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Dark Places  

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10/30/2016 7:48 pm

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Dark Places

My Sister

This is a story about Billy. Now Billy was a real strange one. Well, I'll let him tell his story.

I was living in California; in the Los Angeles area, Glendale to be specific. When my sister was telling me, how she wanted to move out to California. So, I told her, she could stay with me.

Now, my sister was 7 years younger than me. In high school, she wasn't much to look at, well at least I didn't think so. But for some reason, once she was in college, she blossomed into an absolute beauty. I mean she was absolutely scary beautiful. I would often fantasize about making out with her and even fucking her.

So, when she arrived in California, I was excited to see her. The sick bastard that I was. Wanting to fuck my own sister. Damn, I was a real of a bitch. But my sister was so crazy gorgeous hot, I wanted to fuck her the first chance I got. She was so delicious! I have another sister that was even younger, but I wasn't so much into her. She was cute and all. But not really my type. Although, I got the feeling that she wanted to fuck me! She struck me as being really horny and hot for sex. I remember lying in bed with her one time, and getting the distinct vibe that she wanted to fool around. I would from time to time tease her about maybe sleeping with her. She always laughed as if she wasn't against the idea.

Anyway, back to my other sister. When she moved to California and moved in with me things went pretty well. My sister was a real sweetheart. Really easy-going, easy to get along with. To be honest, I genuinely liked her. She was a really nice person. A kind and gentle heart. I could even say, I really loved her. She was one of those people who was charismatic. People naturally wanted to be her friend. Wanted to be around her. People were drawn to her. As I was drawn to her. And I did love her, maybe even fallen in love with her.

Yes, I had to admit it. I had fallen in love with my sister. Fallen really hard. I couldn't stop it. She was magnetic. Her personality was contagious. Not only was she beautiful. She was a warm and loving person. I couldn't help, but feel this way about her.

Well, like I said, things were going well. She was so easy to live with. I just loved being around her. She had gotten a job, and was working in Los Angeles. So, she eventually moved out. First with another female roommate. Then her own place in Newport Beach. Of course that's where she lived. My sister was hip, she was cool. I mean she had it all. And she had a boyfriend. Or should I say she had boyfriends. One after another. She'd have one boyfriend, break up with them, then have another boyfriend, and break up with him. She was never without a boyfriend. She was always with some guy. Guys would flock to her. And I can understand why, because I felt the same way about her as they did. To know her is to love her. I finally understood what that expression meant. What it really meant. But I also realized something about her. That she was insecure. There was a part of her that was insecure. That needed to always have a boyfriend.

She wasn't like most California beauties; plastic or dumb. All looks and nothing else to offer, only there to empty your wallet. She was beautiful, intelligent and warm and kind. She had a big heart. She was sincere. God, I was in love with her.

I didn't tell you why she left. Why she had to leave. Why she had to move out. It's because I kind of made a pass at her. Well, I kind of let her know that I was physically interested in her by making a move on her. She reciprocated by moving out. I felt bad for her, I felt sad for her. She didn't deserve that. Not her. She was too sweet and wonderful a person to be treated like that. But, I loved her. It wasn't just physical. I felt like such a louse. A jerk. Because that's exactly what I was.

But that wasn't the end of our relationship. She didn't hate me or never speak to me again. We continued to see each other as brother and sister. As friends! It just goes to prove what kind of person she really was. Absolutely wonderful!! It only made me love her even more. It's like she forgave me. And we never did even speak of it. It was like it never happened. But I was truly sorry that I had done it. And I knew someday I would have to tell her how sorry I was. Because I truly loved her.

But then one day we went to the beach together. God, what a body on her, gorgeous. She only had B cups. But her body was beautiful. And she had the prettiest little feet. We were on the beach. She was sitting in a chair and I was lying on a blanket. When she asked me, if I thought she should get breast implants. I looked at her so sincerely and said, no, you don't need breast implants. You are perfect the way that you are. I sincerely wanted her to know that I thought she was absolutely perfect. So very perfect in every way. I moved closer to her and touched her feet. I asked her if I could give her a foot massage. She said, what is it with guys and women's feet? Why do you guys love women's feet? I guess she had seen this sort of thing before. Guys wanting to touch her feet. I didn't push it. I went back to my blanket and laid down. But I had done it. I had touched her feet. They were warm and soft. Now I had the touch of her warm body in my mind. I had to adjust my bathing suit. I could feel my cock begin to stiffen. I quickly thought of something else. Get my mind off of her.

