Love getting my ass eaten  

robert_lacrosse 59M
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11/6/2021 11:49 am
Love getting my ass eaten

One of my friends had over the other night. We quickly got naked and he started to suck my cock as he lay back on his bed. Was so hot and as he sucked , he wet his finger and started to play with my hole, omg, it was incredible as he sucked and fingered . Soon his mouth moved down to my hole and he started to lick and tongue hard, pulling my hole open with his fingers so he could lick deep. I was moaning in pleasure as this went on for several minutes. Then he turned over so i was on my belly, licked my hole and played with it more. He then grabbed my legs to pull my ass in the air, just off the edge of his bed, he then started to plat with my hole with his now very hard dick. Slowly he began to push the head in , it was a very fat dick, then he slid it all in ,<b> balls </font></b>deep in my He pumped his dick in and out of as he reached around and stroked my hard cock. after a long fucking of my ass, he finally grabbed hard and thrust his exploding cock as deep in as he could, holding it there deep as he pumped his juice in . As he pulled it out, his cum was dripping out . Wow.....what an amazing naked session and i hope it happens again very soon

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