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Trump is toast  

redmustang91 60M  
6568 posts
7/11/2020 5:26 am

Last Read:
7/21/2020 4:48 am

Trump is toast

The Teflon Don is finally being shown for the clown and charlatan he has been.

Joe Biden is killing Trump in all the polls. The inept fool in the White House is dazed and confused. He is a loser.

No one has come back from such a deep hole so close the November election. Even the GOP rats in Congress are starting leave the sinking ship.

Still many snake bit voters fear the Trumpster. Once bitten, twice shy.

Trump is toast. The economy sucks. Another 100,000 dead Americans from Covid 19 will spur the electorate to vote out Trump. We will be free of this ass soon.

redmustang91 60M  
9605 posts
7/11/2020 5:27 am

A blue wave will wash away the Senate and House too of GOP enablers.

Brownie202 63F  
1824 posts
7/11/2020 8:11 am

I hope so. About time more and more realize just what t is.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

thikhead 63M
3129 posts
7/11/2020 11:05 am

    Quoting 57FredFred:
    Are those the same poll which stated that Hillary was going to win by 96%?
NO poll ever said hillary by 96%.

just like predator thumbs,
if you cant find a fact that supports your mindless hypnotized
devotion to a lying, childish, egomaniac, constitution-burning
wanna-be dictator,

you just go ahead and make one up.
YOURE the "fake news".
quit drinking the orange kool-aid.

"well only get through this if we work together. if we dont, none of us will"

thikhead 63M
3129 posts
7/11/2020 11:09 am

    Quoting funiithesun58:
    WTF are you Talking about? He is not hiding in his basement like some one else ?
no, predator thumbs is out hosting rallies
practically DESIGNED to become "spreader events",
especially as the "rules" clearly state masks are optional
and social distancing NOT required.

"hiding in his basement"? BULLSHIT!
thats a pathetic desperate trump-spin baseless insult
to him being socially responsible,
which if you trumpers were instead of being brain-washed zombies,
we wouldnt be seeing such an incredible re-eruption of the virus.

second wave? shit,
you flag-waving anti-mask "i know my rights" idiots
have made sure the first wave is still as deadly as ever
and long and far from being "under control", let alone over.

stop drinking the orange kool-aid
and stop insulting what you cant understand
just because your orange talking head says so.

"well only get through this if we work together. if we dont, none of us will"

redmustang91 60M  
9605 posts
7/12/2020 4:03 am

Trump is an idiot, or f+cking moron as Tilerson said.

Biden is decent and empathetic. Biden will be fine. Any normal human would be a big step up from Trump the idiot.

There will be at least 200,000 dead Americans from Covid 19 by Nov. 1, 2020 thanks to the inept Trump. Macho man Trump is risking our health to make himself look strong. Another stupid act of Trump the foolish.

thikhead 63M
3129 posts
7/12/2020 10:31 am

"toast"? more like just stale bread.
and moldy to boot, after rotting for so long

"well only get through this if we work together. if we dont, none of us will"

redmustang91 60M  
9605 posts
7/21/2020 4:46 am

Toast as in crispy critter burnt by a forest fire.

redmustang91 60M  
9605 posts
7/21/2020 4:48 am

Actually Nate Silver predicted Trump could win in 2016 the electoral votes and the odds were one in three he would do so.

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