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Sensual Musings
Thoughts and emotions and questions about life, love, sexuality, sensuality... Sapphic ideals, girl-on-girl, true stories, photography, foreplay, dancing, music... and whatever you want to talk about.
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Posted:Sep 15, 2013 11:05 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2014 11:12 am
Several compliments on our photos, and one two hints from people that they would like a photo shoot, have us thinking that we’d like to explore more erotic art photography and also delve into some boudoir photography.

You can see some of his work in our various albums if you want to know what he’s done so far. We have bought a much better camera to work with than the point and shoot used in our album photos.

If anyone would like him to come take some photos for you (your profile, your own personal use, whatever), let us know. He’s working on building up his portfolio, and would not charge anything other than allowing him to use some select (and discrete) photos in his portfolio and whatever cost if you were to have him make prints, books, etc.

So…just hit us up if you’re interested, and would like to set something up.
Lucky (Happy St. Patrick's Day)
Posted:Mar 1, 2014 2:52 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2023 4:36 am
One chilly March evening, as I stared at the door,
awaiting the return of my heart and my soul…

As I set to pondering what the night had in store,
The whiskey was flowing, and the Guinness was poured…

She entered with another, a lovely young maiden,
My mind all-aflutter, and my pants began tightening…

When away to the bedroom, the two lovelies did beckon,
For urges and cravings to satisfy I reckoned…

My girl’s hair looked lovely, all red on her chest,
As she kissed her way down, to lick on her breast…

But things got real hot, which was really no surprise,
When from her breast she descended, to lick ‘tween her thighs…

Suck licking, such sucking…caressing and fucking,
I could not help realize, as a man I am lucky!

So, on this St. Patrick’s Day our wishes for you,
To find yourselves as lucky, as lucky as we two!
Happy New Year
Posted:Jan 25, 2014 7:01 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2014 10:36 am
Ahhh...the new year. Time to reflect on the past year, and look forward to what the new one brings! Here's hoping all you lovely Senior Sizzle people have a great 2014 filled with great friends, and great experiences!
Merry Christmas
Posted:Dec 24, 2013 7:12 am
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2013 9:06 am
It's Christmas Eve! Hope everyone out there has a very, Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
Posted:Nov 29, 2013 11:13 am
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2013 2:26 pm
Happy Holidays to all the Senior Sizzle Hotties out there
Show Some Love to the Verified
Posted:Oct 25, 2013 6:57 pm
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2013 5:47 pm
So...many of the questions/comments we hear from people on this site are about all the fakes. We hear "are those really your photos" sometimes (and, yes...they are indeed), but we get an awful lot of people when chatting or through messages saying they run into nothing but fakes on here.

Well...we're throwing the idea out to the Senior Sizzle world to "Like" any of the verified photos you see.

We tend to search out attractive photos on here of women and/or couples (just one of our many interests), and have noticed that there's a ton of "Liked" photos out there, but hardly any of these photos are of people holding they're profile name (or, with it written on them in some clever way )! We've even run across a number of links in the "Hottest Photos" and "Hottest Videos" on people's profiles that are ripped right off the internet (like, photos you can find in Google Images, not obscure pictures).

It's rather hard to be fake, or use stolen photos, with your profile name written on your body or in your hand! some love to those verified photos when you come across them, Like them, get them trending on this site (and, stop "Liking ones you know are fake)...that's one way to encourage people to verify they're really who they are in their pictures, and help you all find the real people on this site!!!

Happy viewing fellow Senior Sizzle'ers
We love Halloween!
Posted:Oct 5, 2013 1:42 pm
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2013 3:05 pm
Such a glorious time when those, not normally disposed to, can dress up and take themselves out of their normal lives (however briefly), dress and live out fantasies! We love Halloween!!!

(Pooty on the right, hound in the middle surrounded by friends)
Posted:Aug 12, 2013 5:54 pm
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2013 9:18 am
So...we moved a lot of our old profile photos to another album. Just trying to keep our pics fresh and up to sense in enticing someone with out-of-date pics, right?

We've got a few ideas for more photo sessions. Some we've started playing around with already, some we're still thinking through.

Any suggestions from the viewing public for new pics?
Photo Locations
Posted:Jul 19, 2013 8:03 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2013 3:25 pm
So...we've been chatting with another couple who would be interested in doing some photo shoots together. Part of what we've been looking for is some great outdoor scenes.

One thing we found is we can find all sorts of places to go enjoy the great outdoors, and that would make some beautiful photo backdrops...however, they are quite popular with other outdoor enthusiast.

Anyone know of any good outdoor spots to take some erotic photographs uninterrupted by the prying eyes of unwanted spectators? Places that would make for interesting shots? Waterfalls? Locations in the mountains with little visitation, but nice, rocky backdrops? A nice beach somewhere the tourists are unaware of?

We're open to hearing about places all over the world...but, realistically looking between Maryland to North Carolina region of the East Coast. Looking forward to hearing about some cool spots (and, if you have photos, we'd LOVE to see them!)
New Experiences With New People in New Places
Posted:Jun 18, 2013 5:27 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2023 4:36 am
As we're wrapping up a wonderful trip in Hawaii, strolling down Kalakaua Avenue, and having met a breathtaking woman off this site the weekend before, a thought hit us: "We haven't really used this site to meet people from out of town."

