Vegas Babes part two  

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2/17/2022 12:30 pm
Vegas Babes part two

Kathy managed to get Tommy on Skype on her computer and placed it with a view of the extra long couch in front of the view of the lights of Vegas strip. He was a little confused at first, but quickly realized what was going on when my wife and his wife started jumping up and down on the couch, then stopping for a slow French kiss looking back at Tommy on the computer and me stroking my cock behind it. Kathy whipped off her top exposing her pert tiny titties, just slightly more than a mouthful ,with small diamond hard nipples. She sat up on the back of the couch pulled her red panties to the side and exposed her totally waxed box and pulled her labia apart like a Hustler model. Shelley hopped up next to her pulling back her G string and rubbing her hot pussy. "Do you like it Tommy?"
She said with a sly grin. My wife is of always fancied Tommy because he's charming and successful," a good laugh and as she would say, "sexy in that older "Bruce Willis" kinda way". I could hear Tommy shout from the computer "I fucking love it, you girls are amazing you guys are so sexy, I'm going to lock the door I have to pull my cock out.." I moved around in front of the couch naked rubbing my penis. "Yes, now girls suck his cock, suck that cock Kath!!" Tommy shouted from the Skype feed. The girls climbed down and got on their knees and move me around so that computer had the best shot. They teased and tickled my shaft with their tongues kissing at the top and teasing my throbbing purple head as their heads took turns pumping up and down just on the tip of my unit with their lips. Then Tommy whispered, "Kathy show him how good you are sucking Dick now girl!" Shelley moved out of the way so that Tommy could get the perfect profile of his wife going down hard on her husband. Dutiful wife that she is Kathy when to town polishing every inch with her lips. Then adjusting herself to get the right angle she swallowed it halfway, gagging a little at the end. "Tommy's voice came from the computer" you can do better than that, I know you can!" She took a deep breath and sucked as hard as she could with her lips up and down half a dozen times and took my cock down her<b> throat </font></b>till her chin pressed hard against my balls. "That's my girl" I heard kind of muffled echoing from the laptop.

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