I will not say that I am perfect because that would not be true  

portiago 34F
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8/8/2021 12:02 am
I will not say that I am perfect because that would not be true

I will not say that I am perfect because that would not be true. In me, as in all people, there are both positive and negative character traits and I will be glad to find someone who will accept me the way I am with all the pros and cons. I am able to find compromises in everything. I do not quarrel over trifles and I do not like quarrels or emotional swarms, I think that the relationship should be in hormone and understanding with the environment and a close man too! If you want a real date then write me! My man knows what he is looking for. He knows what kind of girl he needs, he already has some experience that he is ready to share with me. He strives to build a strong and close-knit family. He will support me as I will support him in anything. He is not for<b> games </font></b>here, he has a sense of humor and he is ready to listen to my jokes and eat with me at night. He loves to travel and adore trying new and different things. He is ready for the fact that in his life will appear a girl who will take his last name.

forgotforgetting 56M
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8/8/2021 11:04 am

Interesting. Welcome to blogs. Good hunting.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Bonem91 54M
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8/8/2021 3:14 pm

That's a very nice blog. I do agree with you that we all have imperfections in personality and character.
However, I am curious that you have written your "wish" list as to what your ideal man would or should do. I thought that these things were instinctive and implied when we find a person we really like and want to try and keep. We learn about each other as we become more intimate and then build a future in the best way we can within the means of finances, circumstance etc.
It is not about being perfect I think. I think it's all about communicating and not expecting the other party to try and keeping you happy as is all too common a reason for failed relationships. We all have our own personality, likes and dislikes, interests, skills talents and so on. It would be foolish to try and change a person into something he/she is not. Accepting that another person may not do things your way or on a way you disagree with is the start of understanding a relationship I think.
You sound like a rare breed indeed. A woman who concedes and compromises? Will you admit when you are wrong? 😂
Seriously though, you do sound like the real deal with what you have written. You have thought about it and expressed it sincerely. Good luck in your search. I wish you every success in future relationship. 😇

New2Midlo 52M  
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8/9/2021 3:11 pm


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