he brushed his fingers back and forth then gently probing his middle finger inside. His other hand coming up and fondling my left breast though the fine silk material of the Armani dress, my nipple growing hard at his touch.

I’m standing frozen to the spot as he slides the finger in and out of my wet juicy pussy, my head is screaming for him to stop but my pussy is so excited. Just then his mobile phone rings, he pulls his finger out and sucks the juice from it and answers his phone.

His bitch wife has another job for him to go to and its urgent. He mumbles about coming back and leaves the bathroom with me crumpled in a heap over the bath my head swimming in confusion and a trickle of juice runs down my leg. A few hours later I get a phone call from Uncle Bob apologising for his rude behaviour and can he call back to fix my taps.

Of course I agreed. He then proceeded to tell me that he has fucked his wife three times that afternoon each time thinking of me and that previously he hadn’t had sex with her for two years.

An hour later the phone rings, it’s the bitch wife, Uncle Bob has been rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. She told me they were in the middle of a fourth sex session that day. She really didn’t know what had come over Bob and all since he visited you to fix the taps! I blushed profusely and listened.

profcoquin27bis 57M
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10/3/2020 9:59 am

hi from your french uncle !!!!

Ron_97 65M
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10/3/2020 10:51 am

With I was Uncle Bob.....

scoupe42 59M  

10/3/2020 11:45 am

Unce Bob is lucky

mmguy52 69M  
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10/3/2020 12:05 pm

Very hot, keep on writing.

CleavageFan4U 65M  
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10/3/2020 12:50 pm

I think Uncle Bob may be back to spank you when he recovers you naughty girl!!

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hpgeek5 55M  
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10/3/2020 4:22 pm

I hope Uncle Bob heals quickly so that he may continue fixing your leaky pipe...

true2myself10 57M  
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10/6/2020 4:26 pm

Looks like the Bitch wife should thank you for being a vessel for her pleasure...although he left you and your juices trickling out of your warm wet slit..i know you were the last thought on his mind before the heart attack

Delicious story

AndrewArthur2 68M  
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10/8/2020 2:55 pm

Well they say 'bob's your uncle and fanny's your aunt'.

Dogalways 53M
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12/5/2020 10:00 am

PLEASE finish this story! You write so well, and I hang on every line as you paint such a lovely mental picture.

mkusmile1959 63M
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5/24/2021 12:38 pm

hi jill. this is off topic but i feel that i have been band from the room unjustly please investigate .

saucy_jill 42F  
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9/25/2021 3:36 am

the banned list has been cleared there is nobody banned from this room at present

Dtfatw28 31M
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4/2/2022 4:37 am

Hyd my kinky sexy assess

spacelysproket 61M  
33 posts
5/27/2022 7:56 am

Hot !!!!!

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