Our first real attempt at meeting people from out of town was on this trip, and while we couldn't get schedules down with some, we DID get to meet a fantastic, well-traveled, gorgeous woman from this site for an unforgettable night (you know who you are; it was a night we'll remember)!

With this awesome experience fresh in our mind, we decided we are going to try to reach out to interesting people in different places more through this site. Our area does have some attractive, stimulating people in it, but so do other areas – and we’re all about travel and adventure! If we can find someone that we are attracted to, and our personalities hit it off, why not begin a long distance friendship? Who knows, perhaps they could travel to us to see what our area (and us for that matter) has to offer, and we could travel to see them and their area as well. It’s a win-win with potentially innumerable benefits for everyone involved. Hot locals who can be tour guides and dinner companions (and other companions as well, if you know what I mean), and generally provide an inside view of life in their area and how they live (both in and out of the boudoir).

So, with this in mind, we open it up for the good people of Senior Sizzle to give us your stories. Tell us a little about yourselves and your area, and if you’re interested in ours, let us know. We’re keen to see more of the world, even if it’s from meeting locals rather than having to travel vast distances. Has anyone on this site ever tried something like this? And, if so, how did it work out?
Carpe Diem!!
Posted:May 12, 2013 5:59 pm
Last Updated:May 15, 2013 6:48 pm
It's not just a catchphrase from a great mid-90's movie (Dead Poet's Society); it's a way of life.

I've been doing some serious soul searching, thinking about my sexuality, my sensuality, and how I can get what I want in a lover. I'm sure everyone has their lists of what they like and don't like; what they will and won't do. And considering of all this, a sudden simple thought struck me: just live!

"But, Minx," you may ask, "what does this have to do directly with a "friendship" or "casual encounter" website?"

Seizing the day is about taking advantage of opportunities presented through this site and other such venues to meet other people. It's really easy to stay at home and look at/chat/cam with people online, but we miss the great potential for real life connections with like-minded people.

For example, my husband and I have had many opportunities to chat with people on this site from all over the world and to occasionally meet couples and singles in our area. What we've found in speaking to so many people is that it's hard to find attractive like-minded folks. This is ludicrous, as we're all working with the same tools.

Granted, not every meeting ends in an "encounter," but you can't always know a person and whether you'll "click" by reading a few terse sentences in their profile. Trying to chat is also hit or miss, so I recommend going out and meeting people you find appealing. The best part of meeting people in real life is that you can feel that sexual tension building throughout your meeting. If things go well, what you do on your own time is your business...

At the risk of sounding promiscuous in several years, we've only met two people we knew were not going to go anywhere, a few people that didn’t end up so well…but, the encounters we’ve had with those who we clicked with were well worth the search, and leave us longing for more!
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What a Glorious Surprise (True Story)
Posted:Mar 31, 2013 6:53 pm
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2013 4:22 pm
While updating some files I came across photos from one of our early attempts at a photo shoot. The pictures brought back some rather fond memories, so I thought I’d share before they were forgotten.

True story – of course…no names are mentioned, we are nothing if not completely discrete ☺

One magical night a few years ago, I was setting up our bedroom for a sexy photo shoot. Not that we hadn’t taken some pictures of ourselves before, but we were developing ideas (and continue to do so - for those interested ) for photo sessions. Our gal (let’s call her our Minx) was showering and grooming for the photos while I prepared the room, lighting, and the camera.

While signed on to Senior Sizzle, we received an IM from a lady interested in us – we’ll call her “Sandy.” She had seen our photos, and was interested in chatting. Minx and I took turns chatting with her while we continued our preparations.

Minx is a much more talented writer than I, and she must have made one hell of an impression. The next thing I knew, we were setting up for a photo-shoot with a guest!

Now, the very few that have thus far been part of our photo sessions know they are just an extended form of foreplay, with the added benefit of getting some great photos out of the fun night. It is a chance for Minx to don her latest lingerie or costume, get herself dolled up, and start off a night of wine, music, and hot sex (once the urge becomes impossible to control ).

Sandy arrived in a few minutes and acclimated herself very quickly; fitting right into the photo session as easily as she fit one of Minx’s corsets. Minx and Sandy began to pose: separately at first, then their poses on the black-sheeted bed brought them closer and closer together. Finally, they gave in to overwhelming temptation and parted their soft, velvety lips and kissed.

It was soft and timid at first, but as music flowed smoothly in the background, and they emptied their glasses of wine, their movements matched the sultry tunes, becoming more intense and heated. Swaying sensuously with the music, they began to remove the sheer lingerie.

For me, the sight was glorious! I love watching Minx disrobe to begin with, but the excitement, the antici…pation (ok, who gets this reference? message us STAT)… The sheer delight in watching her be undressed by another lady as she returned the favor, was utterly exhilarating!

At this time I will spare the decadent, deviant details for those who are interested enough to ask us (or for scenes in a future blog, whichever I get the most votes for). I wanted to share a portion of this sweet memory with anyone inclined to read on, as well as to say to those that have lost faith in finding “the unicorn”: keep up the search. We are eyewitnesses of that illusive creature, the lovely bi female. Like you, we continue the search for memorable, sensual experiences that enrich all involved.

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