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The Silent Man
Posted:Jan 10, 2022 8:04 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2022 8:14 pm

He had my . I got the , I had not seen him but once before a meet and greet fuck. His buddy was supposed to come but could not the last minute. Sent him instead. He was shy. Embarrassed. Had trouble getting hard. Loved his cock in my throat and his but could not get hard enough to fuck and left The was brief. Wear a skirt, be on the bed with your ass up. Be there in an hour.

I changed from jeans to a skirt, a short thin pleated black one. I left on my sweater and bra. The said nothing about them. I left the bedroom light off. He knew where it was. The lube was on the dresser. He knew where it was. It was peaceful on my knees and elbows on the bed. 5 minutes. minutes. My senses were acute. The front door opened. I heard no other sound but its gently closng. It was quiet in the house. I waited, going from relaxed to tense in a matter of seconds. The hem of my skirt was flipped up over onto my back. my panties left... and then they slid down as i stayed motionless on all four my ass in the air. Silence. Then cold.The lube.Motionless, centered on my ass hole. Then motion, slow motion, smooth silent motion. I fought to remain silent .Deep. Stopped.. Slowly backing ... then nearly and still. Motionless. Silent.

SLAM he drove home. Hard, deep, his balls bouncing off mine. Silence broken by my groan. Then the pounding. Fast pounding. Hard pounding. Punctuated by groans that spread to of grunts, then the pitch started climbing, higher and higher till finally it was a continous squeal. of Pounding thrust so hard that my forms contained in my bra started bouncing off my ... and it continued. It didnt stop, it went on...then on. An observer might have called it a brutal fucking... all i felt was extacy. And it did not stop. Whenever I could become aware I would constrict my ass hard for a stroke or two...and the pounding continued ever hard. My breats constantly hitting my cheeks,,, it was glorious. Then he came. And he came... Came. A pause. He withdrew. Pulled up my panties, swatted me with his hand twice right over my hole. Pulled down my skirt. My panties became wet as his began to leak from onto the thin nylon. Wet. Cold. .Silence.

still on all fours on the bed, unable to change my position. Sated, at peace. So well fucked. The door opens, it closes. Never a word... I sit for several hours, enjoying the feeling of the wetness spread as I drain. Silence.
blog post 1m- my first cock
Posted:Jan 1, 2022 6:44 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2022 7:30 pm
I have always been an overachiever. Dad always pushed me be the everything. If I was the , he would put someone in front of me He thought was better keep me pushing be better. I hate him it. But I always .

My wife was suffering thru cancers. Not cancer, plural. She had 4 before passing away shortly after our 50th anniversary. After the second i really had start coming grips with who I was. What I would do after. Would i see other women? Would i become involved with men? I had no preference toward men. Had never had any interest in men. But i did not want to court women again. I never knew what they wanted. They would not tell men. Men have to try to do what ever they want and see if the woman will tolerate it. They never tell you up front. Do they like what i doing them? I doing it in a way they like? Are they telling me the truth. They never tell you. But I a man. I know what a man likes. I know how it feels good him. I know the responses a man makes convey he likes something because I make them myself. It does not matter than I a CD, almost trans.... I know what they like and how do it. No guessing.

So i had know. I had find out. I could not approach the rest of my life without knowing. I was going find out. I went grocery shopping. I made a commitment go the grocery every week buy a bunch of bananas. I had practice. I had be the if I was going suck a mans cock. I would not try until i was. I went grocery shopping every week a solid year. When I no longer had a gag issue, with my practice cock anywhere in my mouth i began learn deep throat a cock. a man it is the ultimate experience of getting head. And come in the givers mouth and have them swallow it. I would be the . I loved cum. My wife would feed me mine I would suck it from her after filing her cunt.

After a year I could not take it any longer. I still had no attraction men. But I needed... with all my body and mind, needed suck a cock. I answered an ad on Two hours later i came thru his door. He had just gotten out of the shower, had a towel around his neck, sweats pulled up over his hips. It was all one motion. I pushed him back against the couch, at the same time pulling his sweats off his hips and down his legs as he fell backwards. I opened my mouth as i plunged my mouth around his semierect cock...all the way till my nose bottomed out on his pubes.... no words, i started to suck his cock. When it got erect enough i plunged it into my throat ...and kept sucking. It was amazing. Nothing I had ever done ever felt so natural and right, not even my first . He was moaning, moving, and I kept sucking, growling in my throat when his pubes reached my face... and he moaned. a bit later i felt a movement progressing down the side of his cock, and it stopped after moving its length.. . I pulled back half an inch...and his cum shot up the side of his cock and filled his mouth! It was so sweet.

I held all his cum in my mouth til he stopped, then raised up my head, looked him in the eyes and without breaking eye contact planted my lips on his, opened my lips, and with my tongue pushed all of his cum into his waiting mouth. and we kissed, long, deep, hard, with incredible passion. I began to learn how much better kissers men are than women. Maybe cause we have waited so long to kiss like this. The passion of this kind of kissing just a deep memory of what may have happened decades before. Before passion evolved into marriage and then life.

I got up and left. I needed nothing more. Not that day. I had been humbled beneath all imagining... that another person would so totally give themselves up to me so that i could worship all of my passion to them... amazingly humbling. I was so greatful to have been able to do it for him. Drove home. I planned another man to experience in 2 days.. to be sure I was not swayed one way or another by just one experience. But I knew. I knew I could have with another man with no regret, no ego prejudgement in the way. Just my desire .It is what I would do.

And in July this year she passed away.


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