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my birthday present to myself  

rm_chanda69 53F
414 posts
3/7/2009 11:56 am

Last Read:
4/2/2009 8:05 pm

my birthday present to myself

oh holy shit!!!i just got home from doing what i said i was gonna do...
i went & got myself something for my birthday!!

i have this FRIEND that shall remain nameless, (since he's a recently divorced county officer) that i call up once in awhile and meet somewhere...
its always when he's on duty & in his patrol car... in a quiet spot on the fringes of town, parking lot, only accessible from one direction, & that's watchable, with plenty of warning time if someone is approaching.

i didn't want to chance getting his uniform messy, so i told him it was a bad time of the month, & all i wanted was to suck his cock -true- & since it was my birthday, it could be my present (it is-"that" time, & my birthday)

he was at our spot already when i got there, listening to "saliva"- (something about a badge listening to that just gets me soooo hot)
so after we chatted for a few minutes..., work, new car, life... i told him since it was my birthday i wanted him to do something special for me. when i said i wanted him to cuff me he sort of chuckled & said
"you're crazy, you know that?"

i said "well of course i know, that's what everybody loves about me. i cant help it that I'm a freak too"

so i went to the back of the car & waited, my hands trembling, my breath coming a little faster. i had never had anything other than 's-play cuffs on, & these were REAL....

he slowly walked up to me, pulling out the cuffs, placing his weapon on the trunk, telling me to pull my top & bra up, but not off. i did as i was told, & put my hands in front of me, waiting... first he played with my nipples, pinching, pulling the rings, just enough to hurt a little, palming my full breasts in his hands. (i imagined what those hands were capable of...) he picked up the cuffs & slowly, deliberately put them on me, not too tight, but i couldn't have slipped them off. he undid the belt & his thick hard cock slipped warm into my hands, the little moonlight there was glinting off the steel of the cuffs. i slid to my knees & took the entire length of him in, my hands together cupping his balls. i worked my mouth up & down his shaft, spreading the wetness, massaging his balls with one hand, pumping his cock with the other in time with my mouth. i took him in as deep as i could, the wetness thickening as it does when you get a cock in your throat. he was holding the top of my head by the hair, pumping slowly, then faster as i started to moan, squirming, the gravel of the road digging into my knees, then as i was coming, he pulled his shaft out of my mouth & began pumping it in his fist, slapping my lips & tongue with the head. i had my mouth open waiting for those first drops, my hands clenched around the steel cords of muscle in his thigh. he moaned & slammed his cock down my throat as he pulsed, i pushed against him taking him deeper while he came throbbing in my throat, my pussy clenching in time. when he backed away, all i could do was slouch to the ground, panting & trembling. he asked if i was alright, i told him

"yes, just take care of getting yourself together"

(it takes a little longer for him to do that than just pulling up & zipping... ya know.. the gun & all)

when he came back to where i was standing by now, i still had the cuffs on of course, still shaking, my breasts still exposed, & my phone in my hand.

"just one more thing i want you to do for me for my birthday. i want a souvenir picture"

he says he has a few extra sets of cuffs around that i may be able to talk him out of. think i should tell him about this site & his story?


rm_chanda69 53F
417 posts
3/8/2009 6:37 pm

yeah, i dont usually have much trouble getting him to "let me" do things like that... so i KNOW he's enjoying it too.....

thanks for the visit & invite!


rm_chanda69 53F
417 posts
3/8/2009 8:17 pm

    Quoting  :

hey Ox!! actually i did the "some of the names & locations have been changed to protect the identity...." thing. (hes not in my county, or that department or recently divorced or has 3 kids.) so i think he's safe.

btw... sorry i missed our chat the other night. i had forgotten plans until she showed up at the house asking if i was ready to go bridesmaid dress shopping... (ugh!!!) i'd rather browse at Lowe's or home depot. oh well.

kneels, offering up that perfect martini..

forgive me Sir?



3/9/2009 6:31 pm

This really is our tax dollars at work!

rm_chanda69 53F
417 posts
3/9/2009 7:12 pm

    Quoting AVLNSA:
    This really is our tax dollars at work!
yeah well.... have YOU ever turned down a NSA blow job?

ive always said...
"a hard dick has no conscience"


rm_chanda69 53F
417 posts
3/9/2009 8:02 pm

    Quoting  :

dont know yet... any ideas??


rm_JAFO977 53M

3/11/2009 12:26 pm

that was really hot. i can just imagine the excitement

Brn2BWyldNSC 54M

3/11/2009 6:43 pm

WOW nice now thats a real birthday present got to tell ya. Also nice to see where someone isnt selfish and worried about theirs cause sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyed and if everyone is worried about theirs then it takes the fun right out of it. Remind me to tell you about a erotic night I had where I was never touched and yet was fully satisfied!

rm_bman3024 59M

3/27/2009 8:52 pm

that adventure was so awesome

goodbrian 57M

3/28/2009 1:01 pm

Sounds as if both of you got a present!HAPPY BELATED birthday.

rm_chanda69 53F
417 posts
3/28/2009 1:08 pm

hey Aries!! there's a site i found- haven't ordered anything (yet...) its XXXXXXXXXX they've got all KINDS of fun stuff! happy shopping! let me know if you find anything particularly good!

& JAFO the best thing is, its something i really have fantasized about for years!! i still get all trembly looking at the pic!

& WYLD.... i read some of your blog... one wouldn't think at first glance that you are what you seem to be... a good ol boy with a poet soul.... would love to hear your story. i have one where his football team was losing, so i handed him a beer & gave him a 45 minute blowjob. the great part for me is... he never touched anything but my head, & i came 8 times!!! side note... his team turned it around & won by 2 touchdowns- 1 interception & he never even noticed!!! great feeling knowing that i can make someone i care about feel that good!


ps... im not sure if this is going to show up twice, but when i pulled it up, it said my comment was denied due to email reasons. so i changed it a little, & hopefully it will pass. i just didnt want anybody to think i was ignoring them if it didnt show the first time.



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