Have you used a bidet?  

rickluvsplzn 63M
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12/20/2021 6:36 am
Have you used a bidet?

Installed a bidet seat (just replaces the regular seat) at home, the missus seems to like it, makes the physics of cleaning easier. Im not sure yet about it, seems 'weird' but I can see where less paper is needed. Have you tried one ? If so, do you use one regularly?
Never tried one.
I tried it, I didnt like it.
I tried one and would have one in my house.
Why would you use anything else?

author51 59F  
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1/8/2022 11:47 pm

No I have never tried one myself. Does it do a good job ? One would still have to dry off though, would they not? xoxo

rickluvsplzn 63M
25 posts
1/11/2022 6:38 am

Not to be too personal, but (butt?) it does a pretty good job cleaning, and yeas I use some paper to dry off a bit (hairy butt here). The unit has a dryer function with warm air to dry you off. In general I think its a good way to reduce TP, especially if you have a septic system.

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