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The Adventures of Dickman and Robin  

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10/9/2016 8:22 pm

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The Adventures of Dickman and Robin

Dickman commands, to the Dick Mobile Robin, there is a robbery in progress at the First National Bank on Action Blvd. Why does everything seem to happen on Action Blvd? Hmm? Let's go Robin! What's taking you?!

Robin responds, I was jerking off in the bathroom, while I was taking a shit. You know how the smell of shit gets me all excited.

Dickman demands, well, hurry up! Let's go! I don't care about your disgusting perverted fetishes! You sicko!

And so, off they went to fight crime. Meanwhile, at the First National Bank, the notorious Dickhead and his henchmen were in the process of robbing the bank of all its money and it's stamp collection; kept in safe deposit boxes. Dickhead also collects stamps. In this case, steals stamps. Dickman and Robin arrive at the First National Bank.

Dickman proclaims, stop Dickhead!! How dare you rob the hard-earned money of the people of this fair city!

Dickhead responds, well, Dickman, you are welcome to try and stop me with that useless pussy boy you call a sidekick! What a fucking loser! Can't you do any better than that little fucking idiot?!

Robin cries, Dickman, they're yelling at me and calling me names!

Dickman responds, oh, man up will you! Sometimes I wonder myself, why I keep you around. Oh yeah, you suck a good cock and you've got a nice tight ass for me to fuck! Well Dickhead, you know you can't defeat me. My dick is so powerful. I can knock you unconscious with one single blow. So, you might as well give up now!

Dickhead orders his henchmen to attack Dickman. And with his mighty dick, Dickman strikes blow after blow sending Dickhead's henchmen flying across the room knocking them unconscious with single blows.

Robin gasps, did someone say blow, where?! Who?!

Dickman proclaims, no, that's the narrator you moron! Yeah, but go ahead anyway. Get Dickhead before he escape!

So, pussy boy Robin chases after Dickhead and tackles him and starts sucking his cock. And with one mighty suck Dickhead is completely overtaken.

Dickhead yells, dammit, get off me, you faggot, you pervert! Oh no, don't stop Robin!

Dickhead is overwhelmed and is compelled to relinquish his will to pussy boy Robin.

Uhh! Suck me! You beautiful little slut! Suck me dry! Where did you learn to suck cock like that you little peckerwood?!

Robin mumbles, well if you are going to suck the cock of the mighty Dickman, you better be damn good!

Dickhead gasps, okay, I give up! Just keep sucking my cock!

With Dickhead's henchmen unconscious and pussy boy Robin still sucking Dickhead's cock, the police arrive with everything under control. With Dickhead's attempt to rob First National Bank having been foiled, once again Dickman and his pussy boy Robin save the day.

Dickman and Robin return to the Dick Cave. Dickman is relaxing after a hard day of fighting crime, when Robin asked Dickman, do you want me to suck your cock? You deserve a good sucking after foiling that bank robbery.

Dickman responds, yeah, get over here and suck my cock and let me stick my huge cock up your ass.

Robin elated, right away Batman! Yummy! Yummy! I mean Dickman!

Dickman angered, what did you call me, Batman?

Robin sorrowfully, I'm sorry Dickman! It slipped. It's just that you look so much like your great uncle.

Dickman scoldingly, you know I hate being reminded of that man!

Robin responds, yes. I know. I'm sorry!

Dickman replies, you know it's because of him that I have such an enormous cock. Because of him I was exposed to dangerously high levels of gamma radiation causing the abnormal growth of my dick.

Robin apologetic, yes. I know. I'm sorry! Dickman. I'm sorry!

Dickman demands, just don't do it again! You hear?

Robin responds, yes, Dickman. I hear.

And so friends just another day in the life of our super hero's Dickman and Robin!

rick315875 62M
10391 posts
10/10/2016 2:47 am

I wish everyone a quick and speedy recovery from hurricane Matthew.

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