But then it happened. I was visiting my sister at her apartment in Long Beach. She moved. She was living with her boyfriend. When just like that it happened. We were sitting on the couch talking; just hanging out. When she just put her feet up on my lap, smiling, saying massage my feet. A guy was going to say no! My heart started to race, pounding in my chest. I took her feet into my hands. They were soft and warm. She took good care of her feet. Her toenails were neatly trimmed. She had nice straight toes. Nice and even gradually getting smaller, none of them longer than her big toe. So I massaged her feet. I took her sweet delicious feet into my hands and gently, tenderly massage them. I put a little more pressure on to the bottom of her feet. I wanted her to feel it. It was exciting, really exciting. Beyond belief exciting. Beyond words. I can't even describe how absolutely crazy mad out of my mind I was to be there with my sweet little sister, who I absolutely adored, worshiped, love with all my heart. To have her welcome my touch was out of this world. I have never felt so emotionally excited in my entire life. Then at that very moment. I knew I would never ever feel that excited again. Because I would never experience that first time touching her again. It was as if she had given me permission to touch her. It was like she was saying to me. Here, you can touch my feet. You have my permission. She seems to have this power over men. They are putty in her hands. Or maybe it's just that she dates men who will be putty in her hands.

So, I was massaging the bottom of her feet. Completely lost in it, when I lifted her foot to my mouth and kissed the bottom of her foot. As I kissed her foot, I could smell her sweet aroma. Her feet smelled so good. Damn, I was getting a hard on. What the fuck was I going to do. Quickly I snapped out of it. Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do that, I said to her. Surprisingly, shockingly, she said that's okay, go ahead, kiss my feet. My jaw dropped, my eyes widened. Did I just hear her right?! Did she just say, I could kiss her feet?! Oh my God! I thought I would never feel that excited again, now I was even more excited. Not sexually excited, but emotionally. I was in some kind of bliss, euphoria. So, I went for it, I started kissing her feet, then I ran my tongue up the bottom of her feet; licking the bottom of her feet. Sucking on her toes. God, her feet smelled and tasted so delicious. The sweet perfume of her feet. I was intoxicated. Drunk with desire.

After thoroughly licking and sucking on her feet, I kissed and licked my way up her legs to her inner thighs. I kissed and licked her inner thighs softly and gently. I lifted her skirt, revealing her white panties. They barely covered her pussy. I gently pulled her panties down her legs and off her feet and put them aside. I licked her pussy lips. Stuck my tongue in between her inner and outer lips; running my tongue in between them. Ran my tongue over her pussy stopping before reaching her clit. Licking around her clit; teasing her. Making her hotter and hotter, crazy hot. I stuck my fingers into her pussy feeling for her G spot. While rubbing her G spot, I buried my mouth over her clit; licking and sucking on it. She was ready to cum, so with a smooth and steady rhythm, I continued sucking her clit and rubbing her pussy, until she exploded with a gush of her sweet pussy juice pouring from her love box. I kept sucking her and rubbing her until her orgasm subsided.

She laid back with a sigh, closing her eyes, and drifted off to sleep. I felt a little lost at that moment. Not knowing what to do. Do I leave or what? Seeing that she wanted to sleep, I gathered my things and left. Maybe it was best it ended that way. No awkward after moment. What have we just done moment!

And it just so happens that we never did speak of it. It was as if it never happened. I guess that's just how my sister deals with things. Pretends they never happened. But, it did happen and I will never forget it. I will always remember those moments with my sister.

pocogato12 68F  
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10/31/2016 6:26 am

OMG that's naughty and erotic at the same time

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rick315875 replies on 10/31/2016 8:45 am:
Thanks for the comment

rick315875 62M
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10/30/2016 7:54 pm

"Her name was Bertha! Bertha Butt! She's one of the Butt sisters"!

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