Vegas Babes part 4  

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2/19/2022 10:14 am
Vegas Babes part 4

I was always jamming my<b> tongue </font></b>as far up into my super sexy wife soaking wet honeypot, so of course I could not see as Kathy<b> tongue </font></b>slowly slid its way down my shafts strait between my balls. She said, "pull your legs back", I did as I was told and grabbed behind my knees as hard as I could. She then used her long fingernails to dig right into my ass cheeks,spreading them wide. Then Kathy very slowly and gently kissed and licked my taint and puckering butt hole using her saliva to lubricate my anus tickling it with her<b> tongue. </font></b>Then ramming her face and strong<b> tongue </font></b>into my redeye wiggling around in there, I had to try to think of something else because I was so turned on but didn't want to cum yet, it was hard not blast everywhere. My hot wife has climbed off me so she could watch Kathy go to work. Kathy looked towards the laptop monitor from between my legs and in a sultry whisper said, "God I need to be fucked right now, may I please for your husband's cock Shelley." "Yes please do! He's fucking loving this!" She replied and tell my cock straight up with her fist so that Kathy could mount it. She did and her hotbox was so wet that I slid right in nicely as she groaned... fuck yeah.. She was really enjoying riding me reverse cowgirl and so was her husband stroking it on skype and my wife watching just rubbing her pussy with a smile. "Put it in her ass, she wants it in her ass now" Tommy growned from her computer.
She pulled up and off my throbbing dick, she moved her body up and arched her back. My sweet wife lent a hand to guide it as Kathy slowly pushed the tip of my cock into her ass soaked with pussy juice. Three times she very slowly pushed down the shaft till she met my wife's fists holding my hard cock straight for her. Then Shelley took her hand away and Kathy's hot little ass swallowed my whole cock. She moaned hard and reached around with her hand feverishly fingering herself. I could feel the hot wet come drip down my balls as she pulled off me and fell off to the side. "My turn" Shelley said as she mounted me quickly had held me down with both arms. I stayed totally still and let her fuck me hard,just letting her do the work on my tequila blessed hard on till I came deep inside her she spilled off me.. She spun around so that she was close to the computer Tommy was watching us from and rubbed her clit till she came herself and all of our hot lovejuice flowed quietly from her snatch. I watched the feed on the laptop just showing to me from the waist down stroking his thick cock white jizz streaming down his knuckles. "You guys are just the best...that was fukin hot!!" Tommy moaned!

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