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The Voluptuous . . . The Beach  

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The Voluptuous . . . The Beach

So off they went to the beach. They laid out their blanket on the sand. There was a warm breeze and plenty of people. And plenty of beautiful women in bikinis, but none of them could match Katie. She was absolutely gorgeous! He just hoped he could get through this date without getting an erection, least of all her noticing his stiff hard cock. She started to put some sunscreen on herself. Let me do that for you, he asked. He massaged some onto her shoulders.

She had such beautiful skin. Very soft and smooth with supertight pores. Some women's skin just looks different, feels different than other women. Just intrinsically more beautiful. She had that quality. He rubs the sunscreen on her back and then down her arms. It was a sensual experience. And then had her face him. He looked into her eyes and smiled. Her hair blowing in the breeze. Her hair was a shoulders length. A brunette. Beautiful straight shiny hair. He gently rubbed sunscreen on her face. She had these crystal blue eyes. They reminded him of that song " Crystal Blue Persuasion"! She had full lips; a deep natural red, and not a blemish or scar on her face. He rubbed sunscreen on her upper chest above her breasts. Then he slowly moved his hands down to rub sunscreen on her area of exposed breasts. Her breasts were so soft. Then he rubs some sunscreen on her stomach. He asked her to layout on the blanket. They had a large blanket that they could share. He moved between her legs and rubbed sunscreen down her legs. She had these incredible long beautiful thin legs. She was a 5' 8". Then the back of her legs and finally her feet. He used a towel to wipe his hands clean. He could not resist the temptation to rub her feet. To give her a foot massage. She had such pretty feet. Her toenails neatly trimmed and painted red. Her feet were well cared for; with nice even straight toes. He rubbed the bottom of her feet and then her toes. And with a crowded beach, he brought her foot to his face, so he could kiss the bottom of her feet. She giggled, it tickled. Dave! Not here! Why don't you just wait a little while, I am sure we will find the time for you to finish what you just started! She gave him a little smile.

He used some of her sunscreen on himself as well. And they laid out in the sun for a while. He was trying not to think about it; how gorgeous she was in that string bikini. Every inch of her was perfect. He wasn't thinking about fucking her before, but seeing her in that string bikini, he sure was thinking about fucking her now. Or should he say making love to her? Because his feelings for her were more than sexual. They were emotional. He wanted to make love to her, not fuck her.

After laying out in the sun for a while, he asked her if she wanted to go for a swim. She said yes. So they took the short walk to the shoreline and into the water. It was nice and warm and the waves were calm. They stayed in the water for a while; making sure they stayed close to the shore and taking short swims. But mostly just hanging out in the water, talking, getting to know each other a little bit. They then returned to their blanket to let the sun and the slight breeze dry their skin. They laid out for a while longer, before deciding to take a walk along the shoreline. He loved taking walks on the beach, and as he found out, so did she. He held her hand as they walked. He enjoyed her touch. They continue to talk; getting to know each other better. Only to find out that there was a lot more to her than he thought. His original impression of her was that she was just a beautiful little hottie, but there was much more to her than that. She was highly intelligent and could carry on a conversation. She was a free spirit, with an open mind; a throwback from the 60s, but with the wisdom and understanding of a 21st-century woman!

When they returned to their blanket, they went for another swim to cool off, then laid out for a while longer, before deciding to leave. He asked her if she wanted to get something to eat. If she would like to have dinner with him. She said, how about you take me home, I will shower and cleanup. And then I can come over to your place for dinner. You know how to cook, don't you? Yes, he told her with a smile. After all, I have been living on my own for quite a while now, and have had to prepare many a meal for myself. And he was not one to just throw something together. He liked to enjoy his meals. So you will be in for quite a treat, my dear! That sounds wonderful, Dave, she says!

He drops her off at her house. And he showers and starts preparing their meal. Now, what to have for dinner?.. He prepared some fish, vegetables and a nice rice dish, and a salad. And since she was under the age of 21; no alcohol for this young lady. And he himself would not drink either.

He walked over to her house to see if she was ready to come over. She invited him to come in. Her parents wanted to meet him since she would be going over to his house for dinner. Her parents were very nice and polite and did not seem to have any hangups or concerns about him seeing their .

But, he had not thought about that before. The fact that she lived across the street and was only 19, and he was 26, and what if they started having a sexual relationship, and what if she decided to stay overnight at his house, with her parents just across the street; having a good idea of what was going on between them. Shit! He had not thought about that situation! Hmmm?! Quite the dilemma! This situation may be a little more complicated than he realized.

So they walked over to his place and they sat down to dinner . . . . . So do you want to know how the story ends? Dave falls in love with Katie! They date for a while. He asked her to marry him! She says yes! It's your typical love story! Did they have sex before marriage? Well, that's a secret! 

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