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rm_chanda69 53F
414 posts
3/15/2009 7:04 pm

Last Read:
3/29/2009 7:45 am


ok we've covered beer, now its time for pets!!!
what kind of pets do you have???

& im talking about the non-human kind for all you Doms/Dommes out there...

respectfully of course...

i currently have 2 ferrets, 6 breeder mice, a red tailed boa, & if you count the one that is missing, i have a 4 1/2 ft corn snake (i still say she's in the house somewhere- just hibernating.. she's done this 3 winters in a row)& then there's eve... the cobalt blue tarantula.

eve was one that was with a friend that was moving & couldn't take her, & the pet store wouldn't take her back because he was afraid of her. since i have had tarantulas & other animals she offered to give her to me. i couldn't resist!! so i agreed, although i did check her out on line. according to the website i found, they are "psychotic & highly aggressive" so i figured she would fit right in! so far she doesn't come out of her "hole"-a cardboard tube- except at night or when provoked. & when shes provoked shes a BITCH!!! so i guess she does fit in....

btw... the little white circle next to her in the pic is a BEER BOTTLE CAP! (guinness) just for perspective...

whats in YOUR "pet store"


rm_sircernuunos 54M
11959 posts
3/15/2009 11:22 pm

I have one evil cat. I am just not home enough for anymore pets than the one. Why is the cat evil, well causing me to whip my own cock is one reason, lol.

I am only a stranger the first time...

See my Blog everyone [blog sircernuunos]
Or join this group SR - THE ADULT Hang-Out =P
If you are into playing a bit more extreme than vanilla ?*

Ziggym00nglow 55M

3/16/2009 5:37 am

Wow, I seem rather boring compared!
I have 3 cats...2 muts, and one White Turkish Angora ( my baby )
one dog, 55 gallon tropical fish tank.

On the other hand, I have in recent past had 3 ferrets, 1 rabbit, a hamster, 4 fish tanks, ( 1 salt, 3 tropical) 2 other dogs...

Never had a snake though. When I lived in California I used to catch a lot of tarantulas, come to think of it, I had a couple snakes then too.....although mom never knew it!


rm_dwanhd34 52M

3/16/2009 7:21 am

Hey hottie, well let me say thanks for the flirt. I have seen you on here but this was the first time I had time to check out your blog. In fact I guess you are my cherry blog as this is the first true blog site I have went to. I have seen comments from others but never the whole deal. You so sound very cute and interesting and like me you have one side you have to be most of the time, but then sometimes there is the other side that loves the excitment. intensity, and the pleasure that can come from living life on the wilder side. The story about giving the cops a BJ gave me a huge soft on lol pudgy if you will and I bet you could make it do a whole lot more. It does get very hard as you can see lol. You sound like alot of fun and I will continue to contact you and see if we have the chemistry to make a great experience. I live on a farm if animals are what I am suppost to respond about here. Dont have my blog etiquete down, but when I comes to a true good submissive your right I would never physically make you do anything but I will direct you into doing all the things I know you want (we all want lol) and take my time to make you completely satatified you turned yourself over to me for a while. Now do I look here for a response or what. I will send a little email to let you know check the blog and left a response. Very nice knowing more about you. Later Doug

rm_chanda69 53F
417 posts
3/16/2009 7:03 pm

well sircernunnos... i cant imagine how a cock could make a pussy evil...
although many a cock said MY pussy was evil....

& ziggy... turkish angoras are absolutely gorgeous!!! i never could get the fish thing to work... all mine ended up swimming with the Tidy-Bowl man...

dwan... as for etiquette, the only way to learn is to do what you are already doing!! read & comment! by not leaving the kind of comments where you are asking to meet me or chat, you earn big points!!! (since my profile says i don't do either) so... just what kind of farm DO you live on???

hugs smartass!!! considering that most of the guys in the big trucks are compensating for lack of horsepower elsewhere, & many of them are the ignorant ones that give pitbulls a bad name by their lack of training, i wouldn't worry about them! (btw.. my favorite dog i have had was a pit/mastiff) as someone that works in veterinary medicine, i think i am qualified to say that a chi is one of the most difficult dogs to keep ahold of if they want to get away! we call them Pygmy pitweilers. but they are a lot of fun!!!

thanks for the responses guys!! would still love to hear from everybody else though!!! if you don't have pets now, what have you had in the past? what would you like to have & why???


Ziggym00nglow 55M

3/17/2009 8:14 am

well, my dog is a Chihuahua also, I kinda have to admit (and try not to think less of me) I like how much Chihuahua's like to snuggle up. Nothing like the Turkish Angora laying next to my head in bed, and the Chihuahua snuggle up with my legs.....geez all I need is a pretty woman next to me and I would be set!

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